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I'm back

Hi guys...it's been a long hard slog but I stopped on the 1st of June after some serious soul searching....I watched the boxing with a friend on the Saturday night & he mentioned that he used to smoke 24/7 and had packed up after a night of smoking & drinking...I asked him how.....?

He replied " it done nothing for me" that was 8 years ago....

I woke up on Sunday & looked at the 8 cigarettes in the pack & said &&&&& Crushed the box & made sure that they could not be smoked.

I must admit that after 2 days I purchased a USB e-cig and used it for 3 days..... It made my heart beat faster so I chucked them and decided to go smoke free with no aids....I must admit that I found it very difficult returning to this site after my last post....( over a year ago ) but after reading the various stories and tips I have returned stronger and wiser ( I hope !!! ) .

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Wow addidas that is so fantastic and you sound like you are doing really really well - totally positive about your quit and getting on with your life without those disgusting cigarettes which do absolutely nothing other than harm for you anyway - well done you, I'm really really really impressed!

Now don't be a stranger and please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing! Always stay positive and you will find any cravings easier to cope with - but it sounds like you've got this now so fantastic! :) :) :)


Thanx ChrissieG this is a great site...it helps when you get a positive response


Aup Adidas, its great to meet you pal :)

Erm I'm sorry, but I have been on this site since before it opened 2 and a half Years ago and cannot recall your name :o must be my 1 brain cell acting up or you changed your name eh :o :)

No matter, you are doing exceptionally well on your quit and I cant fault you one little bit, I take my hat off to you pal, cos I know how hard it is to quit the smokes :) :)

Good luck pal :) Pete


Hello Monky Business!!!!!!!!! xx :) :)


Whooooooooops sorryyyyyyyyy, I missed you Chrissie :) :) xxx


Hi Adidas,

It takes some serious cojones to admit that you tried before and you are trying again - I tip my hat to you.

"Stronger and wiser" sounds great but I'm sure there'll be times when you wonder why you are struggling with this torture. Don't think of it as giving something up - think of it as freeing yourself from that nasty little nicotine monster - that works for me - I hope it works for you!



Hi Adidas1961

Great to hear you are having another bash! Any lifestyle change requires determination, willpower, support, motivation and self awareness and it sounds like you have got all this in spades! So well done and keep going. Remember, willpower is like a muscle, it needs exercising!


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