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Evening chat Wednesday 16th July 2014

Evening chat Wednesday 16th July 2014

A very good evening to everybody :) :)

How are all you newbies doing ?

Glolin ?

Suzzie ?

CornishLady ?

Heather ?

Sinfree ?

YorkiePam ?

Well, is it good :) bad :( or flippin ugly :P :D :D :D

Please use our daily chat to let us know how you are doing with your quit attempt, at whatever stage you are at - Planning, preparing, quitting, staying stopped and even relapsing....

However, if you have any specific questions, or if you want to blog separately on your quit story then please do so. :)

Remember, that any questions that you have may help others wondering the same thing.

Soooo..... chat away! :) :)

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Whoooooooops, sorryyyyyyyyyy Sinfree ;) :D :D :D


Have only just seen this post....newbie?? Moi? Have been quitting nearly as long as you Pete :D :D ;)


Alright, alright Woman, you dont have to rubbbbbb it in :o the cat was playing with my 1 brain cell that day seeeeee :D :D


All good!!..Thinks I have been getting this posting all wrong.. I do apologise for creating posts and not using the daily chat one.


Hey Glolin...... you can start a new post, you can even do the Daily Chat for the day if you want to (took me ages to get the bottle to do that...), you can ask a question, in fact you can do whatever you want to..... so long as we see what you have written so don't worry about it hun :D -x-


Monky... you forgot about me ;)


Sorryyyyyyy Kate, must have got you mixed up with Sinfree :o cos it wasnt that extra cannie I had last night :D :D :D


That's alright Monky ;)


Still adding up days on my end of things... I do have a question though... Has anyone noticed changes in their metabolism since they quit?


Hi Kate - that's a bit of a general question!

I eat more - but that may be for comfort and rather than metabolic. I'm not sleeping well but that might be warm nights and light mornings. My powers of concentration aren't as good - but that might just be me being daft!

What sort of changes have you noticed?


I have replaced Mr. Nic with exercise and a balanced diet. Not only did I quit Mr. Nic but I have quit caffeinated drinks and unnecessary carbs and sugars. However it just seems to take forever where as before it seemed to only take a week or so to get my body back into shape.


Aup Kate, its great to hear your exercising etc :) :) I just cant fault you one little bit gal :)

Ermmmmm, as for the week thing :o I think as we get older it takes longer gal :( cos I used to pile it on at Christmas and then get rid of it within a couple of weeks :) nowwwwwwww it takes me 6 flippin months gal to get rid :o :D :D

Just take your time, you will get there Kate :) :)


thx monky... I guess my age is starting to catch up to me... I really liked eatting everything I saw :)


Goodmorning sorry for the late reply.

Start of day three for me, last night was hard and I ate more chocolate than I should have.

Also had a few puffs on my e-cig.

I do feel a bit better though so hanging on in there!



Hi everyone hope your all well and staying strong x I can't believe its Thursday, my 4th day cig free, I'm amazed I've got this far and all my family are still alive and well! Ha ha ! Considering I don't want to give up I don't think I'm doing too bad . I do think I'm going crazier than usual cos I've been doing daft things all week. Do you think they've given me the wrong patches, cos I think there might be something other than nicotine in mine. I have been laughing all week . whats going on . I should be miserable, and climbing up the wall and across the ceiling and instead I have been playing pranks on people and having a great time . Yes I do get bad cravings and have stressful times but I have been able to stay on top. I have drunk enough water to sink a battleship, perhaps its the water! ha ha . The only thing is I'm not sleeping very well even though I remove the patch 2hrs before I go to bed. Hopefully this will get better . Long may I remain feeling this way . Hope you all have a good day xx

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Aup CornishLady :)

4th day quit then, ace gal, just ace :) :) as for you going a bit crazie :o dont you worry, thats the norm gal, well it is on here :D :D

As for you having a laugh and joke all week, you've got it in one ''C'' water !! a natural cleanser in its self :) as you have said, you've drunk gallons of it, you stay with it and keep drinking loads a water eh :) :)

People, just try drinking a few glasses of water and you will see the difference the next day :) :)

''C'' you take care now gal :) xx


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