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Good morning / evening , I hope I find you all well. Its great to see everyone joining the daily chat and having friendly banter. It took me ages to read all the comments after my childminding duties. (9yr old and 12 yr ) think they look after me. :)

Well lots of you will be looking forward to a long weekend, dont forget be prepared and keep the nrt at hand , Mr Nic doesnt have holidays, he likes to work all the time. I dont think any of you will struggle too much as you are all doing fantastic.

Enjoy your day and remember have a lovely NOPE day. :) :)

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  • Good morning jilygirl and everyone. Well on this my 32nd wedding anniversary I am very disappointed to see that the beautiful sunshine has been replaced by great big stonking black clouds, with rain to follow later. Tsk.

  • Morning Sinfree, Cloudy here too :( Its obviously getting near a holiday time.

    Anyway try and enjoy your day.

  • Aww, thanks for the piccy. :)


    Morning Jilly and sinfree and Chrissie and all :)

    Just testing if I can put in a picture - my daughters 2 cats, Darcy with his arm around Violet (we didn't name them). He has always looked after his sister. Very loving. Let me know if you can see the pic from the link please?

    Congratulations on 32 years, sin! That is to celebrate! Weather forecast is for brighter later if you're up north.

    Feeling carpy this morning, not getting going well. Gonna try harder to shake a leg.

    Lovely smelling coffee is on if you fancy a brew anyone.

  • never did get better, it's raining now :( Thanks for the congrats. The cats are beautiful. Wish I had cats instead of 3 dogs. Tho I do love our Rottie who is actually my sons dog but I love her to bits.

  • Hi Betts, Thanks coffee appreciated. :) What a lovely picture they are gorgeous. :)

  • It's ready and steaming for you here Jilly! Enjoy, and have a lovely day, a little r and r after yesterday? :)

    Leg's shaken here, and with a little help from you, the coffee and the ecig I am gradually getting the show on the road.

  • Good Morning everyone, Happy Aniversary Sin - you deserve a medal for 32 yrs ha ha. Yes nice strong coffee Betts, thanks and luv the cats. So jillygirl your grandchildren are an easier age than mine. Bet they were very happy with their Easter eggs yesterday. My 3yr old is no problem but I find the 1 yr old is harder work as she is into everything as quick as lightening! Bit cloudy here today but that's only to be expected after a few sunny days ! Off for a swim later to ease out the old bones, enjoy your day x

  • Thank you. I think it's my hubby who deserves the medal for putting up with me and my grumpy moods all these years. haha.

  • Morning all. Dull and overcast here today too. It might brighten up for the weekend. :)

    Happy Anniversary Sin - hope you enjoy your day whatever the weather. :)

    Yes to the coffee - can almost smell it from here... And the cats are gorgeous. Have 3 myself and could turn into a mad cat lady very easily.. :D

    Not much planned for here today. Think I will head towards a down time day and do some crafting stuff.. :)

    Enjoy your day everyone. :)

  • Good morning everyone, I think you should all move south as the sun's shining again. 8-) It's supposed to get cloudy later though.

    Congratulations on your anniversary Sin, not out for a nice bike ride together then? I hope he takes you out for a lovely meal tonight. :)

    Jilly, did you get those meds sorted out okay?

    Lovely cat pics Betts. :)

    Swimming Briar? How far do you go? I just find that too boring going up and down, up and down. I keep threatening to buy some goggles and try them - of course we didn't use them in my day. ;-)

    Felt a bit creaky this morning, been to yoga and now thinking about going out on my bike for a bit. I haven't seen the sea since coming back from my hols so this might be the quietest day down there for a few days. See you later. :)

  • No Andi, not out bike riding, am not kidding you it's 8 degrees here and that isn't counting the wind chill factor. It was warmer in January.

  • Sin, the weather forecast was rubbish, needed a woolly hat and gloves on my walk. Have you got any celebration plans? Nice dinner in front of a roaring fire?

  • haha, thought we'd have a bonfire and roast some chestnuts on it, if we can find any. Some hot broth, a wee dram to warm us up, tsk. All I can say is am glad I'm not stood about in a wedding dress posing for photo's today.

