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How the hell do people do it ? I was given a e-cig on June 9th sense then I have smoked 9 cigs whereas normaly I would have smoked 140/160,

I have not smoked in two days now but even with the e-cig all I think about is having just one :-( But I know one will lead to two then a pack. The e-cig makes me dizzy so I'm going to cut down from 24mg nic to 12 to see if this helps,I've smoked for 30 years but this is the best I've done 9 fags in a week and none for two days so I'm quietly happy with myself.It hard and I've nothing but praise for those who have quit.

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Hi IrishViper,

What is it you miss most about real cigs? Is there something you aren't getting from the e-cig? Can you be clear about what that is? Can you describe it? I know it isn't easy.

Well done for what you've achieved so far - keep on trying.



The e-cigs just make me tired and upset my stomach,But there is no doubt that it has helped with the cravings,Going to reduce the nicotine percent and try a different flavour today to see if that helps.Im determined not to smoke again.


I'll be interested in how you get on. I haven't really tried e-cigs (yet). To be honest, I'm not really suffering from many physical effects - broadly I feel okay - for me the problems are mostly in my mind - I just feel fidgetty. I guess an e-cig might help me with that though I probably wouldn't need much (if any) nicotine - perhaps I just need something to fiddle with and suck!



Hi Irish Viper, welcome to This lovely site which has really helped me :) you say you're determined which is brilliant :) I use ecig and find it does help and it worked but it just takes a bit of getting used to :) so stay strong,you can do it :) x


Hi Irish Viper and Beardy, the e cig definitely helped me. I smoked 20 a day ish for a round 30 years and couldn't have stopped without it. I started on 1.8mg and have been dropping down over the lat 11 weeks and am now on 0.6 and I was very fidgety too and have used it a lot but have to say I never ever thought I'd manage to stop smoking... Well done to you both and keep strong :D


Thanks Fresher, I'm like you....I tried before, useless, but with the e-cig, feel I have a chance.....it's not such a dramatic change....I need to go somewhere and puff, it relaxes me, I connect it with my break.....I'm nervous and a worrier....and just the old familiar motions are comforting,

Without the other toxins going into my body........

But I'm told drink lots of liquids, which I forget, and it is really important.

Drink lots of liquids....


Hey, I'm Irish too, you can do it Irish Viper!!!


Hi Irish Viper and welcome to our online community, Quit Support :-)

I have to say a huge WELL DONE on achieving such an effort! Firstly in making the best decision for your health ever - by stopping smoking and secondly, for sticking with your decision :-)

Although we are still unable to recommend the use of e-cigs, we are happy to support those who are using them as a stop smoking aid rather than as an alternative to smoking. Eventually, we may be able to help you to stop the use of the e-cig too then :-) One little step at a time though and as you are moving forward in the right direction, lets keep you focussed and stay that way :-)

Wowser to all those cigarettes that you haven't smoked :-)

I really do believe that when stopping smoking, planning is the key to success, regardless of whatever choice of therapy you decide to use.

It is helpful to try and learn to understand your smoking habit and think about what triggers your brain into picking up a cigarette or even e-cig in the first place. Quite often it is through habit, although the addiction side and 'time for a nicotine top up' does push folks into lighting up.

Lovely to have you join us :-)


Hi Irishviper.... whoohoo to you, that's a great achievement :D

You seem to be on a really high dosage which could be why your feeling dizzy, there are loads of people who could advise you on ecigs (I'm not one of them as I used patches for my quit) and I'm sure they will be on to advise you..

Keep up the good work, keep positive and keep us posted on how your doing. This is a great friendly site and its really helped me out in my quit, everyone is in the same position and we all want the best for each other. :D

If you need any help or want to vent then just HOLLER :D


Hi Irishviper - it's lovely to meet you and a massive welcome to this very friendly quit site!

The strength of e-liquid you start on depends on the number of cigs you used to smoke per day - 24mg would be suited to someone who definitely smoked MORE than 20 per day, more like 25 or 30 - 18mg is for the 20 per day smokers and then it drops down from there. If you were a 20 a day smoker, then 24mg is too high for you so try dropping down to 18mg asap and hopefully the symptoms you are experiencing from the e-cig will disappear!

Don't forget you will experience other symptoms which are only the body recovering from the effects of all those toxins from the cigarettes you smoked every day - some symptoms are not pleasant but they are a positive sign that your body is recovering and they will always always pass - if you are finding them difficult get on here and lots of people will support you and reassure you and hopefully distract you enough NOT to go back!

YOU CAN DO THIS! Just keep telling youself that every day and take it one day at a time - this is a fantastic thing to do so you should be jumping for joy that you have done it - WELL DONE YOU!!! :) :) xxx


Thanks for all the advise guys :-) I cut down to 12mg and it's a huge difference,Still haven't smoked and hopefully it will stay that way.


Brilliant!!!! And a massive well done to you :D :D


Yeah well done from me too, I couldn't have done it without the e-cig either, stay strong, we are all in this together, sometimes it's hell, other times it's great, but we will beat it :-)


I was on 18, now I have one with 18 nicotine flavor, and one 12 mango,

I alternate......once a week I felt MILDLY nauseas on the 18, don't know why because I was smoking the regular ones like a chimney.......but I haven't bought cigarettes in three weeks.......the store clerks used to pull my package out before I even asked for them.

Good luck, keep in touch, let us know how it's going...


Hi Viper,

I am not sure its the ecig upsetting your tummy, or the withdrawal from all the poisons in real smokes, I have quit on the ecig and it is the best thing ever, but what i had to tell myself when i felt i wanted a real ciggie was, that i was craving nicotine, and my ecig had that, so i was feeding the craving.

Possibly reducing the level might help, but thats a big drop to 12mg, do they not do a 16 in your brand?

You have done fantastic keep it up xx


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