Stub those fags out! It's 2015!!!!!!

Hoping good health to all those smokers that join me and everyone else on this site, giving up smoking is the best thing you can do for your health for 2015 and this site has help carry me thru my quit and will help you all too. Thank you all again for being my biggest support system. Love to you all and best wishes for 2015 xxx

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  • Wishing you a great healthy and happy 2015 Sharon! You are so right! Stub them out and leave them be!

    One thing's for sure, they've never done us any good, it's time to let them finally go.


  • Wishing you a great 2015 Sharon as a non smoker. You are doing ever so well with your quit :) :)

  • Well done Sharon. It's not an easy road, but we need to take control at some point and stub them out forever. Our health is too valuable so I wish all new quitters lots of luck and determination. You WILL get there.

  • Happy smokefree New Year Sharon. Thanks for being a part of this lovely community. xxxxxxxxx

  • Happy New Year!!!!

    A new year and a new smoke free you, can't get better than that :-)

    Wishing you health and happiness for the coming year


  • Health and happiness to you shanti and your family for 2015 xxx

  • Sharon, what a lovely post :) and thank you very much for being a lovely helpful member of this lovely site :)

    You have done soooooo well on your quit journey cos I know it hasnt been easy for you :o I know you have some goals in life, well, you have very nearly sorted 2 of them :) a new smokeless you :) a new healthy you :) so all you have to do now is to choose a new partner for yourself out of the list you have :) and if you aint got a list then all the flippin blokes around you must be flippin blind seeeeee :|

    Take care now Sharon and I hope 2015 is a lovely fruitful year for you :) :) xx

  • Thank you everyone, and thanks Monky, yes I only have a small list cos can't be too fussy now reaching my latter years lol, a lovely young man like yourself (not married) lol with a brilliant sense of humour like you too would suffice! All the best ones are usually taken so will keep looking if you here of one send him my way, seriously tho, having all you kind people here for me has been a rock! I have had some difficult times lately not just the smoking quit and how lovely it is to know when I've been in tears I could just come on here and the support and comforting words have got me thru. I no I keep on repeating myself (must be an age thing) couldn't have got to 7 weeks without u all!! Xx

  • Sharon, ha ha ha your a one gal :D :D

    Although this is a quit smoking community, if anybody has any other problems, we all try to help too :) thats why I love this site and all the members on it :) Yep, I think your right Sharon, it is an age thing, cos I keep repeating myself too, but what the heck :o :D :D

    You are going great guns gal, so you stick at it :) xx

  • Hi Sharon happy new year to you as well. All the best for 2015 :) you are doing really well in your quit. You should be proud of yourself. As I am :D xxx

  • Thank you holly, hope u and hubby have a brilliant 2015, I'm proud of you too xx

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