  • Hi andi, I swim a mile and just luv it. We didn't use goggles back in the day but I use them now as my eyes get a bit sore. I just find my mind can turn off and it's brilliant for me. There are a few of us oldies still going so we have a bit of a natter in the jacuzzi afterwards, which is great. Some days if I don't feel like it - especially in the winter, I know the thought of the jacuzzi afterwards will make me go. Enjoy ur bike ride x

  • Sorry Andie just reading posts again. Yes yet another different inhaler fingers crossed again. :)

  • Good afternoon Chrissie! Hope you got to work on time this morning. Catch you later. xx

  • Oh dear, was Chrissie late today? Tut tut

  • Much blushing -I'm ashamed to say I slept in this morning so had to rush to get myself ready for work and out of the door in time! Thankfully the traffic was amazing - I suspect a lot of people booked today off work so I got through very quickly which was fabulous!

    ps don't tell any one I'm a dopey dora will you xxx :) :) :)

  • Aw Chrissie, I think you've been working too hard - so you deserve a nice break over the long weekend. You just have to be nice to yourself, that's my advice for the wkend. X

  • Ah Briarwood, thank you so much - now will you tell that to my boss please because I'm sure he never believes me when I tell him!

    Now if I could be nice to myself I would take myself off to a spa with everyone and enjoy the treatments and enjoy the fun! Unfortunately I can't do that but I will be spending some quality time with my daughter which will be lovely anyway.

    So what are you up to this lovely bank holiday weekend? xxx :)

  • I will tell your Boss, no problem! Enjoy the lovely time with your Daughter, that will be brilliant. Off to my Daughter on Sat, and all the family coming for dinner on Sun, so looking forward to it all x

  • I second that. :)

  • it's school hols. Great when you're doing the commute to work, unfortunately they all appear at a later time when I'm out and about :( Asda was absolutely horrendous at 3.30 this afternoon, bloody ridiculous, anyone would think it was Christmas Eve.

  • Ha Ha Ha - that so was me this morning, oh my gosh! Anyway I made it to work on time which meant I could leave on time for a change so I'm home a bit earlier tonight which is always a bonus!

    Wow what happened to the weather today? I'ts so grey here compared to yesterday. I hope this is just a temporary blip otherwise I'll be joining Briarwood in the swimming pool instead of walking out in Derbyshire this weekend!

    Oh HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SIN - I hope you do celebrate tonight and have a wonderful time :) xxx

  • Thanks Chrissy. No not bothering tonight am saving it til next week, when hopefully things will be a little quieter and everyone's birthdays will be out of the way.

  • Dull here too but forecast better for tommorrow and Saturday :-) HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Sin, 32 yrs WOWCHER !! Pretty cool if you ask me.

    Gonna be a bit busy over the Easter break so if I don't get back HAPPY EASTER all and don't eat too much chocolate. Stay happy Hugs H x

  • Happy Easter Helen and I'm gonna eat LOADS of chocolate, isn't that what you said. Ha ha x

  • Happy Easter Helen, thanks for the good wishes. No I won't eat too much chocolate, I may drink too much wine tho :)

  • Good Afternoon All,

    Wow, is it that time already!!

    JillyGirl, you're not wrong in saying that Mr Nic doesn't take holidays - Lets send him packing on a rather long one... like for ever :-)

    Alli, your hens sound fun and you have cats too, do they get along okay? My Agnes chases the dog away from her food and it's funny to see the dog chasing the chicken one way, then the chicken turning round and chasing the dog the other way :-) They are well crazy :-)

    Briarwood, hope you enjoyed your swim :-) Your Winner's Badge is waiting ;-)

    Andi, how are you finding the yoga now? Have you done any of the intense yoga training yet? :o :-)

    Sue-Betts, hope you managed to get a wobble on and are feeling much better now :-)

    Sin, just reading about your reduction in NRT, there's not too much of a drop in difference from NRT really is there? Patches drop in 7's or 5's :o Have you noticed much difference in going from 24mg to 16mg? Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby :-) Will you be doing anything nice? We'll try and blow away those miserable clouds for you;

