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A Lil reminder!

A Lil reminder!

Hey guys its been a while since I've been on.. Just super doooer busy.. Still not smoking and am starting to see some real difference in my health. I have started going swimming again - before I quit I struggled to swim.. I'd get out of breath or start coughing.. Well I've been back swimming in order to loose the weight I gained after I quit- and not one cough wheeze or breathing problem in sight..

In June it would have been a year since I quit , I can't believe it's been so long. I wanted to share this picture I keep on my phone.. I have a look at it on the occasions I think ohhh I could just smoke a cig.... I know I won't do it I've worked to hard to fail now but this pic gives me an extra incentive to keep on being a non smoker...

I've seen all the anti smoking pictures / videos none of them really put me off smoking - even the ones on the packet! This is the only picture that's had me truelly freaked out.. Look at the smokers lungs!!!

One look for be is enough to keep me going !!

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hi Lisa-Jane

this the first time i have commented on this sight. Congratulations on reaching your year i'm on week 6 of not somking and have to say that picture cetainly made me know why i've stopped and wont start again . It is definately an excellent visual prompt for times when you feel you might need a cigarette. Once again well done


Hi Piglet and welcome to our lovely site. It's great that you've made it to week 6, you must be feeling so proud of yourself. Why don't you come and join in the daily chat to help you keep on the straight and narrow. :o Look forward to seeing you again soon, Andi :)


Thanks.. Well done you on reaching 6 weeks.. I couldn't have managed to get this far without this site in the early stages .. Got some real good people on here to help you get through..

Keep going and good luck you should feel very proud


Hi Lisa, lovely to see you again after all this time. :) Blimey, yet another one coming up to a year - all with the help of coming on this site to get us through the tough times.

What a good picture - I hope mine don't still look like that - when I first quit I asked Emjay a question along the lines of how long it would take the lungs to look like the ones on the left but never got a definitive answer. :o

Maybe it's something that Jilly could help us with. Hope to see you again soon on here - we miss you. :) xxx


Hey andi

I know nearly a year, boy did it drag In the first few months.. The rest has pretty much flown by.. Best part is I've faced some of the hardest times I've ever had to deal with in my life and I've managed to do it all without a fag!!

Defo couldn't have done it though without the site and you guys..how are you getting on?


Hi andi,thanks for that i'm still finding my way round the site but try to read peoples posts every day.


Hello Lisa-Jane, lovely to hear from you :-) I hope those pooches of yours are keeping you occupied :-)

Great to hear that you are feeling the benefits of quitting and we look forward to celebrating your 1st year anniversary with you :-)

Andi, sorry I don't appear to have answered you, I do remember you asking and have had a dig around my old posts :-/ I have just left a message with our Founder and President, Professor Ray Donnelly who was also a lung cancer surgeon. Shall let you know what he says as soon as I've had a reply. Sorry for the wait :-(

Piglet98, welcome to our lovely community and congratulations on reaching week 6. Let me know what your quit date was and I'll pop your name up on our 'Wall of Winners' - the place where every quitter is a winner :-)


Hey emjay

Well the pooches are defo keeping me busy Tyson the one in my profile pic has moved to his forever home and we have had another few since then.. So it's been a bit hectic but I'm hoping first week of June I can have a break as I'm having my new kitchen fitted!!! Most people will be thinking having a kitchen fitted is not a fun time/break - but a whole 10 days at home no stupid overly busy work schedule and no cooking!!! MAGICAL. Haha

Well knowing my lungs will never look that healthy again is another extra incentive to keep stopped....

You just don't think when you smoke how much damage it's doing to you... I wish I had seen this photo years ago as none of the adverts on tv on fag packets or anything else has hit me till this photo ..


Only me again :-)

I've just had a reply from Professor Donnelly and he has basically said that there's lots of reasons why lungs are no longer pink - just living in a city is one. It's unusual to see pink lungs in an adult and they are normally in people who live in the country. He also says that he doesn't think that they would ever revert to pink.

So, I'm assuming that it's more about damage limitation and it's really important that we don't put our lungs through so much uncalled for stress and at any more risk than we already have. The key is to stop smoking as soon as possible and for us to do what ever it takes to stay stopped.

Everybody should love their lungs :-)


Thanks for the info Emjay. :) I think that's one you can keep for the archives and pop up on site occasionally like some of the other info blogs. :)


Hi Emjay i smoked my last cigarette on Tuesday 19th March 5 days after starting champix and so far so good had a few bad days but not to where i needed to light up x


All updated and you are on our list of winners :-)

Remember to stay positive and we'll help to get you to where you want to be :D


thanks Emjay unfortunately i have registered with my work email rather than my prsonal email so I can only view the emails when at work


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