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MONDAY // DAILY CHAT// 21/04/14

Good morning and happy Easter Monday.

Well today is celebration day for Chrissie and Mummy NEW BADGE DAY ! :) 4 weeks well done. Pete BIG well done to you too I dont know if its 7 or 8 weeks now as you confused me yesterday. :O

So Emjay get working today.

Well done to everyone else you are all winners.

Keep happy and wear your badges with pride. :) :) xx

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Morning jillygirl and all

Great achievements and congratulations all round for Chrissie, Mummy and Pete, and all you folk who are working so hard on your quits, and are getting there!

For me it's day 10, and it has been a big, big struggle, even though it shouldn't be because I am using an ecig, so that ought to be taking the pain away. It does, but must admit to feeling pretty off-the-wall and, dare I say it, depressed, not myself, not sure who I am sometimes. Think it could be due to quitting, but it's always hard to say,. Is it just me?! If it is, and it probably is, then I don't like me much. Poor me syndrome? Probably.

OK, got that off my chest. I'm giving myself another good talking to. And staying off the smokes.

It has been really good reading all the revelling that has been going on in the hols. I was a bystander, looking in, who it helped, and just now I needed to be sitting on the sidelines. Sometimes that's just where you want to be. Thank you, you crazy bunch!. Keep up the good work, and fun :)

Hope I haven't cast a pall. Guess I am hoping it maybe helps to 'come out' and say, cos there may be some other strugglers too. Whatever your struggles, may they be short-lived, and get sorted soon. it is part of being human, the rough and the smooth, blah blah!! Enough from me already!

Wishing one and all a good day!

And some smiles, always good! If we make it to a laugh, even better!



Hi betts

I really sympathise with you . I know exactly how you feel. I just can't participate on here sometimes but like to read how people are doing. I am nine months now and it does get better i only have the odd day of feeling a bit down not quite myself missing something but feel much better most of the time. Weekends and holidays were much worse for me,I think the key is to do different things take your mind off it and know going back is not an option and things will def improve with time. Xx


Bethjayne, that is so good to read, thank you!.

It is a great support this site, and good to be able to drop in and be on the sidelines.

Nine months is tremendous. I think I will get there this time, day by day is good! The ecig is the best nrt support I have had, and a real help.

You are right about holidays - Christmas, Easter etc. are a strain, probably cos I am supposed to organise it all and be cheery, chirpy, organiser, darting everywhere and hosting and bringing family together, or going out to them. I used to pop out for my fag friend (some friend, ha ha)

Going back is not an option, too right! Thank you.


Hi Betts, it's ok to say it's a stuggle, coz is it a struggle for each and every one of us. If it was easy we all would have stopped smoking years ago. There are good days and bad days for most people at the start of this difficult journey. I think that's what's sooooh brilliant about this site. We are all rooting for one another. So keep up the good fight and as I keep reminding myself NOPE :) x


Thanks, Briarwood. Yes, too right! 45 years of smoking, it's not going to go without a fight. Here's throwing a morning punch at it again. NOPE (unless it's on the ecig)


Yes every morning I throw a punch, usually aimed at hubby as he's still smoking :D



Mine's up the drive today. Makes a change from the bottom of the garden!


Well I'm getting to a stage where I really hate the smell off his clothes and that's probably a good sign for me but I must learn to keep my mouth zipped about it or I'll drive him mad! :D


Hi Betts

Well done you for coming out and saying! Like you I have spent a lot of time just sitting on the sidelines and watching, mainly because I was feeling rubbish at the time and not in the mood to be jolly, but even just doing that helped! So I completely understand how you feel especially as those times were recent enough for me to remember!

In the first 2 weeks, stopping smoking becomes like a burden to you, it's something else you have to think about in the way that you didn't have to think about smoking, you just did it. To top that you have all these "symptoms" which are mainly down to the body recovering from smoking but that doesn't make them pleasant - and you will still be getting triggers and cravings. It's all so exhausting and you just feel like you want a break from it!

All I can say to you is stay positive. Believe in yourself that you will get through this. Stay strong and I promise you it does get better and when it gets better, you feel even stronger because you are happy you have got through it.

You are doing so so brilliantly so be proud of yourself because you certainly should be, what you are doing is an amazing thing and you are getting there, just keep going one day at a time and you will make it! :)

Lots of love and big hugs babe :)



I like this picture - there's you in the middle :)


Feeling that hug :) x


Ah that is soooooo lovely Betts (and funny!!!) It's the girls together :)

So grab a glass of champagne and we'll toast 10 days - hey you're in double figures now - that's fantastic!!! xxx


Morning Jilly

And thank you so much. It's funny really how smoking cigarettes feels like a long time ago - I just can't imagine me doing that now, which is weird after being a smoker for 30+ years! I guess I'm just out of the habit which is fantastic. So it's time for the next stage for me, cutting down the nicotine. I know it's still fairly early days for me, but I just want to see how I get on - I feel like I'm going to be okay and today will help me find that out.

So what are you up to today?

Love Chrissie xx :)


Morning jillygirl

A very happy Easter to you and hope all u well with you xx


BETH XX Good to see you.Huge hugs on your 9 months.Jilly,Good to see you opening up again,Hope all is well.Betts,no one ever casts a pall here,we're all in the same boat,just remember that.10 days is a HUGE achievement so be very proud of yourself,things will get easier I promise.I've recently taken a bit of a step back from participating as much,you just have to do what's right for you.Have s good day everyone.Hugs as ever H x


Feeling so well supported and much better after my grey start. sun is shining, now I come to look!

