Good morninig everyone, Firstly thank you to Chrissie who is doing a great job with the opening of the daily chat. Well today is 2 years since I quit so thank you quit support for your help. special thanks to Andi , Sue, Pete and Emjay who have put up with me for so long.

Well today is also my birthday so please tuck into the birthday cakes etc.

I am putting an older post on which the older members will have seen, however some of the more recent members may find it interesting and understand why I have stuck with quit support for so long.

On that note dont be gambling all the money you would have spent on ciggys, on the grand national. :P

Have a lovely day. xx

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  • Good morning Jillie

    What a lovely post and fantastic achievement.

    Congratulations on your two year quit and a very happy birthday xx

  • Good morning Beth,

    Its lovely to see you gal :) how you getting on then ? not that am being nosey, cos am not like that, well you know that eh :o :D :D I hope you have a wonderful weekend Beth, take care now :)

  • Hello you yes all good thank you Pete have a lovely weekend yourself speak soon xx

  • Good morning Jilly, Beth and everyone.

    WOW! Two whole years - unbelievable - where has that time gone? Congratulations Jilly, you've been through so much and come out the other side. :) :)

    I'll have the pink one with chocolate sprinkles on please. :)

    Grey and drizzly down south today. I managed to cut the grass for the first time yesterday - the sun had come out and it was a beautiful late afternoon - let's hope we get a lot more of those this year, we certainly need it after the last couple of dreadful springs. I also got out for my first run since coming back. I'm starting from square 2 and not going to try to do too much too soon and hope I can get further with it than I managed last year. Fitness and running is definitely the way to go (if possible) to help keep you off the fags after quitting. :)

    Have a good weekend everyone and try and get out in that fresh air. The dust has now gone so it is safe to go outdoors again. ;-) :)

  • Aup Jillygirl :)

    A massive gigantic enormous big well done to you gal for reaching 2 flippin whole Years quit :) :) wayyyyyyy hayyyyyyy

    Happy Anniversary Jillygirl :) :) xx

  • EMJAY!!!! New badge over here please! :)

  • Hold on a minute Andi, I will have to go and wake her up :o :D :D

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jillygirl :)

    Well, how does it feel to be 75 then gal :) what ! what ! what ave I said wrong now :P :P :D :D :D

    Am just off to bake you a cake gal :o

  • :D :D :D

  • Thank you all very very much. :) :) :)

  • Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and many congratulations on 2 years, what a wonderful achievement, I hope you have a lovely day, take care x

  • Thank you. xx

  • Aup Jo, its lovely to see you on here :)

    Hey, just you wait until you've got a 2 year Winners badge :) :) cos some how, I know you will get it :) :)

    Jo, have a lovely weekend and take care now :) :) x

  • Good Morning, Good Morning! And a very Happy Birthday to our JillyGirl as well as a big fat huge congratulations on hitting your 2 years mark of living a smokefree life :-)

    The biggest celebration is of course you beating that most awful disease, lung cancer. So it's absolutely fantastic to be able to celebrate today with you and we are so blessed to have you around. We love you JillyGirl, thanks for hanging around with us and gee-ing up our crazy antics xx

    I've been reading and typing frantically before my iPad battery runs out Pete, I woke up when Andi shouted me :-/

    Hey Andi, I've not spoken to you properly in what must be forever, I'm back in later this evening so if your about then we'll catch up... Unless you're off gallivanting :D

    Pete, I'm loving your badge - hope you manage to enjoy a happy day off today :-) Those bulbs I planted last year have started to sho, they're not the Blue Russian Snowdrop ones though, they are the massive bulbs I planted, beginning with 'A', but I can't remember what they are :-/

    Hi BethJayne, how's it going? Have a lovely Saturday :-)

    Jopan, lovely to see you over on the Daily Chat :-)

    Big waves to Helen if your looking in ;-) We miss you xx

    Where's Chrissie? Mind you, if she has any sense it may be her lying in day. Not like me... Just nod off wherever I am throughout the day ehPete?! ;-)

    Sin, I've not chatted to you for a while either, hope you're well. If you're about later, shall see you then :-)

    I've a busy day today but will pop my head around the door this afternoon for an hour and then will be on here later this evening.

    It's absolutely teaming it down here, my grey/silver car will either be washed of all the dusty Sahara stuff or will be covered in it... We shall soon see!

    Big waves to everyone else looking in :D

  • Good Morning EmJay, I'm here! I was out partying hard last night and you know what, I think there was something in the wine - like alcohol or something, because I was tiddly! :)

    So I'm feeling a tad delicate this morning and wondering how I'm going to get through this day and then go out and do it all again tonight! :(

    On the plus side, I did not have a cigarette - more than that, I did not have a craving or a trigger for a cigarette, but I put that down to the fact that last night was completely different to our normal nights out because there was a Rod Stewart tribute act on in the restaurant so we were dancing the night away! There was lots of bum wiggling dancing going on :) :) :)

    I'm not sure, but I think I'm getting too old for this partying lark!

