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Back on dry land!!

Hi everyone, just letting you know that I'm back in the system after daily visits for the old treatment for the ssshh! you know what!! (for the unknown to me Lung Cancer). Feeling somewhat ropey now - but at least am having a break - and chance to mend a bit. Can't believe it has been approx. 32 weeks since my last ciggie. Times I have been tempted and they still smell so good outside - but not when you get close up to people who have just had one. I can honestly say - I am so pleased that I have stopped and the cravings get less and less. in fact I just use a vape now and again - more like having a dummy and now am on café latte flavour! So all you guys out there - stick at it - eventually you will get there. My winning tip that worked for me is just NOT to have that first puff. If you have to swing from a chandelier upside down whilst juggling 3 balls - do that instead - in fact sounds like fun to me . . . . . . ;)

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Hi Vee, lovely to see you back on site. Weird as my hubby was just asking about you this morning. I was going to pm you later, and there you were. :) I hope that they are all looking after you and your soon feeling better. Hope that nasty C is on its way out now.

You take it nice and easy and spoil yourself when you can. :) :)



Hiiiiiiiiiiiiya Vee :) :) its just lovely to see ya back again :) :)

Hey, and a massive well done to you gal, 32 flippin weeks quit :) :) that deserves a yippppppppi flippin dippppppy doooooooo :D :D

Hmmmmm, I might just try that hanging from the chandelier upside down, jiggling 3 balls, erm, the only thing is, we aint got a chandelier :o hmmmmm, maybe I could make one in the garage eh :o ;) it does sound fun :D :D :D

Vee, you keep your head up high, cos your a WINNER young Lady :) :)

Speak soon, Pete :) xx


Hey Vera! :D

You must have a sixth sense, as with JillyGirl going to PM you, every-time I think of you and plan to message you - it's only a matter if hours before we hear from you. You must be reading our thoughts :-)

Glad to hear that you're cracking on with your treatment and still on the smokefree journey.

You're a true, true winner :-)


Hi Veecatz

Lovely to hear from you again....32weeks is amazing, well done you. Well on the road for your treatment too, it's all heading in the right direction.



Hi Vee, Love your 32 weeks :-) I'm striving to that and more.

Hope all going well with the treatment, and you feeling heaps better :-)

Yeah as you say not one puff :-) :-)

Take care, x


Hi Vee,

well done on reaching 32 weeks, that's brill :) hope your kicking that nasty c's butt, take it easy today and spoil yourself.

Take care :) xx


Just wanted to add my GET WELL wishes to everyone elses. I'm glad you're back and the 32 week quit is amazing. Get plenty of rest and be very proud of just what you've achieved. x


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