Happy Tuesday Everybody!!!!

Day 2 of 4 this week, how exciting!

So how is everybody feeling today? I have to say the banter re my tongue revelation yesterday was hilarious, just reading the posts this morning had me in stitches, I am sorry I couldn't join in, I was just so stuffed after my meal last night I could barely breathe, let alone talk and then I just felt tired! But I have enjoyed the posts this morning – you are all sooooooooooooooo funny!

So it’s supposed to be another lovely day today,I hope you enjoy the fresh spring air and feeL good and happy with yourselves in the sunshine. Have a really great day

Love Chrissie xx

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  • Morning Chrissie and everyone.

    Chrissie thats whats good about this site, the laughter we have. Laughter is the best medicine so we should be all pretty healthy.

    Have a lovely day. xx

  • Morning all another gorgeous sunny day here in Kent, and I am trapped inside my office :( ... but the trees outside are getting greener and fuller and look beautiful so its not all bad :)


  • Morning all, beautiful day here!

    Sorry you're stuck in the office Pinkie zoom, and I hope that even looking out at it will keep you lifted, you got to get out for a coffee break or 2 at least!

    About the tongue :) lost the fur! Boy, that's nice! Thought it was all part of the whiskery thing I've recently noticed going on ;)

    Coffee time!

  • Hi Jillygirl, you must have a beautiful view there? Is it ages ago you moved and are now completely finished settling in? I lose track of time. - unless it's days of being smoke free!! For that I can count the days :)

    Chrissie, you are a real tonic, thank you :)

  • Hi Betts Better keep you up to date :- The flat with the view is up for sale again, Yes I have moved again.

    I loved the flat but the management was very poor and not run properly it was a case of if anything went wrong , fix it yourself and then tell us, not management will sort it. I am now in a flat very near to my daughters Its for over 55s but its a lovely community spirit with it. Never a dull moment and top notch management. Lovely to see you on here Betts missed ya. :) :) xx

  • You have been busy!

    No good having trouble like that, it's a shame, but sounds like you are in the right place now. It is lovely to be near your daughters, and with people you can have fun with. Who needs hassle?! No-one! There' so much better ways to spend your time - like laughing (where we started this morning :) ) xx

  • Morning all, yes another beautiful sunny spring day today. Yes thanks for the laughter here, it really is such a tonic. I'm looking forward to Friday this week as it will be a very special day for me. Hoping to get my first badge whoopee doo! In the meantime I will just keep busy and I still find that first coffee in the morning the hardest one but I know you will all keep me going on here. Enjoy your day x

  • Oh Betts, I see you mention fur and whiskers, sounds a bit like my stray cat I've adopted. Are you sure you're not turning into a cat? My hubby thinks I'm a bit snarly of late coz I pounced on him a few times - I guess I'm not FELINE my old smokey self, which takes a bit of getting used to. He gets the brunt of it, that's why I'm called Briarwood as I'm a bit prickly at the moment ha ha

  • :) :)

    Think I might be! Feline kinda purry :) on this fine sunny day.

    Looking after mine and heading out to look after my daughter's 2 while she's away is keeping me pretty occupied at the moment - so as well as the whiskers i'm covered in fur! Must stop wearing black things. Oh yes - I'm electric too ;) Is it the ecig or the static from all this stroking??

    My hubby has lately discovered the bottom of the garden is the perfect place to be, chopping and building bonfires. Say no more :) Taken up a lot of gardening in the last couple of days, lots of advantages, and making the most of the weather too!

  • Oh what a good idea I'll tell him you said to beggar off to the bottom of the garden ................

  • More of a tip from my hubby.........

  • Mmmm my husbands been pretty annoying the last couple of weeks too, how strange their must be something in the water :) lol

  • Oooops forgot to say good morning everyone, it's lovely weather today

  • Mmmmm you could be right Fresher. Maybe send him to the bottom of the garden along with mine and Betts!

  • You can put mine on the bonfire the others are building lol! x

  • :D :D :D

  • I'm still laughing at that. You're so funny. Kinda wished I had thought of it x

  • Lol :)

    Right all, just going down to check progress. Looks like I can expect a bit of a crowd down there!

