Daily Chat Sunday 8th September 2013

Daily Chat Sunday 8th September 2013

goooooood afternoon everybody :)

I hope you are all keeping well and smoke free today, the weather here in Derbyshire dosnt seem to know what to do :o but hey its still fine :)

Ermmmm I think I've forgot something, or someone, hmmmm now what was it ?? I've got my patch on, ave done dins, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Andi22 :) :)

Hey Andi, is 2 or 3 times you've bin 21 now :o :P :D :D :D joking apart Andi, I hope you have had a lovely day :) and I hope you have a lovely holiday too :) :) enjoy gal and wish i was coming tooooo just to carry your bags :o Take care eh :) xx

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  • Hi Pete and everyone.

    Thanks for your birthday wishes, yes, I'm 57 today. :)

    My last visitor has just left so hopefully I'll be able to start getting ready for my holiday. I have been so stressed today. My computer had stopped working yesterday so a friend came and got it going again. Spent most of the day (in between) trying to get the computer to talk to the printer. Finally achieved it. Phone calls, visitors and out to visit Auntie. She seems okay and wants to go home. She'd only been in hospital for 8 days already and no-one told me. Never mind, I'm not next of kin so her cousin can deal with it. She was so pleased to see me though.

    It's been heavy showers off and on all day here and I've got so cold I even considered putting the heating on.

    Right, got to start ironing and getting my stuff together.

    Hope your patches are working well for you Pete, see you later. :)

  • Aup Andi, 57 eh, same as me gal, only I've bin 57 since 6th Feb :( :| Yes Andi the patches are working thank you so so much for asking :) :) I wish you all the enjoyment on your hols gal, cos you flippin enjoy gal :) :)

    You take care Andi, cos a luv ya sooooo much gal :) :| xxxxx

  • Aup, just having a nod on the sofa - I really should be doing something else. :o Cheers Pete, we all love you too. ;-) :) xxx

  • Hi Pete, Andi and all,

    Happy birthday Andi, i hope you had a smashing day :) and have a brill holiday :) I think we're getting spooky now, my computer has also been playing up :o :D : D I'm glad your auntie is feeling better :)

    I hope your patch is working for you Pete :) hope you had a rest as well after all that work you did yeaterday :)

  • Thanks Sue, hope your flat turns out to be okay tomorrow. If it is, how long til you move?

  • Hi ya Sue :) yes ave got my patch on, see !! dont you worry about me gal, cos am a small big boy now Sue :o :D :D :D hmmmmm ok then a small small boy then :o :| but have got my patch on :)

  • I didn't know it was your birthday today Andi, happy birthday hope you had a nice day and have had lots of birthday cake. Never mind about the cold at least you'll be warm again when you get to Spain.

    It was lovely this morning and went on a bike ride but it was freezin here this afternoon once the sun went in. Hi Pete. Am going to have to take a leaf out of your book and get on with busyness instead of sitting around ruminating as it's apparently called :o I tried today to just have 4 lozenges as my gums are very sore. Did OK this morning but this afternoon - one after another :(

    Hello Sue hope you've had a good day.

  • OMG, the generators going well on ebay - eeek another 2 hours to go yet. Next up (when I get them weighed for postage) ladies motorcycle leathers. Yes on very rare occasions I ride a motorbike, well pillion anyway, though I do have a scooter and a motorbike licence. But it's all that motorcycle gear you have to wear if you wanna save your skin, it's not attractive and not nice to walk around in once you get where you're going, so 1 pair of hardly worn leathers are going on ebay next.

  • Wooo, that was exciting, on the edge of your seat stuff. Well worth sorting the garage out for :)

  • How much ????????

  • Got to go up that flippin wooden hill again now :P cos its my bed time :( but I do need my bed time, cos am an old codger now :( so I will say nite nite to you all, sweet dreams and luvs ya xxxxx

    Jonathan good nite pal, but none of them kisses are for you, ok :o hmmm it might make a change :o :P :D :D speak soon pal :) :)

  • :D night Pete. Sleep well and have a nice smoke free day tomorrow.

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