Hi and Happy Wednesday Everybody!!!!!

Well it’s day 3 of 4 so it’s getting exciting!!! Only one more get up to go :)

I hope everybody else is as excited as me about the lovely looooooooooooooooooooooong bank holiday weekend coming up! It’s the first of the year (bar New Year’s Day of course) and long overdue I think – why did Easter have to be so late this year??????????????????

Anyway lots of temptations of the chocolate kind as well as those horrible cigarettes – as socialising will occur! We must plan to succeed and enjoy our holiday more for staying smoke free!

Pinkie made a brilliant point the other day about not enjoying Paris as much as it was her first holiday without smoking until she realised that there were plenty of non-smokers around who were actually enjoying their holiday! This is my point – you may notice the smokers around, but check out the non-smokers, they are having a great time without even thinking about cigarettes. So don't let the fact you are not smoking spoil any event -

Remember Not One Puff Ever and you will never go wrong!

Have a fabulous Wednesday everybody :)

Big Hugs

Chrissie xxx

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  • Morning all,

    Well I have managed to wangle tomorrow off, as there really is nothing to do here, so my long weekend starts at 4.30 today wooohooooo! <does happy dance >

    I am thinking of popping back to Paris, but this time to go to an exhibition of one my fave artist ( Salivador Dali ), believe it or not it is cheaper for me to get to Paris than it is home in Cumbria :(

    I probably wont be around over the long weekend so I hope you all have a fab weekend, and if i am not wrong, should all the PIPPS not have their 4 week winners badge too :) Well done guys xx

  • think mine in due next holiday monday...that will be 4 weeks then...I believe???

  • Hi Mummy, how are you doing? I haven't seen you online for a few days but I know you work at the beginning of the week.

    Yes we the PIPPs achieve 4 weeks on Monday (still amazes me - can't believe it!), but I don't know if we get a badge for 4 weeks or a month (which would be 24 April) - whenever it is I want a pink sparkly one!!!

    We have done so amazingly well I think we should pat ourselves on the back right now and have a little happy dance! So have you got much planned for the Bank Joliday?

    Try to get back to me hun, I miss you! :) xx

  • Hey Jilly that's brilliant - THANK YOU so much!!!

    How did you get on at the docs on Monday? Are you feeling a little better now or do you still get those horrible cramps? xxx

  • Hi....yes it's the 24th.....I know...I'm shocked it's a month already!!! Have a visit to friends not he Monday , which Is going to be very very hard, as smokers around there I have always smoked with!!! But I know I will be could not do it to myself after all this hard going!!! Sat I'm off for a spa night with a friend!!! Massage and therapy rooms....I deserve it,,, lol :p

    Hope you have a good one....what you got planned!?

  • You know what, I really don't know! I'm so jealous of Pinkie going to Paris, I wish I'd thought of that! but I'll have Danielle around and hopefully we'll head off for a walk in the Peak District or something. Out with friends on Saturday night I think but they don't smoke and it will actually be the first time with me as a non smoker - that will be so nice not popping outside during the evening and then coming back in stinking of smoke!!! :)

    The Spa sounds like heaven - that is a wonderful treat and I'm sure you will enjoy it! xxx

  • Hi Pinkie

    I am so jealous, seriously I really am! How wonderful to pop across to Paris for the bank holiday weekend - wow that sounds like heaven to me! I'm definitely going to put that on my "to do" list, I'm sure I could get a deal from Sheffield all the way to Paris. Wow that will be amazing :)

    Have a truly fabulous time sweetie - and I want to hear about everything when you get back! xxx :)

  • You lucky Lady! Have a wonderful time in gay Paris


  • I am so jealous love Dali myself enjoy Al x

  • Yep, really looking forward to the weekend, seeing sons and daughter and, of course, I am def going to allow myself some choc :)

    I love Dali's too, and it reminded me of going to somewhere in Spain to a Dali museum, years ago. Could it have been near Barcelona, or maybe near Valencia? It was amazing!

    Off to the zoo today :) #happy dancing# here too x

  • ooh there a couple of Dali museums in spain, he was from catalonia, so could have been round those parts.

