One forward two back!

Can't believe I was just getting back a bit of energy and decided to carry a bag of compost up my steps to do the so called "pottering in the garden bit" . Guess who fell and broke her foot!!!??? Now in plaster and can't even get in the garden!! So its back to the knitting needles and probably getting avidly involved with football - I have been told its the world cup at the moment!? I also guess Wimbledon is looming up too!! Even if I wanted a fag - I couldnt get out to buy any. Sooooo glad I don't smoke anymore. ;( :(

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  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Vee, I cant believe it...... it's so easy to do but I really feel for you. :( Try going up/down the garden steps on your bum.... sounds like you need a few extra vitamins hun so try and get to relax in this glorious weather we are having at the moment 8-)

    Your right about the sport though.... world cup starts this week, then Queens tennis and then Wimbledon - throw in a couple of grand prixs and theres only the cricket and rugby left.....However the Commonwealth games start in a months time WHOOHOO.... blimey maybe I should book the next month off work and come look after you whilst watching all the sport - love it :D

    Hope you heal very quickly and get back on your feet real soon... sending you hugs and love -x- oo

  • Oh Vee! So sorry to hear this! It really should not have happened to you :(

    Yep, sounds like it'll have to be wall-to-wall chillaxing with summer sports, and there is plenty for sure. Get the knitting patterns ready!

    Keep your pecker up and get to work on that bum shuffle droopy knows about. I hear it's the best way to the perfect ass if that's any consolation ;)


  • wow Betts i'm gonna start taking my own medicine as I want a perfect ass (unless of course you meant a well behaved donkey)..... :D

  • :o :) :) :)

  • VEE, it could only happen to you gal :o :D :D What you like eh :D :D

    What you should have done Vera is, get a nice young man to carry that bag of compost up your garden for you :) :) seee, much easier eh :) :) and a lot less dangerous, erm, for you anyway :o :D :D

    Vee am sooooo glad you dont smoke any more gal :) although saying that, I suspect there was smoke coming out your ears when you fell down them flippin steps :D :D

    You enjoy your knitting and watching the sports gal :) :) and hold your head and your foot up high with pride :) :) cos am soooo proud of you Vee :) :) ermmmmm, V, if you have a dress or a nighty on gal, then, perhaps it would be safer if you just put your foot on a stool eh :o :D :D :D

    Luvs ya V :) :) xx

  • :D :D What is it wiv you and flippin nighties monky..... :d ;)

  • What av a said wrong now flippin Woman you :o :D

    I only said to Vee, not to lift her leg up tooooo high if she had a nity on, cos, well, you know what happens if you lift your leg up toooo high in a nity eh ;) :P :D :D

  • You is soooooo funny mister monky.... :D I love it :D not sure if you can lift your leg to high in a nity....coz they come down to your nankles:( ;)

  • How is you today monky ? no speeding I hope....

  • I think he's always on speed. :o

  • Aint soooo :P :D :D

  • mmmmmmmmmm

  • :D :D

  • Nooooo speeding today :o :D

    I've found it a bit tough going today, had to have 2 lozenges at work, plus 1 coming home tonight :o

    Munching on my nuts again now gal ;o :) :)

  • How's it going with Frederica?? or is it still Jed or Wood???? as long as you aint smoking the real McCoy then that's ok hun :D

  • Nooooo, am flippin not smoking the real fings seeee :P :P :D :D

    Yep, the ermmm, e-cigs helping a lot, but just needed that bit extra tonight for some reason :o :) as in nuts :)

  • That's fine then..... don't beat yourself up though eh.. :)

  • I've just had a munch on some nuts too. :)

  • Is that what Monkys rellies said at the zoo today :)

  • :P :P :D :D :D

  • :D :D

  • Hey Andi, what were them posh nuts you used to have ??

  • Roasted??? :P :D

  • :D :D :D nooooooooo, ermmmm, there on the tip of my flippin tongue :o

  • Dunno. Was it pistachios?

