Double Figures

Good Morning Everybody Yes made it to 10 days Feeling kind of ok using 15mg patches Must say the support and posts on this site helps so much Going to take it one day at a time but did manage ok on Saturday night few beers used e cig minimum amount Friends and family seem very pleased and proud of me I think that also helps a lot anyway you all have a fantastic day and NOPE



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  • Hi Garry. Yes, you have done extremely well! When you think that after breathing, smoking was the thing you did most of all! By quitting you are ensuring that breathing is still th thing you do most often.

    Congratulations on 10 days


  • Good morning Ngaire ☕️☕️☕️3:15am

    Isn't that the truth what ya just said.."after breathing, smoking was the thing we did the most" I choose breathing👍🏻

    Have a great evening🌏 I think it's evening down under???

    Arizona xx

  • How are you feeling today Ngaire .... Were you able to see your doctor ??

  • Many Thanks starting to breath fresh air rather than ciggies

  • It's one of the main things I'm really enjoying about my quit. Having my breath back and when I need to, breathing deep. Someone recommended the pin board to me when I first came on here. Simple Breathing techniques. Great way to support yourself in trickier moments. Best moment of my day presently is swimming under water at the Pool-No gravity and a breath that can make it FUN! Keep checking in garryg, the site has totally made this quit drop to last! :O)

  • Aup Garry, 10 days quit already, thats great news pal Whoooop Whooooop :) :)

    So glad you got through Saturday night ok :) cos I think thats one of the hardest times for us, when we have a couple of drinks eh :o and I hope your very proud of yourself too, as are your family and friends :) :)

    Have a lovely smokefree day and keep in touch :)

  • Good Morning Garry☀️

    I'm impressed you were able to go out Saturday night for a couple beers and not light up!! I still have to watch alcohol...... Such a trigger to light up for me especially when my drinking friends all smoke....

    Way to go! Not One Puff.... Ever

    Arizona x

  • i did find it a bit hard but used the e cig which i had not fully charged so only worked for about 5 puffs

  • Oh no😅 Well good on ya for not lighting up !!!

  • Thanks Got my vintage scooter club meeting tonight so i will make sure it is well charged

  • I just don't trust myself around alcohol it brings on strong cravings to light up

  • Yes totally agree i have to watch my intake as that is wrer i have failed in the past

  • Good morning Pete ☀️☕️☕️☕️☕️

  • Thanks Monky How the cat Mate ?

  • Well done Gary, double digits now and those days are really adding up👍🏼

    Be very proud coz you're doing great, I'm delighted for ya😊

  • Well done; keep it up!

  • Thank YOU

  • Hi Gary well done on getting to day ten you're going great a big achievement congratulations 😎

  • Hi Garry, well done hun 10 days is fantastic and what a lovely family and friends you have coz there so proud of you 😀😀

    Keep up the good work 😀😀

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