One Year!

Yesterday at 10:21am was my one year mark. This 30 year smoker has not had a single cigarette or drag on a cigarette for one year and a day! I had a fit quitting even after I discovered e-cigs, but finally decided ok God, you gotta help me. He did and so I smoked that final smoke, picked up my exit and haven't looked back. I don't even think of them anymore. I thought at some point I'd have one because I loved smoking so much, but I don't think so. I love being free from the chains too much to ever go back even for a visit.

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  • That is supposed to say picked up my ecig not picked up my exit. Lol autocorrect.

  • Well done on reaching 1 year. Thats fantastic. :) Your an inspiration to all of us. :) xx

  • Massive Congratulations Taginalong on your 1 year quit, well done to you :)

    It's always great to hear a success story, gives us all encouragement, thanks :) :) x

  • Hi Tagginalong and a huge welcome to Quit Support - although I see you have been with us for almost a year now :-) Lovely to hear from you ;-) Hearing of your success and how it was / is for you will help lots of others who may be going through the same :-)

    One year quit, that's bloomin' marvellous :-)

    It's great to hear that you also feel so free from your old habit.

    Well done to you, a true winner and thanks for sharing :-)

  • Hi ya Tagg, I see your from the United States, a big warm welcome to you :) to this quit support forum :)

    A gigantic big well done to you for reaching the 1 Year milestone on your quit :) :) I bet you had a few ups and downs along the way eh :o but you got over them and thats the main thing :)

    Tagg, if you have any advice for us, we would love to hear it :)

    Hope to see ya soon and you enjoy being free :) :)

    Pete :)

  • Well done, great news, I am just embarking on my no smoking commitment starting Monday, it's lovely to hear how other people are doing, it certainly helps me to push forward, thanks for sharing xx

  • Hi Aliebee, good luck for Monday!!! It's great that you've called in on the site before you're date and would love to heat how you are doing :)

    There are so many people on here that have loads of great hints and tips for whichever quit method you've chosen so if you need anything please just yell :)

  • Hiya Alie and welcome to quit support :)

    Great to see you're ready for your quit on Monday and as Lily has said we're here to help in any way we can :)

    Good luck, stay positive and you can do it :) :) x

  • Aup Aliebee, a big warm welcome to our lovely quit support community :) Its great to hear your starting your quit on Monday :) just wondering if you have made a quit plan or not :o

    If not, then just sit yourself down a minute and when your comfy, I will begin :o

    Write a list of WHY's you want to quit.

    Think of when it is going to be the hardest times for you and try to think of a way to help you at these times :)

    Maybe think of a hobby that you could do, which would keep you and your hands busy :)

    Are you thinking of exercising - running, walking, going to the gym or dancing to a cd :o exercising has helped me a great deal :)

    Are you going to use a form of NRT to help you at them bad times :o

    What about joining a quit smoking cessation at your Doctors or chemist :)

    Snacking :o a lot of our members on here, including myself, find that snacking on things help us to get through :) preferably healthy snacks of course :D :D I found that when I first quit, ermmm, I couldnt go to the toilet :o sooooo, I started snacking on grapes, job sorted :)

    Maybe put the money you would have spent on fags, in a jar, this way you can watch it grow and grow, day by day and I tell ya it soon grows :) This is a great incentive for you to quit :)

    Well, I expect your nodding off now :o so I will leave you to it and good luck for Monday :)

    Pete :)

  • Hey tagginalong, well done on your year!! That's so worth a celebration :) brilliant news :)

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