Daily Chat Saturday 8th February 2014

Daily Chat Saturday 8th February 2014

Good morning everybody :) :)

A big warm welcome back to our lovely Andi22 hugggggs and xxxxxx If you dont flippin want em, TUFF, cos you got em see :P :D :D :D

Rite am trying for the second time, cos my first Daily chat vanished !! :o

I hope you all had a lovely long sleep :) and have your batteries fully charged :) ready for anything that mr nic chucks at us eh :)

I have decided to have a lay in this morning, cos am flippin creamcracked :o :| soooooo, I might be a bit late opening my eye's today, if thats alright with you :)

Please please, if you have any questions, or need a bit of advice, then you come on here and shout away :) and make sure you dooooo shout too, cos we might be noddin eh :o :D :D

Speak soon :) xx

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  • Good morning Pete and everyone, Hope your all well, and HU doesnt muck us all about today. Have a lovely sleep in Pete you deserve it. Off to put the kettle on now, so see you later. :)

  • Good morning! I hope everyone is well :)

    I didn't know Andi22 was back as well! :D That's wonderful news. I also see the winner tags next to people's names now, a brilliant idea! Pete, so proud of you for telling that nicotine monster where to stick it ;)

    Exercise has really helped me when coping with stress, I wish I turned to exercise more than food when I first quit smoking. Apparently I am one of those people who learn their lessons the hard way ;) Exercise, and drinking lots of water to flush out all the nico-toxins! That's what I am off to do right now. *snaps on her sexy sweatbands*

    Catch you later!

  • Aup Lenne, your spot on gal about the water and exercise :) cos it's helped me get through :)

    Hmmmmm, I aint got no sexy sweatbands though :o ave got some elastic bands, perhaps they wouldnt be the same eh !! :D :D

    Lenne, am the same as you gal, as in learning the hard way too, as my Granddad told me many moons ago :o

  • Hiya Lenne, lovely to see that you're still keeping tabs on us all. :) I presume you haven't taken up the weed again. ;-) All this exercise, does it include running or riding a bike? You must contact Emjay so you can get your badge too. See you again soon. :) Andi xxx :)

  • Nooo no nasty stinky ciggies for me! I wish I came back sooner, it's lovely to see everyone again. I like to do high intensity interval workouts- I am scared of running because I am always the clumsy one who trips over her own shoes :) I might get a bicycle when the weather gets nice again :)

  • Morning everyone, Hope you have a good lay in bed Pete !! ;-)

    Well I'm down to 10mg nic with my e-cig and boy can I tell I am, :-( But given time I'm sure my brain will accept it !! The thing is it will have to cos I'm not lighting up ever again.

    Have a great day everyone, xx. :-)

  • Hi Sunny :)

    Yes I did have a wonderful lay in this morning, thank you for asking :) :) apart from er-in-flippin-doors disturbing me a couple of times eh :P :P

    So you've cut down to 10mg nic then, that is great news, I know it will hurt for a while, but I also know that you are determined to quit :) and a strong young Lady :) and am sending you some positive huggs to help you :) :)

    You hold your head up high gal and ENJOY your new healthier life :) :) xx

  • Pete, I have got your belated birthday pressie for you. Ideal for your garden . :D :D


  • Ha ha ha just flippin love it Jillygirl :D :D :D

    Bugger the garden, i'll ave em :P slurp :P flippin slurp ;)

  • P...lease! Don't encourage him! :o :D :D

  • :P :P :D :D :D

  • You go for it Pete,hope you enjoyed your lie in coz u sure deserved it.I've had a brilliant day but for some reason I'm missing my cigs today, think maybe because I finished a beading project (a bracelet) that came out really well & in my other life,I would've stood on my step with a,glass of vino and had a couple of cigs.Not really wanting to smoke but the memory never leaves you does it.

  • Your so rite helen, cos while we are busy we dont think about the cigs, but as you say, when I finish a project, stand back and look at it, I get a cannie a lager and reach for the erm, you know what, which aint there :o

    I think it was a habit more than anything, We have to quit the nicotine, but also have to change a habit toooooo :o :) thats what makes it so hard to quit the cigs eh !!

    Take care now Helen and will speak soon gal :)

  • So, I've got my party dress on - where's the party? :o :)


  • Aup Andi :)

    Hmmmm, nice party outfit gal, but am just wondering, who that bird on your left is, in the orange outfit :o

    :P :D :D :D

  • Andi, you look just fantastic gal :) :) soooooooo what we waiting for :o


  • I think everyone else is in the pub getting tanked up - just watching Dad's Army at the mo. ;-)

  • Ave got the music gal :o ;)


    Dads army, same here gal

    :D :D :D

  • Verger's got his party outfit on. :)

  • Goat's got his party outfit on. :)

  • :D :D :D

    How is it now your back home gal ? now you have to cook and iron for yourself again :o

  • Really good to have sensible food, including lots of veggies, with no overeating. 3 loads of washing done, only 2 items for ironing so they can go in the cupboard. ;-) :P. Got to get back into exercising as my twin pack seems to have come back. :o

  • Hey, Andi, am sure you will soon get back to ermmmm, your fit self :) :)

    Corrrrrrre do I like fit Women :o :|

  • :) :)

  • I'm always the latest to arrive... But I'm here! Yaye... I'm not to sure what it is I'm wearing though as my phone isn't letting me choose!!

    Lovely to see Lenne around again :D

  • Hi Emjay, yep, I haven't worked out if I can stick a link in on the tablet. :o

  • You look just gorgeous Emjayyyyyy :) :) hmmmmm, if I was a younger man gal, erm, perhaps leive that bit out eh :o :D :D

    Its lovely to see you gal :) :) as it is Lenneeeeeeeee :) :) xxxxx

  • I'm here as well,sorry for the late hour,got caught up watching my new fave programme 'Mercy' on Netflix!! Where's this vino then, good to see everyone having a good time!! & not an ashtray in sight.

  • Helen, I dont like wine much, but, you may like this :o :) :)


  • Would that be red, white or rose then, Madam? ;-)


  • I think she drinks ought :o :D :D :D

  • How about a snake-bite? :|

  • here's one :o


    I dont thinki she would like that Andi :o :D :D

  • :D :D (I think she must be watching Casualty now. :o )

  • Andi, its so so flippin lovely to have you back gal :) :) I tell ya :) xxxxx

    But a poor old boy has to say no sometime eh :o been on lates the last 3 weeks and it does me in gal :o sooooo I will have to love you and leave you, and say good nite to ya Andi, xxxxx luvs ya loads gal and you work out an exercise chart eh :)

    Sweet dreams everybody and have a wonderful nights sleep :) :) xx

  • So I had a rude awakening this morning as hail was hammering against my window at 7.15 and turned everything white outside. The wind is still hammering the fences outside and rain keeps chucking down. I hope it'll blow over by the morning so I can get out for a trot. :o

    On that note, I will wish you all nite nite and hope you enjoy the rest of your party. Sleep well Pete and everyone. xxxxx :)

  • Just got in from the party,don't remember much after drinking those barrels & wrestling the snake the rest is just a bit of a blur hic !!!!

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