    Oooh have a fab day at the zoo x

  • Think there is also one in Madrid if I remember rightly

  • Hey Betts, a trip to the zoo - Did you see any Monkys? tee hee xx :)

  • :P :P :D :D :D

  • Defo Barcelona did it myself was fantastic

  • Good morning Chrissie, Al and everyone, another nice sunny one today. 8-)

    Al, how fab that you can just pop over to Paris for le weekend. I wish I was coming with you. It's the old adage "April in Paris" - it should be so pretty. I've never been but back in the day I used to regularly go for day trips to Cherbourg to buy supplies that lasted a few months. ;-)

    Four whole weeks for the PIPPs - Brilliant, well done! :)

    I didn't want to get up this morning - I actually slept reasonably well - and kept telling myself that I'll run tomorrow. In the end I got up and went and did it. Hoping to do a bit more in the garden today, too much procrastinating has been done already! :o

    Have a good day and see you later. :)

  • Good Morning All :-)

    I'm working from home today so can safely spend more time on here without any interruptions or getting sidetracked with other pieces of work! :-/

    I've had my head in another place lately but am now bouncing back and should have my old presence back. I've missed being in with all your silly, funny banter but I can promise you that I have been looking in along the way. You lot seriously do crack me up! :D :D

    Chrissie, as positive as ever :D It's lovely to read your 'opening up shop' posts :-) You are most certainly right about the planning to stay stopped during the lovely long bank holiday that we have coming up. Remembering that it's how we see things and changing our old 'smokers' switch off (or unplugging it completely!) and looking forward to enjoying everything without a ciggy hanging out of our gobs! :-/ :D

    Hey Al, I hope things are starting to look and feel a bit brighter for you now xx Work at the barracks is the same for me tomorrow, not many soldiers about so I'm probably not going to go this week. I think 'popping over to Paris' is a great idea. I watched a programme 'Kirsty's best of both worlds' and their was a couple who rented in France and commuted to London. They actually made a huge saving on their travel and had a gorgeous home in the country. Have a lovely, lovely time and we'll catch up next week :-)

    Yo Andi :-) I don't see you as a procrastinator... okay... only where gardening is concerned :D However, I guess you are now in the gardening planting and raking away :-/ Pete will be pleased :-) :D You are fab at your exercising - I'm still being pretty rubbish at keeping up the things that I am great at starting - press ups, planks blah blah blah :-/

    Hey Betts, lovely to see that you are riding things through and are now freshly into another smokefree day :-) Barcelona does have a great Dali museum and a great zoo too. Have a lovely day out today! :-)

    Briarwood, I'm just going to make us all a lovely fresh cuppa - so if there are any of those lovely cakes left from last night?! :-)

    Sin, how are you doing? I've just been reading about your parking fiasco yesterday... tut..tut... pesky parking meters! I hope you are okay and feel as though you are making progress in this nicotine beating journey? :-)

    Fresher and Alli7, lovely to see you joining in with the nutty gang on the Quit Support banter - it definitely takes your mind off things :-)

    Big waves to everyone else and it really is lovely to see so many new folks around :-)

  • Sorry Emjay, my daughter and her children have just polished off the cakes x

  • yep gonna be a tough first socializing with some close friends whom are smokers...this is going to be a big test for me!! Def be on my patches this weekend!!!! I will do it.....happy BH weekend everyone :)

  • Hey it's going to be fantastic sweetie, once you tell your friends that you have been stopped smoking for nearly a month, it's been hard but you have got through it and you feel so pleased you have got so far, they will be so impressed and so happy for you - you might even inspire one or two of them to think about it, I bet you in a very short period of time afterwards someone will ask you how you did it and start making noises about stopping themselves - because let's face it, every smoker would love to be able to stop!

    So be proud honey and stand tall because you don't smoke anymore ! xxx :)

  • Hi Chrissie, I like that you say every smoker would love to be able to stop and it's sooh true. I have talked to 2 smokers today who were very interested in my ecig and said they would like to try it. So I might have 2 converts in 1 day. That's pretty good going.

  • That is actually amazing going Briarwood! Well done you :) Everyone needs someone to inspire them I think, someone to plant that seed and make them believe they can do it - I know I certainly did and I found that on here :)

  • Thanks Chrissie, yeah I know when the going gets tough, I get on here x

  • Hey Mindermummy, wearing your patches is a good idea but how about asking your friends who smoke not to offer or give you a cigarette or even a puff of one? As long as you have a think beforehand about how you will handle the situation, then at least you will be in a better place to deal with it if / when it happens. :-)

  • I believe (I hope) that I feel like I have come this far...and its not been an easy ride...that even if they did I would say NO without fail... But yes your right I will mention it...although I don't think they would ask me anyway. xx

  • Hi everyone, lucky you Pinkie , have a great time in Paris. I was there last year but I would luv to go again. Enjoy ur self. I'm having fun with my Grandchildren in the garden, lovely sunshine. Catch up with ya all later x

  • Good evening everyone, Bit late coming on site like Briarwood Grandchildren time. What was nice we had a tombola in our community room, and both granddaughters won 2 easter eggs. :) :) Soon be 4 weeks for you PIPPS I cant believe how fast it has gone. Well done to all of you.