Thank you all! :) :)

Gonna make it to getting dressed now - what a slacker!

Good stuff is happening - Going into Manchester today, and all set to see a play tonight - 'Much ado about nothing'! Well there's right! Things are looking up

Just wondering about the trolley jilly? You going shopping again?



Wow that's fantastic Betts - I've seen that twice and it really really is good, it always takes me about 10 minutes to tune my ears in to the shakespearean language but once tuned I really love it!

I hate to admit that I've only just got dressed myself! Don't you just lurve bank holiday xx :) :) :)

Have a fabulous time in Manchester xx :) :)


I don't think I've seen this one before, so good to get a recommendation. It will take a bit of tuning in the ear! Thinking of maybe going in early and grabbing a bite to eat, or just wandering around a bit. Trouble is, I have always smoked before :( but this time I will just not have too. Good :) Been a while since I went out to a theatre, so looking forward to it. It's also a bit of diversion therapy, making an effort to do something different.

It is good to take it easy, if there's no need to rush, need to enjoy it (now I've stopped feeling guilty about it!)

Going to do some quick (hopefully) family calls then a walk around the block to get rid of jitters. Been trying to change my profile pick to my walking boots, because I think it is the calmest thing to do when quitting, but having a few probs, so maybe later. Time for a bit more action and getting out and about now.

You have a great day too Chrissie, you deserve it, sparkly lady :) !!

:) :) xxx


Hi Betts you know me always shopping. :)


Good morning all, I had to put up pics for the badge winners today and I can only do that when I create a new post. I haven't worked out how to do it any other way. Not so good on this iPad yet. Happy Easter Monday to everyone. Have a great day. :) x


Back from my weekend in London with my youngest daughter. Had a great time some fab meals and a few too many cocktails! Spent a lovely couple of hours at Borough Market and bought a wonderful new cheese and some really special pate which you can cook with as well as have on toast. I also discovered The Spice Mountain and they have a website where I can order lots of spices from. Living in North Norfolk some spices are impossible to buy.

Made a people watching trip to Covent Garden, haven't been for years and was shocked it costs 50 pence to use the public toilet!!!

The hardest time was after having a few cocktails at the Westfield shopping centre in Stratford we went back to my eldest daughters flat and my youngest went in the garden for a smoke. I really was tempted and had to give myself a slightly drunk talking to and kick that Nic monster off my shoulder.


Hey KC, it's so good to see you again - and well done you for kicking that nic monster into touch, that is fantastic :)

Now, did you mention cheese? I'm so jealous, I am, I really am - because I just love cheese although I do try to keep this addiction under control! I love those continental food markets with amazing cheese stalls - I just can't resist.

Anyway it sounds like you have had a wonderful weekend, I am so pleased for you and I hope you bought a special treat just for you whilst you were there? xxx :)


My special treat was spending time with my daughter. The cheese I bought is Belper Knolle look it up for a description it is delicious and just a tiny taste stayed with me for ages.

I think my next weekend away will be to Sheffield to see my other daughter. Just got to work out when.


Excellent! If you are here for long enough then we must meet up for a coffee! Let me know when you are coming. And Belper is this neck of the woods, I shall have to look out for that cheese :) xx


The cheese is Swiss from the Emmental region, it is an artisan cheese.

I will definitely let you know about my Sheffield visit.


hey chrissie and mummy, big massive congrats to you both, im not far behind you lol we got there in the end eh :-)


Oh Louby that is fantastic news, I am so so happy for you! I'm desperate to know how you are feeling now as you are going cold turkey aren't you? Have you been okay? You are one amazing lady and it's so great to hear from you xxx :) :) :)


Hi Chrissie, im actually really ok. ive surprised myself so much lol. yes there has been a few hairy moments but not like climbing the walls or anything. and yes it would of been so easy to smoke, but i made a decision and im sticking by it this time. I think Saturday was my biggest test. Inlaws called round who are big smokers, they are usually my dimise lol. not this time though, they went out the back as usual i just didnt follow I sat in the kitchen thinkin aww its cold outside :-/ Then later went round to a friends house for drinks and takaway, and came home happy again :-) I think you just have to enjoy the feelings that overcome you everynow and again, sit back breath and relax :-) xxx Cant believe 4 weeks have passed since you quit, how amazing we all are ;-)


Sweetie we've been on this journey together all the way, - we even joined this site at exactly the same time, we've just done it slightly differently but the important thing is WE'VE DONE IT!!! The sun is shining out of you girl - you are glowing! And quite rightly so - you absolutely deserve this.

Well done re Saturday as well, you got through that time so you know you never have to face that first massive challenge again - it's done. And we'll both face challenges but we know we can get through them now.

Louby can you believe this? This is so amazing isn't it! I'm so glad you came online today because hearing your news has totally made my day!!! :) :) :) xxx


Oh I forgot to say, have you heard anything from Marchy? We haven't seen her on here for a while so don't know how she is doing? Please let us know if you hear anything xx :)


Its fantastic Chrissie :-)

I havnt heard from Marchy for a few days, I'm sure she will be back soon :-)


ps i like your sparkly pink badge by the way ha ha


Isn't it precious - I just absolutely love it! :D I'm not sure how long I'm allowed to have it for but if we keep quiet EmJay might forget it's there! tee hee :) I really think it suits me don't you? xx :) :) :)


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