Its party time folks

Its party time folks

Yeahhhhhh, its Saturday, sooooooooo lets party :) :)

KC, get your sparkly dancing shoes on gal :)

Sinfree, get them hips a moving :)

Chrissie, you erm, just splash about eh :o :D :D

Me, am just a boogying with a bit of a bum wiggle eh :o :D :D

Come and join us :)

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  • DJ Pete - I love the pic, but which one is you?????? :D :D :D xx

  • The one with the white legs :o :D :D

  • Showaddy-waddy! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha :D :D :D :D :D :D brilliant!

  • aww, I used to like shawaddywaddy or however the hell you spell it. :D

  • All I'll say, is keep watching!

    Now that's bum wiggling dancing! ha ha ha :D :D :D

  • Hey, my party was on the other damn page hahaha :D :D :D, thought it was quiet on me dance floor :D

  • Trust me Sin, I'm at both parties! Just about to do a bit of oops upside your head, are you joining me? :D xx

  • haha, oooops yep, lets line up on the floor, :D

  • yeah, come on Sinfree, get that butt of your's a wiggling gal :o :D :D

  • Am wiggling, and waving my arms around to John Travolta :) What's next. Mr DJ

  • Currently listening to Stayin alive - love it.

  • trouble is, every time I comment the video starts all over again. Must get my wine that I didn't drink at tea time cos we had very hot Chilli pizza and it spoils the taste of the wine.

  • I'll join you if you are going to the bar! xx

  • Ah cheers Pete! I hope you are having one yourself? x

  • yeah, ave got mine gal, slurp slurp :D :D

  • That Gap Band is knackering! A proper workout - and I'm filthy from getting on the dance floor!!! :D :D :D xx

  • Yep does go on a bit doesn't it

    Now you've got to do that shoulder thing and walk round in a square - you ready?

  • I'm Ready!!! Let's go

  • Meeeeeeeee toooooooooooooo

    A bit of Mud eh :) :)

  • Well, you shouldnt fall over then eh :P :D :D :D

  • Time to boogie with a bit of Whitney!

  • Hey Chrissie, did you watch ''The body guard'' ?

    All the way through I mean :o

  • I actuallly did! Oh I love that film, I want kevin costner to kiss me like that!!! :) xx

  • EXACTLY like that! ha ha ha ha :D :D :D

  • There's another song from that isn't there? If I'm right, when one of my kids was in hospital the now gone Booth Hall childrens hospital in Manchester. They played that film so many times on the ward they were on OMG could have acted it. Have never watched it so might be the wrong film, is that the one where someone danced a lot? haha am not a film lover at all.

  • the Bodyguard was the film that had "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney - even I cringe at that song and I love Whitney!

  • Do you live in manchester sin? My daughter is at uni there, she loves it!

  • Sorry chrissie, I was so busy dancing and drinking wine I only just saw your message. I live about 10 miles away from Manchester near not so sunny Rochdale.

  • Oh my gosh - my other daughter (at uni in York) has a boyfriend who lives near there! You and I will meet one day for sure!!! I will find out where he lives and let you know x

  • Hey you can sing into your e-cig, pretend it's a mic. :D

  • Now THAT made me laugh out loud again! You do it every time :D :D :D xxx

  • haha, mine needs filling up again, am so bad with it when I'm on the internet. So what's next??

  • You mean t'internet is driving you to drink?? :( It's your turn DJ Sin! x :)

  • haha, no my e-cig needs filling up again. Ooooh I dunno am struggling now, .........

  • Put the wine glass down love! ha ha ha :D :D :D

  • Oh my goodness, just read that again and I get what you mean now! Sorry I think the wine must be going to my head! ha ha ha :D xx

  • :D :D :D how much have you had then?? :D

  • About 3 sips! I'm not tiddly yet, honestly, it'll take a whole glass to achieve that (I'm such a lightweight!) ha ha ha :)

  • I've got some apple pie and semi skimmed evaporated milk. Semi skimmed - what's that all about, tsk, it's all they had in Asda.

  • I love evaporated milk, although there are some girls at work who have it in their tea - I've got to admit I cringed well they told me that!

  • yuuuk. :(

  • Rite you young Ladies you, I've got to get up that flippin wooden hill now, so i will have the last dance with you :)

    if I may, I will put my arms around you for the last dance :) :)

    Nite nite you lovely gals, and thank you very much for tonight, I just loved it :) :) :) sweet dreams to you and am sending you big big huggs :) :) xxxxxx

  • I was just beginning to wonder where you had got to - night night sleepy head, I guess all this dancing has worn you out! It's been fun - sweet dreams!!! x

  • Ah, long time no hear - I really used to love her! xx

  • night, night Pete. Sorry you're worn out now, hope you enjoyed your bum wiggling dancin. :)

  • Oh well here's my last one for tonight. It's Cyndi Lauper, I used to love her, cos she was weird and quirky.

  • Well I totally missed the party sorry about that. I always did go out late and stay out later!