    Catch up later. :) :) xx

  • How old are your Granddaughters Jillygirl?

  • Evening all. Yes Chrissie I did see quite a few lively Monkys and was especially impressed with some with beautiful little white moustaches, sort of droopy, like Edwardian ones. Just wondering about our Monkey? Any facial hair there? Maybe competing with my whiskers ;D

    Also saw a guy with an ecig, bright pink. These are really catching on. Someone in town yesterday had one too. I am just Hoping they are safe - I am sure it is a lot better than a cigarette.It is helping me stop for sure. Day 5!

  • Bright pink, oh I'd luv one of those

  • Ha Ha ha - Hi Betts, well I'm glad the Monkys entertained you! I'm not sure about our Monky having an Edwardian moustache though - although you just never know do you? :D :D :D

    I've seen the headlines re e-cigs so I've just been double checking that I've switched mine off when I'm not using it to be on the safe side. I was at the dentist today, I told her I had stopped smoking and she immediately asked me if I was using an e-cig! I'm guessing that are loads of people using them now which means something has finally come along which really helps people to quit cigarettes! Hooray!!!!!! xxx

  • :P :P :D :D :D

  • Evening everyone. :) Not much happening with me today. Doing my best to keep my moods in check.. Alas, I'm unsure whether it's being off the smokes or just me in general.

    But, I have definitely noticed my tongue is pinker - and it feels better too! (by rolling it around your mouth and you can feel it's rougher or something..) :D

  • Aup Alli :)

    Hmmmmm, does it look something like this :o :D :D

  • :D :D :D Yes! Well, something like that..

    How do I add a link for a picture here to show you what it really looks like???

  • Hi Alli :)

    It depends, have you got a pick on your comp ? or are you just going to google a pic ?

    Let me know and I will tell you how to do it :) :)

  • Was just going to google a funny one back to you.. :D

  • Alli, if you find a pic you want,

    Right clic on it, a dropdown menu will appear

    left clic on - copy URL

    Write your comment, then right clic on it, again a drop down menu will appear, then left clic on paste :)

    Hey, prestooooo, the link should appear :) But dont go for the top 3 rows of the pics, cos they dont turn out sometimes :)

  • Yay... it worked! But a bit late now for the tongue joke. :P

  • Way hay gal, by jove you did it :D :D

    Soooooo, that tells me that you've got a brain :P :D :D :D

  • A little bit of one.. ;)

    Thanks for your help.x

  • News Flash. - B.B.C 1 at 9p.m. Monkey Planet. Anyone interested, maybe Pete????

  • :D :D

  • :P :P :D :D

    Whats all this flippin Monky business going on then :o

    Who flippin started it eh :o Huh, I bet it was a typical flippin Woman :| :D :D xx

  • Oh yeah and that's who's gonna finish too, isn't that what always happens!!!!!

  • I dont know, its never happened before :P :D :D

  • Haha Ali you still checking your tongue then, me too :)

  • Soooo, you've got one then :o :D :D

    Think its time I wasnt here :o Taxi, Emjays taxi's :| :D :D

  • Oh typical flipping man! Run away ha ha ha

  • Hey flippin Briarwoody, I aint gone yet, cos the flippin taxi aint come see :o sooooooooo, I'm a hiding :o bet you cant see me !!

  • Ha ha ha if my smiley faces would only send, I'd send dem now to you x

  • He's stuck in a tunnel in the middle of nowhere - no wonder the taxi can't find him.. :D :D

  • :D :D :D

  • Aup, is that Pete putting up selfies again then?

  • Aup Andi, long time no speak gal :o

    Selfies, hmmmmm :o did you mean to say shellfish, cos i love them, well I love any fish really :) saying that I will eat anything really :o :D :D

  • Haha your a right little monkey, monkey Pete lol :)

  • Evening All, sorry i disappeared... looks like a few of us had our days hijacked by GrandBabies! Apparently my 'working from home' today means I'm off work and so can drop my plans and do everything that the little ones do.... This has resulted in me spending the evening catching up on my days work... Writing a report, doing some text work for our website.... and a housand other thngs... I'll go back into the office tomorrow for a break :D :D I know I know, at least I can nod off there I hear Pete saying ;-)

    Chrissie, I read on my ASH (Action on Smoking and Health) Daily News about somebody's e-cig blowing up... Apparently they didn't use the charger that was specifically meant for that e-cig. I'll post the full article when I get in tomorrow.