    Not sure what Pete's gonna make of all this!

  • So Al you won`t be giving penny for the guy. :P

  • Hi everyone, glad to see you all having an upbeat day today. It's amazing what a bit of sunshine can do for your mood. Shame about that chilly easterly wind though. :)

  • Good evening everyone. Been a lovely day, tho still a bit chilly me thinks. After a really annoying morning getting ripped off in a council owned car park (paid for 2 hours and got 1) went out for a bike ride this afternoon. Not been on my bike since 3 April. 14.5 miles in 1 hour 10 minutes and feeling much better.

    Down to 16mg today Al, not through choice but cos its all I've got. Doesn't seem any different to me.

  • Wow Sin - 14.5 miles in 70 minutes - that is amazing. I only walked 1.5 miles in 30 minutes the other day and I thought I was an elite athlete! Well done you (show off :) ) :D :D :D xxx

  • My last walk was on 13th March, 3.29 miles in 52 minutes. Am not keen on walking, I can't get far enough quick enough and get bored. I walked to the hairdressers on 10 March but decided am not doing that any more, it's too far cos I'm always busting for the loo by the time I've walked there, had my hair done and am half way home, plus it's up a great whacking hill coming back. It's about 4.5 miles altogether there and back. I have a pic of part of the ridiculous hill, I'll see if I can put it on.

    You will have to get yourself a new phone, then you can use map my walk. It's really good for motivation, hmm I might start walking again. Need some new music to walk to though, bit sick of listening to same tunes over and over. There was a reason why I stopped walking though and I can't remember what it was, I know I've got a corn on my little toe from all that treking around I did in February and March and my knees started to suffer because of all the stoopid hills.

  • I am soooooooooh impressed. You must have been over the speed limit! AND down to 16 mg all in one day. Ok superwoman x

  • I worked off my annoyance from this morning pedalling furiously up hills.

    I put £1.70 in the machine for 2 hours parking, I needed the 2 hours because its just about the whole worlds birthday in April in our family. So just before I stuck the ticket in my windscreen I checked it to see what time I had to be back because the parking wardens in our town are like spiders. They appear out of little hide outs exactly when your ticket runs out on the dot and book you. So it said 11.15 but........hey I thought it's 10.15 so that is 1 hour, I paid for 2 :( On very close inspection with a magnifying glass it said payment £1.50 (parking for 1 hour is £1.20 but it doesn't give change) now I know I put £1, 50p and 20p in the skanking machine. So, not only did it rob me of 20p because it did not give me back my rejected coin, it also robbed me of 1 hours parking. Fuming was an understatement and were there any parking wardens around anywhere NO.

    So, I had specifically gone to this town instead of the town on the other side of me because they have a Primark and the other town does not. And in the end all I had time for was to choose the 100 or so greetings cards that I needed, go for a wee, run into Next, snatch up a bottle of perfume, drum my fingers on the counter while waiting for someone to serve me, then I had to walk straight past Primark in order to get back to the flaming car park, where, as expected was a car park warden, prowling around with pen in hand scouring people's tickets. My whole morning was wasted, and I spent much of it chunnering and muttering, effing and jeffing to myself in the car swearing that I will NEVER set foot in the skanky little hovel of an excuse for a shopping centre EVER again. It's name is Oldham by the way, never go there, it's a dump.

  • Ok I Won't be planning any shopping trips to Oldham after your ordeal! Traffic wardens huh! No wonder you had to pedal so fast

  • United we stand! No going shopping in Oldham now either!

  • hey, I crowd sourced a shopping embargo, that'll teach 'em :D :D

  • Yeah we stand united - that's what you get when ya mess with the Q. TEAM

  • :D :D Yep, we take no messin, quitters are doin' it for themselves.

  • Okay, I won't be going there any time soon. ;-)

  • Not having a bike ride up there tomorrow then? haha.

