Nasty E-cigg cough

Anyone experiencing any unpleasant coughs after using E-cig? I was a smoker for 15 years on and off mostly ON with failed attempts to quit every now and again. Just bought and E- cigg vapourisor few days ago to help me quit and since I bought it I've had this nasty cough mostly at night time and early mornings but I didn't have it when I as smoking cigarraettes. Hopefully it will pass and it's just my body getting used to another thing it has to deal with. I don't plan on using it for long just the initIal few weeks of quitting. Otherwise I think they're fantastic. They're really helping me forget about Tabacco it's just a pitty about the cough!

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  • Hi McNor and welcome to quit support. I cant help you with the ecig as i quit cold turkey. We have lots of members who use the ecig and am sure they will be able to help you with that. It may also be just part of quitting and your lungs clearing out the crapp :D Many of the members have mentioned that got a nasty cough early . One the one thing that i have learnt is we all experience different quit symptoms but none of them tend to last for too hang in there :) :)

  • Hiya McNor and welcome to quit support :)

    I quit with the ecig and yes I had a cough in the begining as well :)

    I never coughed when I smoked and I remember thinking I was worse off with the ecig but it went after a short while, so don't worry about it :)

    I found the ecig a great help in quitting along with the help of this brilliant site :)

    Well done for quitting, it really is the best thing you can do for your health :)

    Any problems or you just fancy a chat, pop on here coz there's lots of friendly people going through the same thing :) x

  • Thanks for your reply. It's not half as bad trying to quit with the E-cigg. They're a great idea. Id be pulling my hair out otherwise and each day that goes by I find myself thinking less and less about smoking. So far so good!

  • Hi Mcnor its lovely to see you here and a big warm welcome to this quit support community :) :)

    I see you've had some great advise already :) The e-cig is new to you and your body, so it will perhaps take a few days for you to adjust to it, plus am just wandering if the nicotine level in it is a tad too strong for you :o

    If it is your lungs starting to clean themselves out, then you will probably get a bit of phlegm :o please spit it out into some kitchen roll or something, I know its not very nice, but you have to get rid of it :) It will soon get easier for you :)

    If you dont mind Mcnor, could you please tell Jillygirl or myself your quit date, then we can add you to the wall of winners :)

    Keep strong now and hope to speak soon, Pete :)

  • In my state in Oz (NSW) they're considering banning the e-cig because "they could be a pathway for young people to commence smoking". We can't buy them in shops here, but as far as I'm aware it's not illegal to buy them online. One could be forgiven for suspecting our governments have become too comfortable with the tobacco revenue (nearly 80c in the dollar here) & don't really want people quitting. I'm surprised they haven't targetted other NRTs. It's not uncommon for most quitters to have a cough early on. I wouldn't be too concerned if it's doing the job for you.

  • Hi Roneo, in Vic it is not legal to buy ecigs with nicotine! How can that help those who want to quit. It has taken 50 yrs of smoking but I am now smoke free, so support anything that helps get someone off the fags.

  • hi there,

    Yes i quit with an ecig and i too had a cough, at first it was me just trying to find an excuse to get back on the real things, but i stuck with it, drink lots of water and hey presto it goes. Remember hun your body ( and brain ) is trying to fool you at every turn right now, but it does get better i promise. Also you are now detoxing from 4000+ other chemicals that ciggies used to give you, worth remembering when you are getting random symptoms. Well done for choosing the rest of your life to be smoke free x

  • Hi, yes I'm having the same problem, not only a cough but also the hic ups, I'm not using them that much but I have seen a difference.

  • Hiya Max and welcome to quit support :)

    Heading towards your first week so well done, don't know much about the hic ups but different people have different side effects and the good thing is they will all pass given a bit of time :)

    Let's call it the joys of quitting :D

    It will get easier and it will all be worth it :) x

  • Aup Max, a big warm welcome to our lovely quit support group :) :)

    I think the same apply's to you too, just give it a few days for your body to get used to it :) I myself, practised with the e-cig before I quit :o I would have a fag, then the next time I wanted one, I would use the e-cig :) Then the next day, I had a fag, then used the e-cig instead of 2 fags :) so my body and myself could get used to it :)

    As for your hiccups :o perhaps try ermmm, instead of holding the e-cig straight to your mouth, sort of tilt it down a bit, so the mouth piece points upwards until you get used to it, if you see what I mean :o :)

    If you would please let Jillygirl or myself know your quit date, then we can put it onto the wall of winners :)

    Max, please give it time and remember NOPE :) Not One Puff Ever :)

    Hope to see ya soon, Pete :)

  • Hi Pete

    My quit date was the usual 1st Jan, and so far no cigs, the e cig is helping but still craving. Taking one day at a time.

  • Hi McNor. I tried the ecig and I didn't get on with it as it irritated my throat and made me cough.....I think it's horses for courses and some people do ok with it and get used to the change.

    Not the greatest advice but I have just woken up. Ha ha ha.

  • HI Max and a big welcome to quit support. Good on you for making the decision to quit :) :) All the very best on your quit journey..Remember NOPE...Not One Puff Ever..... :) :)

  • I was on a high strength vapour and had a nasty cough. I changed to a lower strength and it was fine. Could have been the change or could have been I just got used to it but it is worth a try.

  • They say there is stuff in all of that ....My opinion tuff it out chew gum candy you will get threw it i am 5 months finally ferl good,,,Good luck..,,,

  • Hi Mcnor06. I when first starting the E cig. I had cough as well. But the more I used it the cough went right away. Just keep using the E cig as it will stop you thinking about cigs. I have be using my E cig for long time now. I am 92 days smoke free using the E cig. You are doing well so far keep up the good work :D x

  • Hi everyone and thanks for all your replys. I'm 5 days using E-cigg now. Last nights sleep wasn't very plesent. My cough has gotten worse and kept me awake most of last night. If it doesn't get better soon i think i'll stop using the E-cigg. I've quit smoking before and have had a cough but i think this one is different and I'm blaming the E-cigg. Anyways I just thought I'd let people know. I'm only using 6mgs of nicotine in my vapourisor. My tabacco i smoked before was 12mgs so my intake of nicotine halved straight away, its the least amount apparantley in the shop you can buy. I still dont feel like I've quit smoking even though I'm not using tabacco anymore. I've just traded for another silly habbit! But sure, at least its not as bad for you healthwise so all good for now. Best of luck to anyone else in the same shoes!

  • Hi again Mcnor, just to let you know, you can get the e-cig liquids with zero nicotine in them :)

    So why not try mixing the 12mg one with the zero one :o put half 12mg and half zero nicotine into your e-cig vaporiser so it becomes 6mg :)

    Is your quit date 3/1/15

  • Hey there, I had the silly cough and sleepless nights, hell, for first couple of weeks, I dropped done from 24 to 16 on my ecig but mine isn't the vapour one, it helped with the coughing but I did feel chesty for a while which I then caught a virus lol just to annoy me even more, it's all gone now and I feel loads healthier and you will too so keep going you are doing really well xx

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