Tips on getting the most out of your hopefully you wont need a real one :)

I have a few tips to help you get the most out of your ecig, and hopefully help you squash the urges.

Ok firstly, when filling up the tank, always remove it from the battery, otherwise the pressure makes the liquid leak out.

When filling it up, try and do it slowly so all the liquid runs down the side of the tank ( the inside obviously lol) and none goes down the little hole in the middle, as this is where the heated element is, and if the liquid goes in there, you will get a gurggling noise, you can burn it off, by just pressing the button to allowing it to heat up.

When charging the battery, always get a cotton bud and wipe out the bit of the battery that connects to the charger, you will notice that a little bit of liquid sometimes leaks out. NEVER charge for more than 2 hours, to get the best life out of your battery, also for safety reason too.

Check that you are using the right level of nicotine in your liquid,I only use sociallites brand, so can't comment too much on others, but I used to smoke 20 benson and hedges gold a day, and I am on the 2.4 or 24mg nicotine ( the highest they do ). Another member called sinfree found an article that suggest we only get about 50% of the nicotine that is in the liquid, so maybe moving up to a higher level to start with until you have dealt with the habit side of giving up the real fags might help.

Oh when the wick is getting old you will notice that the liquid starts of clear but quickly goes a very dark yellow colour, it is time to buy a new tank, also it starts to taste like burning rope...because it is lol! :)

If you want to save a bit more cash, you can take the top off as if you were going to refil, and sweep the tank in warm water a few times, shake it and repeat, until the water coming out is clean, then dry it on the window sill, once it looks dry connect it back to the battery, and keep pressing the button ( 5 second bursts ) to heat up the element, smoke will come out, keep doing this until the smoke stops. then the tank is dry enough to use again.... its a long boring process, and as you can buy 10 tanks on ebay for 7 quid. I just replace mine lol! - also i am sure this is not to good for the battery but my friend does this.

I have moved up to a stronger battery, 1100 instead of 700, this has helped me when I drop my nic level, as I struggled on the smaller battery.

Tell yourself when you get the urge for a cigarette, that your ecig has the nicotine you need, and puff on that first, wait a couple of minutes as you don't get the initial hit like you do from a real ciggie. Hopefully the desire to have a real one has passed.

Stay strong you can do this x

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  • Thanks for that Pinkie :)

  • no worries, just know Terry was struggling to get on with hers. And i see Monky is going to give them a go. x

  • Best thing ever invented for me, would never have done it without mine x

  • I totally agree. I have tried and failed a few times, but seem to be just not bothered about the real thing any more, i have an occasional urge but getting fewer and further apart. I think its so successful as you dont feel denied anything. Although i am struggling to get my nicotine level down :( .. but one thing at a time huh lol x

  • All those past attempts weren't fails Al, they have built up your experiences towards the real attempt :-) You have learnt so much from each time :-)

  • Your doing amazing and theirs no rush with the nicotine at least we aren't smoking all the rubbish that goes with it. I have reduced my nicotine but will go straight back up if it becomes a problem, only doing it as we're going to Australi in October and don't want the flight to kill me and nicotine is an issue there x

  • ooh how exciting :) some planes let you smoke ecigs on them, i used one on the way to the dominican last october, infact the plane sold them lol x

  • We're going on Emirates and apparently they don't sadly plus we're doing a transfer in Dubai and have read that e cigs are against the law now so I'm totally confused as to wether I can take it at all and a little bit scared at the same time. Don't think I could cope with out it x

  • OMG, I would LOVE to go to Dubai!!!

    My friend lives there.....but watch the drinking.....they might sell it at the hotels....but their laws are a two edged sword, they might say one thing, but be careful. I lived in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, and you can't fool around in that place....I think they are giving mixed signals about alcohol

    In Abu Dhabi

  • You any idea about the E cig thing then Terry, are they against the law there, we are only passing through on the way to Australia, only their a couple of hours so won't be leaving the airport sadly :(

  • Last time we were in Dubai airport people were using Ecigs.They have smoking rooms where people go to smoke real cigs so unless the rules have changed(they might've it's a couple of years since we were there)you might be O.K.Dubai is such a huge huge airport that it'll take you a couple of hours just to walk round duty free places.I love Dubai airport (I'm really a sad person!!!!!) Hugs H x

  • Oh really, that's good to know as I've been really worried about it. It's just hard as I was told they were illegal in Dubai, but ok in Australia but you couldn't take fluid in containing nicotine pfftt x

  • I think we were told they were illegal in Dubai but I think you'll be O.K. honestly.Emirates are FAB to fly with,good food & some of the latest movies,really nice staff too.Don't worry & just start to get excited.Hugs H x