  • :D :D :D

  • :D :D :D

  • Monky's not old, he just had a big paper round! :D :D :D xxx

  • Oh how I love to get home from work and read your posts - it really cheers me up after a long day at work and makes me laugh out loud at some of your comments - absolutely bonkers the lot of you :D :D :D - I love it! xxx

    Well I was late home tonight because I had to pay a visit to my e-cig shop and got really stuck in traffic as a result! I had made the mistake of picking up some different e-liquid whilst I was in town one day and now I've come to need it - it's absolutely disgusting to me! All is well in Chrissie Land again I'm happy to report after resorting to my "back up" niquitin minis this morning - I just had the one and it felt really hot in my mouth for the first 10 minutes or so - what was that all about? But it helped me to get through the day. Another bonus of my own personal e-cig shop is that the guys who work there are so cute!!!!!!!

    By the way - it's was a beautiful day all day in Sheffield, we even opened the office window this afternoon which was so refreshing and nice :)

    I hope to catch up with you all later - I think I need to eat now! :)


  • Nicotine lozenges and chewing gum do seem to have a bit of a peppery ring to them. Oooooh, you've reminded me of them now. Was soooo tempted today to go and buy some, but I resisted, can't be going back on those again. Well done you only having the one :)

  • Aup Chriisie :)

    Hmmmmmm, soooooo, you wernt asked if you were bonkers before you joined this site then gal :o I thought that was why we are all here cos we'er bonkers :D :D

    Hey by the way, I didnt look at what colour my tongue was this morning when I had a shave, cos that would have ment me looking in the mirror seeeeee :o :D :D

    Hmmmmm, what ever your having to eat smell good gal :) :)

  • well obviously there was cheese involved!! ha ha ha

    Hello Monky Pete - how's things?

    And don't you actually look in the mirror when you are having a shave? Now that's impressive!!!

    :D :D :D xxx

  • I think Monky Pete isn't allowed to look in the mirror anymore coz they keep cracking, wonder why........

  • ha ha ha - well we know what he looks like, he's little, and erm pink! ha ha ha xx

    :D :D :D

  • Oh nice teeth, wearing sunglasses and little pink speedos. Is that him??????

  • That's the guy - teeny liltle pink speedos by the look of it! ha ha ha xxx

  • Right I think I'm going to hit the pillows now hun - nice to chat again and I'll hopefully catch up with you again tomorrow

    Sweet dreams :) xxxxxx

  • Think it might be nightmares after all the cake! Nite nite X

  • So very impressed, you are all so together. Can I share a quick anxiety moment? I can,t seem to think straight! I'm all over the place in my head. Day 4. Telling myself this is probably parr for the course, can't remember before.

    I did plan to take a walk but did other stuff, couldn't get myself organised! Please tell me this will pass. Good job i'm on holiday, or maybe that's what's up. Can't find things, or remember what it is I'm trying to fi nd!!!

    OK, that's it. Got it off my chest. Thank you !

  • Hi Betts, it will get better, of course. Mind you, I'm still a bit like that - and that's nearly 2 years down the road. :o I put it down to my age though. ;-) :D :D

  • Age, tooooooo flippin rite gal :P :D :D :D

  • Well, I'm not as old as you are. :)

  • :P :P

  • Aging fast :D !

  • Betts you know you are doing great right????? : ) And yes, this is definitely parr for the course. I went through this when I was doing my practice days - in truth it is the reason why I knew I couldn't do it without my e-cig - I needed that back up to help me cope and for me it works wonders.

    Keep strong as you are going through it - keep reassuring yourself that this is only withdrawal from cigarettes and the body beginning to recover from the effects of smoking. Most importantly keep telling yourself you do not want a cigarette to get you back to "normal" - what is happening is actuallly your body getting back to what normal really is! So relax, and endure it because I promise you it will get better. Do the breathing exercises, enjoy your programme (I'm recording it) and keep telling yourself what a fantastic thing it is to stop smoking. It's the most amazing thing you can do for yourself and it will be one of the best things you have ever done - BE PROUD of yourself xxxx :)

  • Thanks Andi and Chrissie x

    Should say this is WITH an ecig, so I thought I'd be OK?!