    I had brazil nuts and walnuts this evening but I also have red skin peanuts and almonds on the go at the mo. :)

  • Macadamia, Cashews, Monky nuts.....

  • yep, thats em, cos i got some too and found out how many cals there were in a bag :o :D :D

  • Monky you only weigh 11st 2lb..... why are you worried about fattening nuts?????? ;p

  • Cos am over weight and my BMI see :o

  • Nope don't see it..... your a bloke your supposed to weight more than us girlies and you give your flippin rower a right bashing.....!!!! and you eat sprouts ;)

  • Yeahhhh, but not with flippin curry :o :|

  • Hmmmmmm, saying that, it might be a good way of slimming eh, cos you would eat it and the next day, errrr, dispose of it :o :D :D :D

  • Gross :)

  • Just keep munching on yer nuts :D :D

  • Will do bossssss :P :D :D

  • Oh Vee, I'm so sorry. I hope it heals up quick as - what a bloody nuisance! :(

    You sound like you might quite enjoy watching the football - I can't stand it myself. :o Don't forget that as Wimbledon finishes, the Tour de France starts and that's the best thing sport-wise to watch this summer for me. Oh, and aren't the Commonwealth Games coming up soon too?.........

  • Hi ya Andi :)

    I like watching tennis :) :)

  • I stopped watching it when they all started grunting and groaning and use 2 hands - about 30 years ago, I think! :o

  • Know what you mean - just watch it on mute :D

  • yeah, but there's some nice pins on some of em eh ;) :) :)

  • and blondes???????

  • Well yeahhhhh, there's that toooooo :o :|

  • Ooh forgot about the Tour de France......

  • Soooh sorry to hear thar Vee, sending you good wishes for a speedy recovery :) x

  • that

  • Thanks, it's all those monkeys today and children And now I'm a year older as well :D

  • Briarwood, you dont look a day older gal, you dont :) :) xx

  • Thanks you just say the nicest things, ya dooooo :) x

  • I agree with onky, that new badge makes you look younger :) that's why I want one :D

  • oops sorry I meant Monky....

  • :P :P

  • I know I've got a big flippin nose, but it aint an ooter see :P :D :D :D

  • :D :D

  • Hey, Briarwood, what did you get for your Birthday then gal, apart from chucking nanas at me :o :P :D :D

  • Flowers, chocs, duck, owl and garden gnome, picture, money and a lovely sign that says "mum's are like buttons, they hold everything together" so I was very lucky an ha bottle of Gin as well :)

  • Oh and a fluffy cat :)

  • WOW, you got loads a stuff gal :)

    Just loving that sign though - ''Mums are like buttons, they hold everything together'' :) :) How true that is :) :)

    Sorry Briar, am noddin see, so will have to go get some kip myself gal, you take it steady with that there flippin gin gal :D

    My Birthday pressie to you is a load of sweet dream huggs that are on there way to you right now gal, so just keep a window open a little eh :) :) x

    Nite nite Briarwood :)

  • Thanks very much I'm happy with that and will keep my window open, nite nite :) x

  • Spelling police lol

  • Please, lol

  • Just wondering if my lovely badge magically disappears at midnight and if so could you magic away an odd grey hair at the same time ?????? :)

  • Hmmm, not sure about that Briar :o

    Am not going to shout Emjay up at this time of the night to find out, She'd flippin bash me one and it would be a goodn toooo ;) :D :D ouch !

  • Hope it's not too painful Vee and heals quickly x

  • Nighty nighty lovely people.... am cream crackered :D

    Enjoy your smoke free day tomorrow :)

  • Nity nite Droopy, and I hope you've got your flippin jim jams on tonight tooooo gal :) :)

    Sweet dreams and I hope you have a lovely nights kip gal :) :) x

  • thanks hun and you toooooooo :)

  • Oh no Vee,bloomin heck woman what a time you're having. Just take care of yourself and perfect that bum shuffle! Hugs H x

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