    H!! I was thinking about you last night. I'm trying to get hubby to agree to go to Thailand in September this year but he wants to go to either Vietnam or back to India. Have a lovely Easter break if we don't speak sooner :-)

    Big waves to everyone else looking in ;-)

  • Yippee x

  • Hi EmJay, thanks for your Anniversary good wishes. No, we're not doing anything, there's too much else going on at the moment but hope to have a belated meal out next week some time. At first the drop from 24mg to 16mg wasn't that noticeable but now its starting to show, am getting very tetchy but that could be just frustration cos I can't do what I want to do at the moment. Managed to get 1 single bike ride in during the nice weather and not much chance of bike riding over the coming weekend so that could be why I'm fed up rather than the drop in nicotine.

  • Tell him Thailand is better than India,I've never been to Vietnam but would love to go.Tell him he can get a whole new wardrobe of clothes made for a quarter of the price he would pay here & if that doesn't work tell him you want shoes and bags !!! Hugs always EmJay & Happy Easter treasure. H x

  • Off to the shops now to get some Easter Eggs, yum yum x

  • Crikey Briar, 1 mile swimming - that's great! Have you speeded up since you quit smoking?

    Emjay, do your chooks live indoors? I would think they'd be crapping everywhere! Pooo! :|

    I won't be eating any Easter eggs but I'm just off to the shops to get some hot cross buns for tomorrow. They said on the radio this morning that lots of shops have run out of eggs. I just got back from my bike ride, I did 15.65 miles and it was tough going along the cliff top - gentle but relentless uphill and against the wind. It really warmed me up. :o

  • Crikey Andi, 15.65 MILES, I think I took the easy option there! To be honest I don't think I can go any faster unless I get charged up by my ecig charger. I was gonna say I might try it but some cheeky monkey will reply - where to stick it, so I'll say no more x

  • I wonder which cheeky monky that would be?????? :D :D :D

  • Poor bu***r's still at work probably. :(

  • Well Sainsburys had tons of eggs stacked up all over the place - I didn't buy any though. :( :) It's got right cold outside now though so time to turn up the heating and settle down with the laptop. Isn't that what Easter' all about? :o :D :D

  • It's sunny here now :) bit late in the day but never mind.

  • Still cloudy here - just turned up my heating.

  • Got my heating on too - for the first time in ages!!! :)

  • I have to say that it looks like the clouds are disappearing here too! maybe tomorrow will be a better day :)

  • Been cold and windy here most of the day, proper cold now though but supposed to be nice Sat/Sun, yeeaa bring it on

  • Fri/Sat - rubbish again Sunday.

  • Hi ya Sinfree, a big happy Anniversary to you and hubby gal :) plus a put you a nice SUNSET in too, to cheer you up a bit eh :) :)

  • Aww, thanks Pete, ooooh looks lovely on that beach wish I woz there :)

  • Yeah, I bet all the beaches will be packed this weekend eh :o :) mind you, soooo will the roads too :o

    Are you going out anywhere for your Anniversary :o

  • No not tonight, been very busy week and will be busy weekend too so going to leave it til next week after the hols when everything will have quietened down I hope. It was my daughters birthday last Friday, then it was my mums birthday yesterday, then it's my grandsons birthday party on Saturday and his 4th birthday on Tuesday and then I will collapse in a big heap and never go shopping again until Christmas :D :D

  • I dont blame you Sinfree :D :D :D

  • Yes your right, typed that wrong doh lol

  • Probs cos you keep thinking today is Friday? I do, am so confused as to what day it is.

  • You've just hit the nail on the head sin, I definitely thought it was naughty Friday cause it sort of is :)

  • Soooooooo Fresher, what do you do on a Friday then, to make it a naughty Friday :o :|

  • Ooohhh monkey now that would be telling heehee, we do generally have a takeaway though. It's the start of the naughty weekend and munchies lol

  • Hmmmm, naughty but nice eh :) I dont blame you one little bit gal :) I wish somebody would take me away eh :D :D

  • don't worry about it Monky, I'm sure they'll be coming to take you away HA HA very soon!!!