  • Oh I still got it with my e-cig, just not as badly as when I didn't have the e-cig! I would say I'm still having moments. I still find myself standing in the middle of the lounge staring into space - and even at work actually - then I pull myself together and get on with it! ha ha ha xxx :)

  • Hey Sin, I got my bike out yesterday. I have a hybrid, not a racing bike so I can't ride as fast as you. I did 8.4 miles in just over an hour. I didn't get off for any hills though and I did have a really big one in the middle so I was really pleased about that. :)

  • helloo, have you got a new bike or have you always had a hybrid. It's a good feeling when you ride up a hill that you used to get off and walk up isn't it. See, if I had a hybrid I could have had a little tootle up the canal as I was next to it, mind you the tow path has a better surface than some of the roads around here :D

  • I've always had a hybrid since I came back to cycling a few years back. I didn't think I'd manage the hills again so soon as it's been over a month since I was last out on it before I went away.

  • Right! Ready for Shetland now! I'll try and keep up ;)

    Have a lovely evening all


  • Hi ya Betts :)

    You stay strong now gal, cos your doing ever soooooo well :) :) Hmmmmm, Day 4 eh, yeah, this will soon pass, ermmm, unless you've lost some brain cells along the way, and now only have 1 like me, then am afraid your stuck with it, cos am mad allllllll the time :o :D :D :D

    You enjoyyyyyyyy your holiday Betts, try not to be too hard on yourself, just relax a bit eh :) Try some deep breathing exercises, and dont get yourself into a todo :o

    If you cant find what you dont know what your looking for, then dont look for it :) easy eh :)

    Stand firm Betts, cos you are really doing so so well :) you are :)

    Shetland you get ready, cos our lovely Betts a coming yeahhhhhhhhh :) :)

  • :D

    Thanks Pete :)

    Gonna stand firm, maybe looking baffled and confused, but very firm!


  • It's normal for me lol, I've done a few random things in the last couple of weeks :)

  • Hmmmmm, you too have only got 1 brain cell then Fresher :D :D

    I'm not alone then :o :D :D

  • I think she was demonstrating that last night! ;-) :D :D

  • You know your not, I think the winds going to blow my e cig out remember, and I've not got a pink tongue so prob no pink brain either haha ;)

  • Ouch that hurts Andi :( lol

  • That's a compliment my dear, most of us on here have only got one brain cell - that's why we're all a bit bonkers! :o :D :D :D

  • Right, I've got to go to bed shortly cos I want to get up early and go for a run tomorrow so I'll bid you all nite nite and hope you sleep well. See you tomorrow. :)

  • Night Andi, enjoy your run tomorrow. OMG can't believe its 10.00pm already. Where does the time go.

  • Nite nite x

  • nite nite Andi and sweet dreams to ya gal :)

    Will send you some alarm waking huggs to get you up in the morning about 4.15 ok :o :D :D

    Have a lovely nights sleep Andi :)

  • No please don't mention the age word coz we're all getting younger looking now without all the smoke

  • Haha I know, and thanks,,,, I think :) lol. Definitely in the right place then lol

  • Mind you, the rate I'm puffin on this ecig I'll have bigger pucker wrinkles than I did already huh

  • Anyone for cake? My neighbor just sent over 8 cupcakes, 4 chocolate and 4 carrotcake. That'll plump up my pucker wrinkles and a few others as well..........

  • Hi Briarwood - wow you have great neighbours! Can I have a carrot cake please? Awww thanks :) xxx

  • Yeah it was her birthday today and I'll send you one - enjoy x

  • Ah thank you so much - I absolutely lurve carrot cake! Lovely with a cup of tea I think :) xxxxx

  • Evening everyone.. although I suspect I'm talking to myself tonight as you've all toddled off to bed.. :) Glad to hear everyone had a good (if somewhat scattered) day. :) Same as myself. After chatting on here last night I woke much more positive this morning. Did lots of houseworky stuff to keep me busy. Only roared once at the kids and twice at the dogs. So mood was good.. :D

    But I really could have done with some of those cakes! Major sugar craving today...

  • Hi Alli, great to see you and sorry I must have just missed you last night! :(

    that made me laugh - roared once at the kids and twice at the dog - sounds like you were in a fantastic happy mood to me :) :D :D :D

    Have another really greay! :) xx

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