  • Thanks for that I'm such a worry wart, don't want to get arrested in Dubai as they are sooo strict with everything x

  • Don't worry,we've transitted thru Dubai about 10 times going to various places,last time I had liquid morphine (prescription) in my handbaggage (I also had a letter from my G.P) but no one batted an eyelid. I was the only one in a state of panic.Dubai is amazing,I think there's probably at least one person from every country on earth in that airport at any given time.There used to be a huge gold palm tree in one of the terminals but I think Emirates fly into T3 now and not T1.Check out the designer shops,I spent a happy half hour with my nose pressed up against Jimmy Choo' s window. (SAD!!)

  • Thanks so much for that,, aaahhh could you not have had a walk into Jimmy Choo's or did the till start ringing as soon as you walk through the door :)

  • Think I had my trusty crocs on and somehow it just didn't seem right walking into Jimmy' s place!!!!! :-)

  • Hahahaha x

  • there are 2 bars in terminal3 where you can smoke we found both of them

    the hod (quite expensive) and the irish bar check out your gate number for the connecting flight as you can end up a fair way from it,

    ( I copied the above from something I googled, Terry)

  • Thanks for that Terry :)

  • Terry,LOVE the kitten.Does he/she have a name? H

  • Yes, his name is Zipper, he arrived at the door dirty, sick,and hungry....we had to trick him inside,he was completely wild, probably born outside,and lost his mommy...he is a little doll!! Just love him

  • We have 2 cats Greedy Benny & his sister princess Misty aka Mizzle !! Not really a princess but she thinks she is ! Both orphans,we got them at 6 weeks old.I'm glad you rescued Zipper,he's a very lucky kitten.

  • They are my little buddies hee!hee!

  • You are doing great, AND you reach out to help others...that is amazing!!!!

  • Thanks Al, this looks helpful. I have no experience with recommendations on the use of the e-cig, apart from the document I shared the other day!

    Oh and to drink plenty of water too :D That's about as much as I can advise!

    I love how helpful all you members are :-)

  • This is brilliant advice especially for the newbies to Ecigs. As EmJay says it's just so nice to know that there's always someone who can help with a question.H x

  • Thank you Pinkiezoom,

    Next time I won't be so hard on myself,

    After all, I went from 20 a day ? Down to one, on my first try......

    The information on ecigs is great ! And I really like them,

    I have 1.8 I think, and It gives me enough to feel I've had my puff

    And can continue through life, Ha!ha!

    I refilled it and it went well.Watched a video on how to take

    It apart and clean it....well, that was a bit much for me..

    Great advice on wiping it before charging....

    I wonder, if I charge my second one, and turn it off, and put it away,

    Will it remain charged for when I need it?

    The UK is way ahead of us on ecigs.....Canada had all negative comments

    On google, now, the more positive comments are arriving...

    Of course the FDA wants to get involved, and monitor their safety,

    But I don't have 10 years to wait for their 'okay'

  • MHRA in UK

    Is equivilant to the FDA IN Canada

  • Next time I won't be so down on myself, my kitten is here to encourage me on, and

    Pinkiezoom gave me good my pen is working better, and I'm puffing the same as a regular cigarette, instead of taking huge gasps and blowing it doesn't burn my throat like a real one, but I feel I've had my morning puff....I may slip again, ( yesterday was a bloom in' nightmare of a day) but I am 10 times better than before I started all of, I am more conscience of all the bad stuff that was in my Beloved Belvederes ( Canadian cigs)......

  • Never be hard on yourself, I was smoking real fags and ecig on the run up to my quit date, so I was really prepared, i then thought i would have a dummy run with just the ecig, noted when the urge for a real fag kicked in ( after dinner was my worst one ) but i managed and actually never went back to real ones :) .. just keep telling yourself it is a nicotine urge, NOT a ciggie urge, and that your ecig is giving you the nicotine x

    Oh the tobacco companies will want on board so they can tax them, they must be losing millions x

  • Aren't they awful how they go for the money, these horrible companies!! They have to butt their noses into everything....the FDA IN Canada will start enforcing stricter laws blah blah!

    Is it JUST the nicotine we crave???? How weird,eh?

    Sorry, I'm Canadian, we seem to like the word 'eh', eh?

  • Well its not just the nicotine we crave, but thats the main player. Cigarette makes put lots of stuff ( poisons ) in there smokes to get us hooked...and keep us hooked :(

  • Amongst other stuff cigarettes contain Urea one of the chemicals also found in urine!!!!!

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