    :D :D :D :D xxx

  • Oooooooo, you've woke up then :P :D :D

  • Yes I did - eventually!!!!! :)

    It just proves how hard I work so there :D :D :D

  • ha ha ha nice one gal :D :D :D

  • Maybe men in white coats ha x

  • Hey Woody, that would make a change gal eh :o :D :D

  • Haha aaahhh monkey, were would you wish to go,, we'll all have to have to chuck in and see what we can do :)

  • Oh poor Pete, I feel a bit sorry for ya now ............

  • Don't you worry about me, cos I will manage somehow :( I will get through it, don't know how :o but I will :o :D :D

  • Oh Briar, don't feel sorry for him! :P

  • OY, who rattled your flippin cage :P Andi, flippin Pandy :D :D

    Awwwww, I bet its going to be pack out at your end this weekend eh :o

  • I just can't help myself, I'm sooooooooooo sorry for him!

  • Yeah, I'm sure it will be. I went to the Head today cos I'm sure it'll be too packed over the weekend. Are you coming down for the weekend then? ;-) :D :D

  • Sorry, had to go and turn my bike around :o

    Carnt afford it this weekend gal, had to pay toooooooooo much out :o Hows your biking going now then ?

  • Great thanks, how about yours? :o

  • Hmmmmm, well :o

  • Its a busy time in the garden Andi, soooo, havnt had any time gal, honest :o :)

  • haha, remember when I asked you if you had a motorbike that you'd been turning around. I've never heard that saying before anywhere.

  • I have to admit I don't know what Monky meant but didn't like to ask in case the answer was obvious! So please tell me, what did Monky mean? xx

  • He went to the loo :D

  • It's official, I've heard it all now! Nope I've never head that before ........

    Turning bike around = going to the loo -

    Still confused :D :D :D

  • Chrissie dearest, it sounds better than me saying, just bin for a flippin weeeee, dosnt it now :) :) xx

  • yes dear, you are absolutely right, or then again........................ :D :D :D

    Strangely enough, I was thinking it was something to do with a motorbike as well - well who knew?????????????? :) xx

  • I excused myself from the clubbing night last week by saying I'm just going to powder my nose. You could have powdered your nose Pete, then we would known what you meant. :D

    haha, now that's set me off on another tune Whispers in the powder room, remind me baby of you! Now you have to guess what the tune is.

  • You do realise that everyone has gone off to google those lyrics now don't you? xx :) :)

  • haha, yes, including me, cos even though I could remember the tune, I couldn't remember the rest of the words and even though I could see the singer, I couldn't remember their names.

  • The Seekers sung something like that :o

  • Nope. Well they might have done but that's not the answer.

  • OY Sinfree, am a flippin bloke you know :o :D :D

    Anyway, I dont take my powder with me when I go out :P :D :D

  • :D :D

  • Ha ha ha, like I've got to go and water the pony !! :D :D

  • Anyway, I've got to go to my pit now, cos am creamcrackered now see :o That means got to go to bed Dearest Chrissie cos am tired :P :D :D

    So I will say nite nite to everyone, and may you all have lovely sweet dreams :) :) xx

  • Night Pete. Sleep well. Don't be eating all the Easter eggs tomorrow, you have to wait til Sunday - OK then you can have them with your lumpy gravy

  • Y'know what I've actually got those words wrong so you'll never get it. hahaha, am totally rubbish with words in songs. That's why I like trance cos it doesn't have any words most of the time.

  • Haha night Pete and thanks sin cause I have got the song and it's going on repeat in my head but still can't tell u who it is lol

  • Womak and Womak

  • Ohh my god yes that's the one lol

  • Teardrops. And it's footsteps on the dancefloor remind me baby of you, then de di da then Whispers in the powder room, she cries on every tune, every tune.

  • Nite all, just can't laugh anymore! X

  • Night night

  • :-) :-) Footsteps... On the dance floor... Remind me baby of you... Teardrops.... Blah blah that's all I can remember just now... Now I can't get the tune out of my head! :-/

  • Haha yes that's the one :)

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