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1 year anniversary!

1 year anniversary!

I don't come on here very often now. I know I should to offer support to those in their quit attempt however the truth of the matter is I very rarely think of smoking now which means I don't think of logging in so apologies for hardly ever being here.

Today is a little different. I woke up this morning to a little alarm on my phone telling me that I had reached 1 year smoke free!! A whole year!! That's not something that I ever thought I would achieve looking back on those first few days, week and even months on my cold turkey quit.

Do I feel better? Well the answer to that varies. My lungs feel much better, I can breathe more easily, don't get so out of breath climbing stairs and I've lost that horrible tight feeling that I used to ignore every time I inhaled on my cig. However, I have had cold after cold (I hadn't had a cold for about 7 years prior to my quit), I suffered terribly from anxiety which is now under control thank goodness, I have put on a serious amount of weight which I'm now having to tackle and I've become one of these people that hates people blowing smoke in my face when I'm walking down the street. So do I regret giving up? Nope. Every time I see my mum gasping for her oxygen after having another ciggy (she has COPD) I remind myself that that is EXACTLY why I gave up. I don't want to be tied to an oxygen tank at 70 years old, I don't want to be confined to the house too scared to go anywhere in case of an exacerbation, and yes I'd like to lose weight but not to the point that the COPD has taken my poor mum. All in all it's been hard, there have been tears and tantrums, there has been a whole new wardrobe bought but I'm now officially an ex-smoker.

I would just like to point out that I wouldn't be in this position now if it hadn't been for this forum during my first seven days. If I hadn't found like minded people, going through exactly the same thing at the same time I think I would have given in to my 7 day wobble.

Thank you to you all for your help and support and have a happy, smoke free day :)

Lily x

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YAY Lily,a whole year smoke free that's surely something to be very proud of.I agree about the COPD,that's a scary thing to have and like you I have no desire to be reliant on a tank of Oxygen in 10 years or so.I hope your mum is O.K. My sister in law told me that it was wise to tackle just one thing at a time so the smoking has gone and now you can try and loose the weight.If you can give up the cigs you can do anything.WELL DONE on a huge achievement.Hugs H x


Congratulations LilyMay, 1 year is fantastic. Thank you for keeping us posted. ( true inspiration). :)


Hi lilymay

First of all, huge congratulations, it is wonderful to be celebrating such an important anniversary. It sounds like its been tough. It's so good of you to come back and tell about your story. It is inspiring, and I for one have everything pinned on being able to get as far as you. Cold turkey too! You are amazingly strong. I hope you plan to celebrate! Big time!


Hi Lily, its lovely to see you again gal :) and a flippin ginormoussssssse well done to you for reaching a whole Year quit, now that is just ace gal it is :) :)

EMJAYYYYYYY, me thinks we want a new 1 Year badge here please :) :)

Thank you soooooo much Lily for coming back to us and letting us know how you are getting on, and you hold your head up high gal and feel proud of your achievement :) You enjoy your new smokefree life eh :) :)

Take care now Lily, Pete :)


Woweeeeeee lily a whole year, fantastic, marvelous, well done to you :) cold turkey .......what an achievement :) x


Fabulous Lily! Congratulations on getting to one whole year quit - an amazing achievement. :)

Thanks very much for coming back with your truly inspirational blog and letting us know how you've been. :)


thank you everyone :) to celebrate I've just started slimming world.....glutton for punishment eh?? as long as i don't have to give up the occasional medicinal glass of red I'm a happy lady :)


Thats just ace Lily, you keep happy now gal :) :)


Hey lily a fantastic read and a massive well done.

Your quit sounds exactly the same as mine. I suffered and still do from anxiety, struggled with coughs and colds one after another and I'm quitting for almost exactly the same reason

My anxiety is kind of under control although I still do stuffer with health anxiety which is brought on by coughs and cold.

Reading your story has reassurance me I'm definitely not alone in a anxiety, coughs cold in my quit and this forum is a real life saver.



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