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So, I'm in the middle of my 14th week today! I feel absolutely amazing but I'm not going to lie, it's been one of the hardest things I've ever had to do but also one of the biggest accomplishments I've ever achieved!

I picked up my first cig at 15yrs old and been at it for a little over 16 years at a pack a day sometimes more if I was being social, until June 17th 2017 when I unintentially quit cold turkey. Yup that's right! I didn't plan it I just "winged it"! Hubby and I were so sick with one of the worst flus I had experienced... normally I would smoke right through the flu and always made sure I visited the doc. This time however, I had to ride it out because the docs office was shut for the weekend. The result was me literally passed out for 2 days straight. When I came to I realised, wow I've never in my smoking life ever been able to go a single day without a cig because I was not strong enough to get through the withdrawal symptoms and mental battle at the same time!

Anyways, days 5-9 was the absolute worst! That's when I realised I felt better from the flu and actually wanted that smoke. I was on a horrible emotional rollercoaster and tried to convince myself I didn't have any time to make such an "irrational" decision to quit. I felt like everything was slo mo and every thought either started or ended with an image of smoking. Somehow I pushed through.

I switched my addiction to tea, I found sipping on hot drinks really helped keep me calm and busy. I went all out on calming herbal teas which made a huge difference! Valerian tea from the health shop and loose chamomile flowers sometimes brewed in a teapot with filter. The stronger the better :) It actually really worked more than I could have ever imagined.

The smoking me could never imagine life without it. I would literally have internal panick attacks just at the thought of one day having to quit. I'm finally at that point where I feel free and time is moving at a normal pace. I've learned a whole new side to myself which wasn't easy in the beginning as it's normal to feel like you've lost yourself. I think as a smoker we identify ourselves as that person and get depressed when we let go of that person then have to find a new way to live. I'm happy to say I feel more like me again.

* For us, one hit will always be too many, while thousands won't be enough. As a smoker we are constantly going through mini withdrawals! I realise that today as a non smoker I would rather have moments where I miss it than have every minute planning a smoke break and experiencing those mini withdrawals. Every time we put that cig down we are subconsciously needing another keeping us trapped in a constant cycle that goes nowhere except slap bang against a wall over and over again.

For a little encouragement just remember that all difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations and It always seems impossible until it's done. I still have a long way to go and look forward to traveling on this smoke free journey with the rest of you! 🌸

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  • Wow! And welcome 😊😊

    Thank you so much for your post. Truly inspirational and well done on your quit so far.

    I identify with a lot of what you've said. We do change, and a huge part is dealing with our emotions as well as the physical withdrawal.

    Can you give me your exact Quit date please, then I can put you on our wall of winners and give you a badge.

    Have s fabulous smoke free day Cass!


  • Thanks Frostie!

    June 17 2017 was my first smoke free day :)

    You guys are all awesome! X

  • Hi cass and a warm welcome to Quit support. Thank you for sharing you story. So. Dry inspiring and I am sure just reading this will not only inspire newly quit members but give them some hope. πŸ‘πŸ€πŸ’πŸ’

    I just love your positive outlook - AwesomeπŸ€

    Keep up the great quit you have going


  • Thank you Linda!

    Just reading through some of the testimonys here shows how strong we all actually are! Even if some of us make the oopsies during a quit, it's the fact that nobody actually gives up no matter what, its amazing!

  • Thank you for sharing that post, I got lost in your words I could keep reading it. Am in my early days after relapses, your post has really helped. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘x

  • Hi Vonni82, well done on making it this far!

    Just know you are also an inspiration! Especially for those that have less smoke free days behind them than you do!

    Also, you are far braver than I was so early on!

    When I quit I couldn't even face the world... I literally hid myself in a dark hole. For 3 solid weeks during my "free" time I drank tea and stared at the computer screen watching series. It was probably the most intense series marathon I had ever done! I ignored most phone calls and tried to get lots of sleep in. The mental battle was the worst for me. I couldn't even get myself out of bed in the mornings because that was my ritual time of day. It almost felt as though I had no reason to get up because I was so use to being motivated out of bed by the thought of a smoke.

    The "funny" thing is though the mornings were the hardest time of day it became the easiest time of day far quicker than I expected because of the repetitiveness of not giving in.

    There will be so many triggers in the beginning but the more often you say no to each individual trigger the easier it gets when that trigger approaches! I'm pretty sure our brains are being re-wired to that of a non Smoker and that takes time. 🌸

  • Amen to that πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ you have done so well, and even sharing your story, don't think I'll forget this post. Keep sharing your progress. And thank you ☺️

  • That really is amazing well done!

    Definitely inspiring aswell!


  • Through Jesus Christ nothing is impossible I'm on day 4 without cigarettes when I crave I pray an read my Bible it's been going good it is hard but I just keep reminding myself what a beautiful destination is waiting for me if I continue to do this.

  • Absolutely Felicia! There is far more to look forward to as a non smoker!

    Well done on 4 days smoke free! That's one heck of an accomplishment already!!

    Sending prayers your way πŸ’•

  • Well my quitting app saids 3 days an 0hours an 11minutes but I've quit since last Sunday thanks for the encouragement it helps me alot will be praying for you as well.

  • Thank you Cass for a truly wonderful post πŸ‘

    Karen xxx

  • Brilliant story Cass. Well done. Im day 6. Surprisingly not finding it too hard. I hope it stays that way.

  • Great post and the one is too many, thousands isn't enough is spot on. Well done on three months!

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