    Looks like you had a great time maybe I will catch you all tomorrow x

  • haha, hi KC, yup, it's nearly bed time now :D

  • KC you're here! Well better late than never I say - have you been out for a celebration dinner with hubby? if so it's time to kick off your shoes (unless they are proper dancing shoes, in which case keep them on) and lets get our bums wiggling - any particular song choice this evening? xx

  • I've got one! Are you ready, well let's go girl >>>>>>

    Let's Celebrate!!!! xx

  • Wooooooo, OMG, I love this soooo much. Used to dance to this at a club when I was about 17, awww, those were the days.

  • You must be around my age because I remember this in the clubs too - the place used to go wild when it came on! EVERYBODY danced! Oh the good old days of Disco - ha ha ha xxxx

  • 52 I think, I lose count these days haha

  • I'm 53 - if your birthday is before the end of August then we were in the same year at school - although not the same school obviously! :)

  • I'm not 53 til November.

  • So you are exactly 1 year younger than me - what date!!!

  • ummm, what are we celebrating?

  • KC reached 3 months today! Talking of which, please can you get your badge back - you must be coming up to another anniversary by now! xx

  • hahaha, I've got a bit to go to 2 years. wonder if I'll still be sat here with my e-cig.

    Well, well done KC, hope you're feeling a bit better now and you get on OK at hospital with your throat.

  • Anniversaries come in months on here! I haven't reached my first one yet - in fact I haven't actually reached 3 weeks yet - but you were way down the line - how long have you been stopped now?

  • Nearly 15 months. I did have a 1 year badge but I removed it cos I was a bit annoyed at the time :o Keep thinking I'll ask EmJay to put it back for me :)

  • Morning Sin - I missed this post last night! Yes ask EmJay to get your badge back on here - 15 months - wow that is amazing! well done you xxx

  • Aww we couldn't have a disco without Earth, Wind and Fire. I loved them and had every album nearly (they're still in the wardrobe actually but they've gone a bit musty :o The albums that is, I don't have actual Earth Wind and Fire stashed in the wardrobe. :D

  • Sin you are so bloody brilliant - I actually couldn't type a response then because I was laughing so much! Priceless!!!!! And I can't fault you - you just can't beat a bit of Boogie Wonderland!!! Still laughing - tears down face - still laughing!!!!! :D :D :D xxxxxx

  • I'm back now. hehee. Struggle a bit wouldn't I getting that lot in my l'il old wardrobe. I think we should go into business doing Christmas Disco's, cos the ones I've been to over the years have played some really naff music. Mind you we did have karaoke at one Christmas do and a few of us sang Slade's Merry Christmas, that was a laugh, we got a standing ovation, mind you they were probably just glad it was over. :D

  • I'm just going through Earth Wind & Fire's back catalogue here! I'm on September at the moment - so good - just brilliant really!

    Kareoke - brave woman - were you drunk? ha ha ha :)

  • No, we were only a bit tipsy, but there was a few of us so safety in numbers, haha, was a dreadful caterwauling racket probably. I like September. I'm on Brothers Johnson - Stomp. Oh and we haven't done Michael Jackson - Off the Wall and I also loved Rose Royce.

  • Must go powder my nose.

  • Your all a bit quick for me. I am older than you all, my era was The Doors, Rolling Stones and a lot of Bob Dylan. Bit of an old hippy in two senses had a new one of those last year as well.

  • Hey you're here - excellent - okay let's go rolling stones, any particular favourite? xx

  • new one of what? tell all :)

  • New hip !!!!!!

  • Oh I see - sorry I missed that one! Well go steady on the bum wiggle dancing then! Ouch, I bet that hurt! x

  • Mothers little helper but loved them all

  • Well here you go's time to dance!

    I've never actually heard this before! :)

  • My hubby is into Rolling Stones, he has a few albums.

  • Never really got into the Stones, they were a teeny bit before my time I think - I was too into the Osmonds/David Cassidy and the Bay City Rollers back then! Wow did I say that out loud!!!

    Right then hun,I think it's time for me to call it a night now - it's been so much fun and yes, I'm still chuckling about EW&F in your wardrobe! So so funny! :D :D :D It's been brilliant xxx

  • haha, OK then Chrissie, time is getting on a bit isn't it. I'm on Chaka Khan now. Yes it's been nice to have a wander down memory lane. I loved the Bay City Rollers and David Cassidy. My husband is 11 years older than me that's why he's Rolling Stones, they're before my time too. Night, night, hope you sleep well. xx

  • night honey - I'm on Whitney singing "one moment in time" - this song gets me everytime! I'll catch up with you again soon - can't wait!!! :) xxx

  • Got to be a party pooper now must get up early to watch the Marathon tomorrow. Sleep well x

  • Night night KC - I'm so glad you checked in tonight and massive congratulations again! :) :) :) xx

  • Night KC, enjoy the Marathon, are you going there or watching on TV

  • Well looks as if I missed a great party last night glad you all had fun, my era was tamla Motown little bit older than you lot at 57 but can still wiggle the old bum, some good tunes there folks, sorry I was not around, bet you have all got sore heads and hips this morning x x x

  • Good Morning Kaprin, it's great to hear from you. I'm with you all the way with Motown, I absolutely love it and it always gets me dancing! No sore head this morning, I only had the one! But the dancing was fun, and the banter of course! I reallly felt I'd had a good night out when I got up this morning, how bonkers is that! :D :D :D xxx

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