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Fight continues

Hello everyone,

The fight continues. 5 months now. but this morning the desire a smoke strike me hard. 5 months later ... how can this be? of course not going to give up. my mind is focus (at least i think so). but the question that I leave here today is that we have to think of this process as something for the rest of our lives. with greater or lesser intensity, nostalgia will knock at the door here and there for good. Fight hard.


PS: sorry for the bad english

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Dinis , your doing great. Mr Nic has a habit of appearing out of the blue, this is normal. I have been quit for over 2 years now , and he has appeared a couple of times. I think where did he come from. I suppose its a kind of bereavement to your brain. Now and again your brain misses it. Keep strong. :) xx


Congratulations Dinis on your 5 month quit :)

Yep mr nic keeps us on our toes alright :)

Well done for kicking him into touch :) x


Well done Dinis on your 5 months quit. you are doing fantastically :) :) Maybe it is just Mr nic letting you know that he is still about and he is not giving up on you...You keep on staying strong and let that Mr nic know that you are totally in control :) :) Keep up the great quit :)

N.O.P.E keep reminding yourself :) :) and you cant go wrong


Di is he still pops by to lure me 12 months on, keep strong tell him where to go my friend, he is Mr death


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