    Alli7, it's just a temporary blip and a good mood will squeeze its way out of you as and when people deserve to recieve it :D

    SueBetts, you'll have your one week under your belt before you know it :-)

    JillyGirl, these PIPPS folks will soon be catching us oldies up in their quit journey won't they :-) Bring it on I say :-)

    Briarwood, I have loads of monkey planet recorded to watch, i tape everything and dont make time to see it, hubby says its something else I'm recording not to watch!! :-/

    Fresher, I can just imagine you sticking your tongue out every time you ass a mirror now :-)

    Aye up Andi and Pete :D

    My flippin' iPad keeps paying up here, or is it this site? Was okay when I was on the laptop earlier. This must be what Sin is always saying about.... :-/

  • Hi there stranger, I thought you were on your jollies again.. ;-)

    Feeling a bit tired now - did a bit of gardening this afternoon (cut the grass back and front) and had my pt session late afternoon. He doesn't do Thursdays now, only Tuesdays and Wednesdays and not early in the morning as he does other things then, so now I'm going to be stuck with 3p.m. appointments. The good news is that I lost 2 lbs this week so hopefully I'm finally going to shed the weight I put on in the last 2 years. :)

  • Emjay :) its lovely to see ya gal, it really is :) :)

    Hey, hows them 2 chuckies doing then ? erm, Girtie and was it fred :o :D :D :D

    I doooooooo, hope your well :) and the kiddie winks arent wearing you out tooooooo much eh :) :) xx

  • Talking of iPad playing up, does anyone know why my smileys won't send coz it's only this site that they don't show up on? Any help please?

  • I'm having the same problem with smileys, having to put them on using the numbers pad with the dots and things lol, :)

  • Hmmmmm, now then Ladies, I'm not sure about ipads, but on my comp, sometimes my smileys dont show :o I think its this site sometimes, when it gets busy :o

  • Oh thanks Fresher, I'll try it

  • Not on my jollies yet Andi, I have some catching up to do to be back in your 'away gallivanting' league again ;-) I'm workin on it though, next trip is around Bulgaria in June and then a couple of days in Vilnius in July :-)

    Pete, we've just built Agnes and Gertie a new house and run... Room for some quail as well now but if I sad that to the hubby there'd probably be a divorce in the post! :-/

    Briarwood, I'm the same as Fresher with the smilies :-/

    I have a meeting, and a 'webinar'( whatever that is) with HealthUnlocked tomorrow at 11, so I'll ask them what is going on with iPads, phones and tablets :-/

  • yay, please mention to them that the site is very slooooow on a mobile phone and how difficult it is to click on "reply to this" rather than "recommend" when on a phone as one button lies right on top of the other. Thanks. Oh and good evening EmJay, am doing OK on my 16mg e-cig liquid and have not had a lozenge since 28th Feb.

  • Thanks coz I really want to put up the smileys on Friday! Friday! Friday! X

  • :D :D :D

    Hey Emjay, you take care now gal, luvs ya a do :) xx

  • Hi EmJay - your sounding very busy... Who is Agnes and Gertie? Are they chickens? Just being nosey as I keep chickens and find them quite nutty and fascinating to watch. :D

  • Hi Alli, I'm always busy but I'm usually in control of it... Not lately though :-/ Just starting to get my head round things :D Yep, Agnes and Gertie are my feathery friends and they are a proper hoot, they just love doing whatever I am doing and know me inside and out! I haven't even had them a year but can't imagine life without them now. How many have you got?

    Sin, I'll ask all the questions tomorrow and get back to you. Glad to see that you're still having a go and that you seem to be winning. With the e-cig is it possible to be n control with the amount that you reduce? So fr example, coud you reduce the nicotine dwn by 1mg per week if you wanted?

    Whats happening on Friday then Briarwood ;-) :D :D

    Pete, we luvz ya too :-)

  • No, unfortunately the nicotine levels go down in quite big jumps. Gone from 24mg down to 16mg in one go, tho I could get 18mg if I got a different make. Not sure what the next one down is, think it may be 10. It would be good if you could go down in 1mg increments but I suppose that wouldn't be financially feasible for those selling it. Yes I keep on trying, I have to get rid of the nicotine addiction one fine day, it drives me mad. :D

  • I have 3 at the moment, had 4 but one wandered off and I think Mr. Fox got her. They're great! So funny to watch. My ones have taken to lying on my front door mat for most of the day - don't even move if anyone comes to the door - you have to step over them. :D Every day the 3 of them go for a little walk over to the neighbours land for a while. When they come back they run like crazy down our drive - like they'd been kidnapped and just released.. :D :D Mad, mad chickens...

  • Oh Emjay, I'd send you smiley faces if I could! Well done sin for dropping down to 16mg and good nite to all x

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