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Stepping back

I've thought long and hard over the weekend about where I go from here regards my smoking and feel that maybe it's time for me to take a bit of a back seat on the forum.I've tried, over the last few months, to encourage others as others encouraged me in those tentative early days but think that maybe it's time that some of you newbies got stuck in. More than happy to cheer all of you on from the sidelines but maybe I just won't chip in as often as I have been.Good Luck to EVERYONE on here,You CAN do this.Hugs to all Helen.x

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Aww sorry to hear that Helen you are always one of the very encouraging members who always cheers people on. Sometimes tho when you've been stopped a while you feel like you need to put all smoking related issues on the backburner for a while as keeping it at the forefront of your mind can be a bit like tormenting yourself. Am sure everyone would like to know how you're getting on with your beadmaking and jewellery so perhaps maybe join in the general chat. If you need any ideas on selling your jewellery on line social media is a good starting point. Don't forget to keep us updated with your life without nicotine, I need to know it's possible :)


Hear Hear Sinfree, I second that gal :) :)

Helen, you've helped me tremendously over my quit attemptsssssssssss gal, so dont you go tooo far eh :o :D :D

Speak soon, Pete :) xx


Oh Helen I too am really sorry to hear that, you are always so positive and so helpful and I for one will miss you commenting on here regularly, but I do understand as sinfree has said sometimes it keeps it to the forefront of your mind, also agree with sinfree regarding your jewellery creations, need to know and have pictures of what you are making, as said previously thinking of taking it up myself again and Cardmaking got a lot of the equipment from ages ago perhaps time I now start to use it again, keep joining in the daily chat and thank you for helping me so far on my journey x x x


Set up a pinterest account Helen, stick some pics on of your creations then post the link to your pinterest on here then everyone can have a look. I don't think it will be breaking any rules of this site cos you can't sell anything on there it's purely photo sharing but publicly.


Aw Helen I think I know what you mean, but it's hearing your lovely encouraging words that keeps me/us going. I don't write on here as often as some but often look in and I do think its good that the newbies see that it can be done by reading the oldies posts. Hope you change your mind but either way keep in touch xxx


Hi Helen

I have been trying to find the words to say to you, but actually Beth has said it perfectly. You weren't just encouraging you are inspirational - what you have achieved is what we are dreaming of and it is so powerful to hear it from someone who has already done it, it really does give us belief in ourselves.

I really don't want you to go, but what Sin says does make sense, and also you must be ready for a break from it all after all this time.

Please please promise to come online to tell us how your smoke free life is going

And thank you so much for your never ending support to everyone - I read all the posts so encouraging words to someone else actually encourages me too!

Take care and wishing you loads and loads of happiness xxx


Hiya yellow! I think you are right, I have been on less and when I come back on it sometimes refocuses the wrong way, you, the site Sin, Monky Jilly and so many many more of you have helped and encouraged me to get to & whole months (Someone told me how nice I smelled today HURRAH!) What do you think to a first of the month catch up, obviously not tomorrow but may be starting in May, we could have a parade of the oldies? There are so many new people on here, it is wonderful to see and you have given so much support, friendship and encouragement and I for one will always be grateful/ Big hugs and kisses and Mazeltov. To you and all the Newbies who are just setting out on this journey., XX

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I think that would be just lovely.I'll set my phone alarm for 1st May.Mazeltov x Helen x


Helen please please please don't do this!!! I burst into tears as I can't bare the thought of you not being on here so much. You have been a rock for me, and not just on the smoking front! Xxx


Al lovely to hear your ok you have a lovely week with your son xx. So glad you said that to Helen, Helen if your looking Please don't leave it that long till you come on here again may seems an age xx


Ah Helen, I'm going to miss you, please don't stay away too long. You were one of the first to help me on my journey, such an inspirational Lady. Many thanks, keep well xx


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