Tough times

Tough times

On returning from a fantastic holiday in Barbados we were informed our beautiful Labrador Alfie had to be put to sleep on Saturday. We are devastated as you can imagine. I could have quite easily lit up a ciggie but I didn't and I am pleased that I managed to get through a really traumatic time and didn't give in. Run free my gorgeous boy we will miss you

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  • Hi Wrighty

    Firstly, really sorry about losing your dog. They are a part of the family and it hurts like hell when they go so well done on not lighting up. It just goes to show that lighting up doesn't actually do anything practical to help you at times like these bit to resist it is pretty applaud able! You can see by the photo Alfie was a very handsome dog in his day.

  • Thank you for your kind comments. I feel like my heart is breaking

  • So sorry to hear your sad news, it's absolutely heartbreaking for you.

    I cried buckets when my last dog went and I know how devastating it is.

    You stayed strong and didn't cave in with a cigarette and that's an amazing achievement.

    The only thing to remember is you gave Alfie a wonderful life and loved him dearly and have lots of happy memories for you to treasure. Take care x

  • Hi ya Wrighty, I'm so so sorry to hear that you have lost Alfie and just after a lovely holiday too :( :( xx

    I'm a cat person now, cos I work long hours, it wouldnt be right for me to have a dog, cos of taking it walks in the week days, I just havnt got the time :( but when I retire I will defo have one then :) cos their your best friends, ha ha I can remember when we used to have them at my mam & dads, they were always from the RSPCA and they would follow me about everywhere :) I loved em, cos I could tell them secrets, moan at them about something and go places where I shouldnt :o and they didnt say a word to my mam & dad :) :D :D

    So I know how your suffering gal :( but a massive well done to you for not succumbing to Mr nic :) :) I'm sending you warm, comforting, soothing huggs to help you get through this hard time :) :)

    Take care now Wrighty, cos were all with you gal :) :) xx

  • Aww so sorry about losing your big boy. A big well done for stay in control strong and not lighting up :) :)

    Times like this is when you will get tested and you have passed :) :)

    I feel your pain, as i have always had dogs and had to have them put down, It sure isnt easy as they become just a huge part of your family. I have 2 maltese shitzus at the moment who are 9 and 11.

    sending big huggggggggggggssssssss xxx

  • So sorry to hear your sad news :( kisses and hugs to you xxxxoooo

  • So, so, sorry to read this. I can only imagine how sad you must feel. Well done for not giving in. Remember the good times with your beautiful boy. I hope you feel better soon xx

  • Aup katy :) how you doing gal :o :) ok I hope after your lovely hols :)

    Awwwww, you got rid of your eye lashes, hmmm, the new look just dosnt do anything for me gal :( :P :D :D

    Hope to speak soon Katy and you take care now :) :) x

  • Good evening mr monky I think you might be mistaking katycan who is from Australia for kateliscki from America who had the lovely long eyelashes you admired :O

    Not sure if I have the correct spelling but I think they are 2 different people :D

    Now I wouldn't want to say for definite but that's what I'm thinking :)

    Erm I'm not saying your wrong erm you might be :D

    How are ya anyway, apart from being wrong :D :D x

  • WHOOOOOOPS, hmmmmm, I think you may be r, erm, ri, ermm flippin right then you flippin Woman youuuuuu :P :D :D xx

  • Typical man, never right :D x

  • Snot my fault am a man :o :| :D xx

  • OYYY, where you bin then :o cos ave bin hunting all around the posts for you :o but I wasnt looking for ya seeeee :P :D :D xx

  • Very quiet on here tonight but I just had the one eye on ya to make sure you ok :D x

  • :D :D :D xx

  • They say behind every good man is better woman :P :D x

  • You flippin would dooooooooo :P :P :D :D xx

  • How many steps did ya do today, I see myself as your personal trainer see :P :D x

  • Yep, not done bad, ave done 12,645 todayyyyyyyy :) :)

  • FANTASTIC, you're doing brilliant, you'll be running the marathon before ya know it :D x

  • Doing a marathon? is that the same as eating one??? :D :D :D

  • Here's one for ya droopy :D x

  • I miss marathon's :( a snicker is just not the same :(

  • Hi Pete, the eyelashes had me confused too, I was searching the memory banks for a while there & was getting a bit worried ....

    Had a great time in Scotland, thanks. My initial motivator to stop smoking, was that trip. The long flight & hotel living weren't going to be easy on my smoking habit, and finding places to light up was always going to be a pain, so I had to do something. Now the cigs that I haven't smoked, have not only paid for that trip, but started the fund for the next one. I haven't posted in ages, but look in every day to keep up with things.Thanks for keeping it cheery Pete, your posts are always a highlight xx

  • Katy, I'm soooooo sorry I got you mixed up with someone else gal :( :( but am getting an old boy now :o plus only got 1 brain cell, soooo you can see how easily I could get confused eh ;) :D :D

    I'm so glad you had a lovely holiday in bonny Scotland :) and its lovely to hear that it was with your X ciggie money tooooo :) :)

    You take care now katy and keep putting that money away for your next holiday eh :) :)

    See's ya soon gal :) xx

  • Morning Wrighty, Alfie so handsome, my heart aches for you, xxx

    But Soooo glad you didn't sucmbe to the nasty cigs to help you grieve.

    Sending big hugs your way, xx

  • Hi briarwood and monkey why am I getting messages from you relating to someone else

  • Hi ya Wrighty, I hope things are calming down a bit for you :) :)

    Ermmmm, about the messages, I think this site has gone loooooopy gal :o :D :D

  • Yeah sorry about that Wrighty, this site has gone a bit strange, please accept my apologies :) x

  • :P :P :D :D

  • Im sorry Wrighty, Briar and all, but i have to go get some zzzzzzz now, cos am up early tomoz seee :o :P

    Nite nite all and have a lovely sweet dreaming nights sleep with loadsa warm cuddly huggs heading your ways :) :) xx

  • Hey Wrighty,

    I am ever so sorry to hear about your beloved pet, Alfie :-( He looks like he was a huge character and a great old friend. Unless you have had a pet of your own, especially a dog - I don't believe anybody can fully understand how much of a part of our lives they become. Leaving such a huge hole in our lives.

    He looks like he lived to a ripe old age :-) I bet you were that bestest Alfie mum in the world ;-) I hope you feel comforted in that he is most likely to be chasing flutterbyes and shadows as sprightly as he was as a puppy - at the end of Rainbow Bridge.

    Luv n hugz


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