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Well on 28th I am 7 months smoke free has it been easy hell no, would I go back to smoking not now do I miss it of course I do but will keep on fighting Mr Nic can't afford to go back for health and monetary reasons but most of all because IZ want to see my grandchildren grow up, so everyone quitting this terrible addiction my best wishes go to you all! we all know it's not easy if it was nobody would smoke would they x x

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  • Yahoo!!! 7 months smoke free,what a HUGE achievement.I'm really proud and happy for you. Yep,you're right,it Isn't easy and I also get the odd craving for a cig but nothing like in the early days.Just think how bad a cig would taste now after 7 months,NO going back.You got this sussed I think,the grandkids will be VERY proud of you.Hugs on a fab 7 months Helen x

  • You know Angelenos could still murder one but won't of course

  • Sorry Helen don't know what happened there

  • Whatever happens keep your quit.You've worked too Damn hard to go back now and if you did cave in you'd have to go back to do this all over again,that to me is incentive enough to keep going.Really really proud of you for getting this far.Hugs H x

  • I so agree and won't quit I promise thanks Helen so appreciated you are doing fab too my friend x x x

  • Hey Kaprin

    Just wanted to say congrats on reaching 7 months. Well done you! :)

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