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Hi all

Hi all, it's been a while snice I've posted on here. I hope everybody had a nice Xmas and New year.

I'm still smoke free (14 weeks I think) and although the cough has much improved, I still have occasions when the brown toxins appears. Poor lungs must of been in a right state!

I've now stated seeing a private councillor for my anxiety (referred to me by my doctor). I had my first session yesterday. (For those who don't know me I was diagnosed with generlized anxiety disorder. When I quit smoking).

The relaxation techniques I had been doing have really started to take effect now. Making me more relaxed during the day and being able to calm myself down quickly during high anxiety and panic attacks.

Something else which has helped with my anxiety and smoking cravings is that I now keep a pouch of bacci in my pocket at all times! Is that an odd thing to do?

It's been in there for over two weeks and is still unopened!

Anyway hope all u guys and girls are still smoke free.

Happy 2014 as non smokers! :-)

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Massive well done morriemoo, 14 weeks is brill. I am so pleased your counselling is doing some good. As for the

pouch of bacci, i understand that. I had a packet of cigarettes 5 to be precise and kept them for about 3 months just so my mind knew it had some in case. Keep up the good work. Happy New smokefree Year. :)


Hi morrie, we've not spoken before. That's brilliant that you're over the 3 months now - EMJAY! where's his badge? Good to hear that you're getting help with your anxiety issues. Do you do any kind of exercise or is that not possible? It's usually very good for the mind, even just walking. Hope you don't open that packet in your pocket. Just remember NOPE (not one puff ever) and you will succeed. Oh. and coming on here of course. Andi :)




Hi Morriemoo, well done 14 weeks is fantastic and I am so pleased that you are getting some help with your anxiety issues now. Likewise I also still have the cough but it's not as bad and I am still coughing up brown bits 9 weeks on. Keep going you are doing so very well congratulations x x


Hey all,

Thanks for all the replies and support.


I actually have no intention on smoking them at all, but it seems to make me feel like I'm more in control. Def a mind thing! - Also the lighter in my pocket comes in handy for lighting the grill :-)

Hi Andi,

I need to do more exercise and although I'm fit enough my health anxiety can really play on this. Example, if I get out of breath I think that something is seriously wrong and I end up having a panic attack! - It's a bugger!.

Before xmas I started to get back on my bike, only going up and down the hill outside my house. This helped me relax and also helped move more rubbish from my chest. But I haven't been on it lately and I've just been lazy around the house! - Which is not good for my fitness or my anxiety.

So the sun has just came out, and I'm going to kick myself up the arse and get back on my bike in as couple of mins :-)


So glad your hanging on in there and your cough is easing. I still seem to go though spells where it completely clears up and then a week later in comes back and yet more yuck is shifted!

That gets me down, cause I think it's finally ended and then bang! - Bugger haha.

But now I deal with it differently, where before I would cough and cough till I would nearly pass out. I keep myself nice and calm, drink plenty of water and just let it move up my chest on it's own, until its ready to come out.! That seems to work most of the time :-)


Hey Morriemoo, well done to you for coming so far :-)

Good to hear that you are receiving support to help with your recently diagnosed generalised anxiety disorder. As you learn to understand more about it and how it affects you, you will understand how to deal with it or live with it. I'm sure by stopping smoking will more than help it too :-)

With regards to keeping your tobacco pouch on you, this is like a kind of soother / comfort blanket. It can work really well for some people as it means that they still have an element of control / choice as to whether they want to smoke or not, rather than have no tobacco that means that they can't smoke, so have no choice.

(However, for anybody else reading - there are some people who if they were to do the same - when the temptation to smoke comes upon them, then they may not have the will power to not give in.... And end up smoking.

So, in terms of what choice to take - you know yourself best and should choose the better option for you.)

Back to Morrimoo...

Keep on keeping on, the more you practise those relaxation techniques then the easier it will be to call upon them when you need them.

You're doing ever so well and are a winner :-)

3 month winner badge awarded ;-)


Hi EmJay, thanks for the badge :-)

Yeah I totally agree what you say about tobacco pouch, I think I using it more for my anxiety, rather than my quit smoking. It;s only been a very recently addition to my tool kit!

The relaxation techniques have been amazing. At first you don't really see any effect, but I've been doing them now for around a month (two or three times a day), and the benefits just seem to come out of nowhere. I am actually so much more relaxed than I've ever been, even when I smoked.

My counsellor will be teaching me some visualisation relaxation techniques, where I can use a trigger to get me relaxed straight a way when my anxiety is high or I'm going into a panic attack.

Thanks again for the badge :-)))



This is the link that my Mental Health adviser gave me for self help relaxation. Works so well, for me anyway. There is loads of stuff on there, some maybe beneficial for quitting smoking.

Have a look EmJay and see what you think.



Aup MM, it's great to see your still with us pal :) :)

14 weeks eh, your flippin catching me up, I'm on 17 weeks now, but am not counting this time :o :D I'm glad your getting sorted out for your anxiety :)

I exercise on my rowing machine, which helps me with the cravings and I suspect, helps keep the spare tyre down to a minimum thats popped up around my waist :o hmmm I think I will have to get my bike oiled ready for the better weather eh :)

Speak soon, Pete :)


Cheers Pete,

The wife keeps banging on about a rowing machine. Perhaps we should get one anf give it a go.

Being a weather nut myself I actually don't mind being out there in any sort of weather. The worse the better for me.

17 weeks, awesome dude! Your going to have to row a little faster cause I'm catching u up :-p

Speak soon



Maybe you should have a race. Better be quick and do it before the rain stops or the rivers might dry up. ;-) :D :D



Good to see you again,you've been missed.HUGE congrats on the 14 weeks,that's one heck of a quit.I'm also very very glad that you've got the anxiety sorted,counselling is a,GOOD thing.I think you're absolutely amazing for keeping that Baccy in your pocket,definitely not something I could do.Just keep going and big hugs for a fab achievement

H x


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