My biggest test

My biggest test

So I've just had what was always going to be the hardest thing for me - the dreaded insomnia. I've no sleep at all. Normally i'd smoke myself silly. Even the thought of a whole night awake and not being able to chain smoke filled me with dread. Since I moved into this flat a year ago I made myself go down to the back garden to smoke, but on insomniac nights I would take my kindle and my blanket and sit in the common stairwell and smoke so much I was lighting each cig off of the one before.

So I found myself awake all night. I contemplated my options. I could either get in the car and go to Tesco and buy a 20 pack, or I could do something else.

So I find myself feeling very smug. Not only am I still smoke free (8 days, 9 hours and 2 minutes) but my kitchen has been cleaned within an inch of its life.

And thanks to you guys, I love reading your posts and answers.

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  • Thats brilliant, You must be very pleased with yourself. I know what you mean as I used to be the same.

    Have a good day you smokefree person. :) :)

  • Thanks Jilly :D

  • Hey Ellie,

    Well done to you for finding something to keep you occupied. Something that will also benefit you for so much longer than the time taken to do it.

    I bet you were well chuffed when you woke up this morning and then walked into your kitchen to see everything so gleaming :-) It looks absolutely fantastic :D

    I remember a website that Sin told us all about a while ago, it was all about trying to de-clutter your life / home. It encourages you to start with cleaning your sink. Once you have that nice shiny sink you feel so much better :-)

    Just a quick question out of curiosity... Did you have one of those kitchen drawers that are filled with all kinds of non-kitcheny things?! :-/ :-/ :D

  • Lol yup. Although it's not the kitchen drawer, it's in a big drawer in the wardrobe. My ex used to call it his 'man drawer' keys for gates of houses we've not lived in for years, string, Allen keys, random screws, those little screwdrivers you get in Christmas crackers.

    After being awake all night, and having done everything that needs done today I'm finally heading to bed to try get some sleep.

  • Have a lovely zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Good Night and God Blessingtons Ellie :D

  • All a distant memory now :D I still get the emails, but I don't read them, let alone act on them. :) I had one of those kitchen draws full of everything. It's where I used to keep my ciggies. Now its where I keep my lozenges. I did clear it out though, its got dividers in it and everything. I thinks its the last clutter clear I ever did. Come to think of it, all my kitchen draws are full of rubbish.

  • Well done for not giving in. You should be really proud.

    I've been struggling again with sleep this week. Even thou I've been exercising a lot more. Bloody anxiety!

    I'm trying not to let it worry me, it's probably because I've started back at work after a 6 weeks off sick.

    Are you using any NRT?

  • I'm using patches and have the inhalator for emergency use.

    Sleep is always worse when you have to be getting up for something. Add in the the stress of going back to work after illness and it's understandable you are having sleep problems.

  • Yeah I'm feeling it now. My anxiety is always hard to handle when I haven't had much sleep.

    I have demarzpan as a last resort if I feel I need it. But I definitely prefer trying to use relaxation instead of pills.

    Nodding off now lol :-)

  • Hopefully by now you are asleep and having sweet dreams

  • Haha I wish. Listening to radio in bed

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