Hi allllll! Im back from poland :D

Hi allllll! Im back from poland :D

Hello you beautiful people! I have been back since sunday but havent had a chance to write as been catching up with all of my stuff at work. Im away for 3 days and its like i have been away for 3 weeks :P So i finally got to the bottom of my emails and thought, i wonder how my lovely friends are doing over at Quit Support :D 

Im still going strong, no cigs for me :) even though it was retty difficult in Poland because we were eating outside as the weather was lovely, and its normally a cocktail in one hand, a cig in the other but i stayed strong :) 

I have attached some pics, one of me licking the wall in the salt mine (i hadnt even thought about it until droopy mentioned it and then i couldnt get it out of my mind :)) 

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  • Hi Jess, thanks for the lovely pics and glad you enjoyed your break. Well done for staying smoke free too, 10 weeks is just too good to give up🚭👍🏼😊

  • Yes, well done!   (and thanks forsharing)

  • thanks dunn :D 

  • I know it definitely is! cant believe i have got this far :)

  • I warned you NOT to lick the wall 😂😂😂

    Glad you had a fab time though...... Great pics 😊👍

  • hehe after you said it i was like a child, told not to do something made me want to do it even more lol! :D 

  • All looking good Jess and all done through giving up the smokies - EXCELLENT. At least you weren't window licking LOL . Take care JC

  • hehe thanks JC, could be worse i suppose! :P xx 

  • Welcome back Jess, glad you had a fab time in Poland -and stayed smoke free 😀😀👍👍💐💐

  • thanks my love :) miss you guys while i was out there! xxx 

  • Hi Jess. Fantastic photos :) glad you had a lovely time and got through your first holiday smoke free, proud if you :) x time to plan for the next one on all the money your saving ;) xxx

  • Hey maddy, how are you my love?? yes definitely planning the next one, we are off to south of france at the end of may :) booked and paid for it already :) could get used to this jet set lifestyle lol! 

  • Hi Jess, it's getting better thanks :) look at you, your doing fab and becoming a jet setter xx

  • Good maddy glad to hear it :) xx 

  • Brilliant photos Jess 

    I'm going to Poland in few months with friends from work, heard the polish vodka is yummy 😀 don't know about licking the wall though 😂😂

    First SmokeFree break, well done bet your well chuffed 👍👍


  • The polish vodka is yummy and CHEAP! very very cheap!!!! the wall was salty, i just had to do it :P thanks for your kind words! xxxx 

  • Shanti.... Do NOT lick the wall.... Jess paid me no heed when I warned her... It's a bit like eating peanuts out of the bowl on the bar... Nooooo 😱😱 😂😂😂

    Lol you will love Poland 😊👍

  • Licking the wall? Better than licking the Windows I suppose! Ha glad u had a good trip 😀

  • Thanks Andrew - hope your all good :) did you bring one of those gorgeous little puppies home in the end? :)

  • Hi Jess no I didn't decided against another dog for a good while anyway 😀

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