Emjay I Love it!!!

EmJay thank you SO much for my Pink Sparkly Badge - wow it's so gorgeous - I love it!

This makes me very very happy because it marks my own personal achievement which I am very very proud of (and my daughters are too!)

I never ever believed I could do this - I thought I was a smoker for the rest of my life and I was worried about how that would be - but with the fantastic help and support of this site - I HAVE DONE IT!

I cannot tell you how much joy I feel at the moment - thank you everybody - I love you all! :) :) :) :) :) :)

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  • I think that most of the hard work has been done by you & you deserve the pink sparkly badge.Support on here Is AMAZING but it's down to the individual to make it work.Well done on your 4 weeks.Pretty good feeling huh !!!!

  • It's a fantastic feeling, thank you yellowsnowdrop! I still can't believe it actually.

    So how are you doing now, is everything still going well with your stop? I remember you being so happy when in a crisis you didn't even think about a cigarette, are you still feeling that way?

    I think that is the place that we all want to get to and that is definitely the place I'm aiming for! A long way to go yet but one day at a time does it for me. :) xx

  • Hey, Chrissie just love your new pink sparkly badge gal :) :)

    Does a quick bum wiggle dance for you :o :| As Helen has said, its you that has done the hard work :) sooooo you feel proud of yourself and hold your head up high gal :) :)

    A massive massive well done to you Chrissie :) :) I'm so proud of you, I am :) :) you wear that new sparkly pink badge with pride, do you hear meeeeee :) xx

  • I got it, I got it, I got it - so happy! :D ) xxx

  • Yipppppppy flippin Dippppppppy Dooooooooooooo :) :)

    Hey Chrissie, have you heard from Mummy at all :o

  • I haven't sweetie but I think she had a really busy bank holiday weekend lined up! I know......I'm desperate to see her!!! xxx :)

  • Hey...I'm here....and I'm a 4 week winner....whoo hooooo.......had a very busy weekend so must say haven't been on at all. But still here and smoke free......but have to say found this weekend very hard :( Still having nightmares!!!!!! But now I'm wondering if the on/off nicotine thing I'm doing is making the nightmares happen?!?

  • That's a good point actually - can you go down a level and just wear them permanently ? These dreams are going on a long time aren't they xx

  • Come on lovely - get to the party !!! xxx

  • Ah I didn't respond to your message properly.

    Thank you so much sweetie - but I do feel this is very much thanks to you and many others on here who have definitely kept me going and kept me motivated, all your monkying around has been the perfect distraction so big hugs to you for making me believe I could do this! Thanks just don't seem enough :) :) :) xxx

  • I'm just so so so happy for you Chrissie :) :) you keep the good work up eh :) and like I said, you hold your head up high gal :) xx

  • Hello my friend miss you x x

  • Every time I look at my badge it just makes me feel soooooooooooooooooooooo happy and sooooooooooooooo proud - I just can't stop smiling - I love it !! :) :) :)

    I'm now on the non-puffing part of my day - I need to practise getting through the day on the lower nicotine, so I've packed my e-cigs away and am not going to use them until this evening - so far so good, but I think I'm high on happiness today anyway :)

    Anyway I need to distract myself (as I would at work) so I'm going to get the ironing board out and put some music on and do something positive. I might even practise my bum wiggle dancing whilst I'm at it :) :) :)

  • And we all solve you to chris site what's not to love x x x

  • Love you is what I. Meant to say it's all this pink drink making me tipsy x

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