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Testing one two!!

Hello everyone,  

Never in my puff (excuse the pun)  joined a forum of any description, so why now? 

10 days and counting.  Wow! Writing it down is strange.  Not completely nicotine free as using an E-cig and the very lowest liquid - 0.3 mg.  It's definitely helped me out for the first few days, which to be honest were OK.  Here's the thing,  I'm struggling a bit mentally and physically.  On the mental side of things, feel very paranoid in most scenarios , almost like I'm removed from myself; looking through someone else's eyes! Very bizarre...  Physically it has started to be a roller-coaster.  Cloudy mind, stiff neck, legs and arms like dead weights, severe  stomach cramps,  heavy dose of flatulence, tiredness! Real.. Almost drug like tiredness, bizarre reaction time....... 

This is 10 days in....

Mentally, I'm a strong person 

I will not let this beat me!!!!!

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Hi ya Sealegs, its lovely to meet you and a big warm welcome to our community :) :) Its lovely to see your 10 days quit :) :) thats just flippin ACE and I am loving it :) :) If you could please let me know your actual quit date, then I can keep your Winners badge upto date :) I will sort you a Winners badge out :) 

SL, you've done the right thing by joining this forum, cos I tell ya, theres loads of help and advice and the lovely thing about this forum is, we have all been through what your going through or are about to :) sooooo, your not on ya own :) 

As for your ermmm, weird thoughts etc, these are very common side affects to quitting :o you feel as your missing something !! your empty !! this will pass in a couple of days :) 

Yes, quitting smoking can be a bit of a roller coaster, our minds and bodies are going through a vast change during our quit journeys :) 

Good luck SL and please have a look at the Pinned Posts :) :)      


Thankyou for your kind words.  My quit date was the 02/04, almost 2 weeks ago now!!!


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Welcome and well done sealegs, all these are withdrawal symptoms and will ease for some quicker than others. We are all different. Yes it certainly is a roller coaster my friend, 10 days is fantastic your in the hardest weeks. Determination and one day at a time will get you through.  Stay close and shout out if you need to talk


Thanks for the encouragement. I think determination is key. I had several reasons for quitting before l actually quit.  My mind is strong but my body is a tad weak..   Just need to keep reminding myself of the poison l was topping up everyday 😀

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Hi sealegs and a warm welcome to quit support

Congratulations on your 10 day quit 😀brilliant effort

Like Monky said - what you are feeling is very common - but it does pass😀😀

Our bodies have to go through a massive adjustment when we quit - not only the nicotine, but all them nasty chemicals found in cigarettes in which some are toxic. It is pretty amazing how our bodies can repair, but this takes some time and requires some patience... 

Just ride the waves..as your body adjusts...stay strong and believe in your ability to take back control 

All the very best of luck🍀🍀🍀 


Great advice! Taking it all on board..  There are things that gave improved. I'm doing my best to reinforce positives rather than the negatives.  Thanks 


Hi sealegs and welcome to day 11 of your quit😊 That's fantastic😊 It doesn't matter that you are not nic free but are smoke free😊 

Nic free will happen when you are ready..... Save your cash and treat yourself to something nice throughout your quit 😊

We say NOPE... Not One Puff Ever🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭


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