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Am l worried l am still on the nicotine gum

Not at all, well ok just a little if l am honest but have NOT had a single puff on a ciggie since April 13th so am still well pleased with myself. Had a pneumonia jab recently and nurse tells me the nicotine gum is addictive! well l never knew that! (sorry to be sarky) but it is 'nicotine' gum after all and thats what keeps people puffing.Even thro l am still on the gum l am not smoking and taking in all those other nasties that affect my copd so it's all good. Have had the odd craving but seems to be getting less often,l always have some gum nearby so l cannot possibly give in . Hows everybody else ?

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Hey Sue, whatever works for you hun and as you say your not inhaling those 4000+ toxins every day :) :P

When your ready you'll stop needing it :)

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Aup Sue :) wowwwww, you'll soon be 9 months quit gal :) :) I'm doing my bum wiggle dance for you rite now Sue :o :D :D

As Droopy and yourself have said, you are not taking all those other toxins into your body, sooo, thats got to be good eh :) :) Maybe try replacing the odd piece of nic gum for some sugar free gum, but very gradually :)

Sue, your working wanders gal, you keep it up now :)

Pete :)


I personally wouldn't worry about it at all! I am 5 months quit tomorrow and was starting to reduce the nicotine strength (I'm using an e cig). As I don't get along with all the Xmas hype and claptrap I have recently started using the higher strength again!! I'm not at all worried or concerned about it!! I will be nicotine free when I get there I'm not in any rush!! At least I'm not smoking real cigarettes


Hi Winnietyson you're doing brilliant, well done :) x


Well done Sue and you're right not to be worried about the gum coz anything is better than cigs :) x


Hi Sue.

A well done you.

I was addicted to allege cigarette for 3 years so I’ve been there and done that. unfortunately by taking substitutes we are only switching one habit to another.

Nicotine is an addiction you’re never get off the nicotine drug by taking the same drug your addicted to. It’s shouldn’t be called nicotine replacement, it is actually nicotine continuation.


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