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Just a little reminder

Good evening everybody :)

Just a little reminder to turn your clocks ON tonight eh :o just in case you have to be somewhere at a certain time tomorrow eh :)

While your turning your clocks on, why not test your smoke alarm too :) :)

Ermmmm, think I've had one toooooo many by the looks of my clock :D :D :D

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Looks fine to me Pete,I obviously haven't had enough!! I'm glad you're back.x


Aup H :)

Hmmmmm, the cats got my specks o Again !!

If you can get through this lot, then you will see what I can seeeeeeeee :o :D :D :D


Pete :) xx


Hi I'm back!

So how are you this evening - slightly tiddled by any chance :) x


Nope :P :P :D :D :D


Ha ha ha - you twit!!!

Anyway, I've already put my clocks on, although I didn't actually put them on, I moved them forward an hour!!!! :) Actually in doing so I realised that my microwave clock was actually 4 minutes wrong - no wonder I'm always missing the flipping bus! :(

Anyway I had this idea the other day - I always forget to change my clocks, so I decided if I do it this evening then I will go to bed at what I think will be a "normal" time, and when I wake up the clocks will be right.

I know, I'm a genius right????? :P :D



For one thing Chrissie, I aint been called a twit for flippin Years gal, just looooooove it :D :D :D you keep up the good work eh :)

I always new you were a genius Chrissie, cos when I first clocked you, I thought to myself, there's one heck of a genius there !! erm, am not sure why I thought it :o perhaps something to do with quitting the cigs eh ;) but hey, there you go gal :P :D :D :D

Loves you too :P :D :D


Well, I hate to ask, but please could you send me a couple of those "healing" hugs tonight?

I've been feeling a bit low this evening and I've been trying to hop around the lounge to give myself a kick up the butt, but I physically just can't do it!

I want you to know that I am not craving, I'm just not quite myself so a healing hug might just help

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze :(




Your wish is my command young Lady :)

Sending you, warm, healing, kick-up-the-butt, good-nights-sleep huggs to ya :) I suspect you will get them in about 10 minutes, as the crow fly's :o :) :)


Ah thank you so kindly! I shall wait for them to arrive!

Ok don't tell me exactly where, but roughly which part of Derbyshire do you live in? I don't know where 10 minutes as the crow flies is!????



And big thank you for the hugs - much needed tonight I'm afraid so will be appreciated! xx


Oh no...read this after I posted other post.....that does not sound like u at all....but hey...we are all gonna get those down days...like thu for me! Be strong...think of the good your doing yourself by stopping.

Virtual hug xxxx


Oh I'm not craving sweetie, just feeling a bit weepy but that's okay - I'm still very happy about stopping smoking but thank you so much for my hug, and I'm already feeling better for it :) :) :) xxx


Thanks...I had forgotten.... Today's update...great family day out...not a thought for a cig and few drinks again tonight and little wobble of..oh no...I can't have one...but ok...patches I think are a god send :) how u bee today Chrissie ?


Hi sweetie, ah it sounds like you've had a fabby day, that's so lovely. My day was nice too. I went into town to meet up with the "man in my life" and whilst I was waiting for him to turn up, one of my bestest friends was sat having a coffee outside, so it was lovely to catch up with her (and plan her birthday night out next month)

Then we spent time wandering around town and ended up having a lovely (late) lunch and then a bit more wandering around and then we went home. He had loads of paperwork to do and I was feeling pretty shattered so it's a quiet one for me tonight honey.

so pleased those patches are working for you - I actually had an allergic reaction to them so I can't use them now - have you stocked up so you don't run out? xxxx


OY, Mum, you had your hair done, or something, cos you look ermmmm, different :o I must admit, you look a lot prettier now gal :) :) :D :D

So glad you had a lovely day out, and a flippin big well done to you for saying NO to mr nic when he appeared :) Please please try to stay focused on your quit, cos I know, if you dont, mr nic will strike hard and fast :( The patches are flippin great gal :) :) I use them and the lozenges :)

Erm, you wont get back here till Monday then, does this mean your taking the cheap rate return :o as in swimming back :| :D :D :D


Wonder where the others are for same starting day as us!!


Actually that's a very good point! I hadn't thought of that, I really really hope they are okay and just busy enjoying their smoke free lives? :)


Good evening everyone. Am well aware the clocks are going forward, I've been waiting for this exciting time for the last month. Clocks go forward, longer, lighter evenings, more chance to ride my bike. Tsk, was ideal weather this afternoon for riding a bike. My plan was to take my mountain bike for an outing along the canal but plan scuppered. Instead took my daughter and grand-daughter shopping to our favourite shopping centre. I don't mind cos I love it there but.........kept looking longingly at the hazy sunshine and thinking canal, bike riding, oh well never mind. Poor daughter remarked that the last time she went clothes shopping was when we took her to same place last year, it was July when she needed an outfit for a wedding, she's not shopped since :( She even managed to spend the vouchers she got from my mum and and dad for Christmas. Funny, this is the girl that pre-children went clothes shopping every single week. My grand-daughter who is 9 months old was as good as gold to say we were out nearly all day. She liked the band that was playing and looked funny sat in her pushchair kicking her legs and waving her arms in time to the music, she loved it

Wish they wouldn't put clocks forward on Mothers Day though, there's enough to do without losing an hour. Sounds like you're all doing OK without your ciggies. That's good. I'm beginning to think the e-cig is prolonging this sore throat bug thing I've got. Despite the anti-biotics, the bad throat is hanging on and my ear constantly hisses, so fed up of it now. Keep wondering whether to get some lozenges and leave the e-cig alone for a few days, but it would be such a backward step as I haven't had a lozenge for a month now.


Sinfree, just be patient eh, you will do it :) :)


Patient!! haha, I can never find that in my dictionary, I think the page with that word on is missing. No, I was only going to get lozenges because I have never known a virus to hang on for so long, my throat is still really hurting so can only think the e-cig is making it worse. Not had a sore throat like this since before I had my tonsils out and I had them out when I was eighteen,........... just a couple of years ago ;)


Rite am off to zzzzzzzzzzz land, cos you flippin Ladies dont half take it out a me seeee :P :D :D But I luvs ya all ta bits a doooo :)

Soo, nite nite everybody and sweet dreams to ya all, but please please no trumping eh :o :D :D :D


Night Pete. Don't forget to put your clock forward :)


No trumping not heard that for ages, lmao, another coughing fit but so worth it Pete x x


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