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Daily Chat: Tuesday 5th August 2014

Good Day Everyone :D :D

I hope you are all enjoying some lovely sunshine, wherever it may be - apparently we have a storm called Bertha on the way next week and its most definitely getting a bit blowy here now already! :o

Big get well soon and fast healing vibes being sent on to our Droopy for her op today, hopefully she'll be having such a lovely snooze now :D

Big waves to all our new members and anybody else having a nosie :D :D

I just came across the following quote;

"It's not the situation....it's your reaction to the situation." (Bob Conklin)

Everyone who is trying to quit smoking is in the same situation- trying to give up a habit that they have had for a while, some people longer than others, and in the process trying to overcome the challenges that come with it whether it's the cravings, mood swings, or other effects of withdrawing from smoking. While everyone is in the same situation, each person will react to it differently. The important thing is to not react by caving into their cravings, and to get toughing it out!

Keep it real everyone and remember that you can do this :-)

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Hi All

Good quote Emjay, i like it.

Sunny here in Kent, but i am sooooo tired and i dont know why :( i am having less and less time on my ecig, and i wonder if the drop in my nicotine is effecting me, i know when i tried quitting cold turkey once, i was shattered for days, so it is probably that, just hope i am not coming down with something :(



Aup Al :) :)

Am so glad your using your e-cig less now :) :) ermmm, about you feeling sleepy, have you tried going to sleep at night time gal ;) you know, when you go to bed :| :D :D

Emjay is just the same gal, she's alllllllways flippin noddin or chillaxing :o ;) you flippin young ns eh :D :D

Take care now Al and keep smiling :) :) xx

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Hello there :-)

I am having a really tired day myself but it's nowt to do with my nicotine intake ;-)

Maybe we just need a re-fuel of caffieine.. I'll brew up in a mo :-)

Glad to hear that you have managed to reduce your use of the e-cig - you're on your way to giving it up completely now :-)

Is it nearly Friday yet?



Hi emjay, love that quote I find that it helps me with my short of breath situation , being focused and thinking positive. Just like when I first started on my quit journey. Have a lovely day. Xx

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Jilly wooohooo hello hun, i havent been around much, but hope you are on the mend :) xx


JillyGirl! :D :D Lovely to hear from you, we miss you dearly xx



Corrrrrrrre, just you loooook at them wrinkley pins wow jillygirl just cant wait to get my hands on them ;) :D :D


Smoking might lead to weight gain.... Just came across this news article on Twitter;



Hi all,

It's been a sunny day here today but rain tomorrow :-(

Hope everyone is well. :-)

I walked to work today , something that I have avoided since quitting since I associated the walk with smoking but it was fine, no cravings and I got some exercise. :-D :-D

Enjoy the rest of your evening, I'm away to count calories, that's if I can catch any :-D :-D


Ha ha ha ha EMJAY, just loooooove the pic gal :D :D :D Yes and very good quote too :) :)

Emjay, am with you about Droopydraws :o :| I wish you a speedy recovery and ermmmm, not toooooo much pain eh :P :D :D


Hello all,

Sensational quote Emjay and like the article on weight gain.

I really enjoyed a 4 day weekend away with Hubby I came home feeling totally refreshed. I feel it was just what i needed as work is getting very hectic at the moment.

I do hope that Droopyj is doing ok :) <3

3 more weeks to go for spring to arrive, So looking forward to it. I was out walking over the weekend and just seeing some blossom out just warmed my heart :) :)

I have just started walking again, over the past couple of years I had become a couch potato.

I feel this quitting smoking is really going revitalize and motivate me to improve my overall health and well being :) :)

I hope you all have a relaxing evening/day stress and smoke free


Good evening Glolin :)

Am soooo glad that short break worked wonders for you and that you are still smokefree too :) :)

Gosh, you talking about Spring already :o we aint finished Summer off yet gal :o mind you saying that, we might have, cos we've got a big storm heading our way !! :o

Thats the way to go Glolin, you keep on walking in that fresh air gal :) :) See's ya soon gal :)


Hi all you lovely quitters :)

Loving the quote Emjay and it's soooo true :)

Pinkie, hope you feeling better soon and you're doing really well, great to hear :)

Shantimar, you enjoy your exercise, good on ya :)

Jillygirl, hope you feeling better every day :)

Glolin, glad you enjoyed your holiday with hubby, you deserved it :)

Monky, I'm with you on wishing droopy a speedy recovery :)

Helen, what a fantastic achievement............nearly 11 months, wow, wow, wow :)

I'm off to stay with a friend for a few days as she had a big operation and needs some help, so I won't be around for a bit :(

I'll be thinking of you all and keep up the good work you are doing, take care, sending helping hugs to everyone :) :) X


Hi guys

thank you for all your lovely thoughts and wishes.... blimey if I ever thought about cosmetic surgery I would definitely re think that one..... it blooming hurts :(

It doesn't help when your big sis, who is supposed to be looking after you, thinks it's hysterical to make you laugh.... blimey families eh... :D :D


WAYYYYYYYYY flippin HAYYYYYYYYYY Drooooooopy's back with us :) :) xx

How you doing hun :o you lost much weight :| :D :D

AWWWWW its lovely to have you back :) :) it really isssssssss :) :) xx


Hey mister monky, I lost at least a gram (yes a whole one).... have missed you all, was bored in bed soooo thought Id get up and catch up with what's been going on :) :)

whatcha bin up to?


Flippin working gal :P :P :D :D :D


well as long as you have been kept out of mischief :D


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