    Have a wonderful weekend :)

    Love Chrissie xx

  • Ooo, have I got a red face. :o

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JILLY! :) (I'm sure you'd quite like to forget that then maybe. ;-) )

    Emjay, no I'm not off gallivanting so will try to get back on this evening. See you all later. :)

  • Thanks Andi, according to Pete I should be 10 years older than I am. Sometimes feel it. :D :D :D

    Waiting for Petes cake now, then I am off birthday shopping. :) :) :)

  • Aup Andi,

    Have you been for a run today or have you been out on ya bike :o

  • Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Yaaaaaaaaa Jillygirl :) :)

    Yep ave baked it, well, there's actually 2 cakes, cos I was feeding the flippin cat while I was mixing it, erm, the cat got some icing, soooooooo am not sure where the cat food went eh :o but hey hoo they look alright :D :D

    As you see, I baked you 2 cakes, cos if your feeling a bit younger today :| then all you have to do is turn them around seeeeeee, then you will be 56 ;) :D :D

    I hope you have the most wonderful day Jillygirl :) :) xxxxx

  • Brilliant Pete ! Yumeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Oy, don't I get a snog for that then :o

  • :D :D :D

    Gosh Jillygirl, you could lick her lips and stick her on a window eh :o :D :D :D


    First of all MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS on achieving 2 years as a non smoker and also THANK YOU so much for the never ending and continued help and support you give to the hundreds of people who are on this stop smoking journey. It really is truly appreciated!

    Secondly - HAPPY HAPPY 65TH BIRTHDAY YOUNG LADY!!!! Woo Hoo and Wey Hey and Hey Let's have a Party!!! I hope you have a truly wonderful day and enjoy every moment of it, especially the celebration tonight!

    On that note, I really need to go and have a lie down, I'm feeling a wee bit delicate today :(

    Have a fabulous days sweetie :)

    Big hugs

    Chrissie xxxx

  • Thank you Chrissie. xx

  • Good morning Jilly, Congratulations on two years quit, ' Your a Star ' and shining brightly for all of us. :-) HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Have a great day. xxx. :-)

  • Rite am off up that flippin wooden hill again, cos I need some shut eye seeee :o

    Jillygirl, am going to practice my bum wiggle dance in bed gal ready for tonight ;) you have a great day :) and a luvs ya loads gal :) :) xxxxx

  • Nite / day Pete

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY jillygirl. Congratulations on being a 2yr WINNER. Wow, fantastic x

  • Thank you. :)

  • Hey Birthday girl, ave just been doing a bum wiggle dance for you :)

    Dum di do do, dum di dum dum di doooooo, dum di do do, duuuuuuum

    What do you reckon to it :o :D :D

  • Well done and happy birthday ;)

  • Aup Mum, how has it been for you today ? I hope your sleeping better :)

  • Hi everyone. :)

    Hey Jilly, I've just spotted Pete. ;-)[term]=butt%20wiggle&filters[primary]=images&filters[secondary]=videos&sort=1&o=12

  • Drat! that didn't work. :(

  • :P :P :D :D :D

  • Hey...had a great nights sleep last night. And imagine i will tonight with a few drinks flowing nicely!! Really struggling with having a drink...completley reminds me of cigs ;( it's when my thoughts most turn !! Thou I have none in the house so I could do nothing about it!! Just puffing away on e cig!! Had a gum. Helped abit. Had no patch today, which was good. Even changed my garden abit old smoking bench has been moved to another location....bought a nice new better bench with table and we had a good clean up of the smoking Now looking all pretty and I'm hoping that it going to help ;)

  • Am sooooooo glad you got a good nights sleep, it does you the world of good :)

    Its great to hear that you've changed your garden around abit, it does help :) and all these little things that you change, helps you to forget about ermmmm, you know what eh :o :)

    Oy, don't you get drinking tooooooo much now, cos you will end up like Chrissie did this morning with a thick head !! :D :D take care Mum and ENJOY :)

  • EMJAY :) I have to shout to wake you up gal :P :D :D

    Thankyou sooooooooo much for my brand spanking new badge :) :) it goes a treat with my suntan that I havnt got yet :o :D :D

    Ermmmmm, about these ear bulbs, you say they were big and beginning with an A, they could be Amaryllis bulbs, but these arnt snowdrops !! if you get time Google Amaryllis bulbs, see if they look like the bulbs you planted :o otherwise we will have to wait until they flower before we can identify them eh :)

    I hope you've got your poor feet up now and partaking in a tipple of something eh :) enjoy gal :) speak soon.

  • I think that Emjay has planted a load of Alliums. You wouldn't plant an Amaryllis in the garden now, would you? :o

  • Yeah, you might be right Andy they could be Alliums, but you can plant Amaryllis in the garden, as well as in pots :) it was just Emjay saying that there were big bulbs :o

    How has your day been Andy :o

  • Not done much today. It was a very grey day and drizzling/raining for most of it. I grabbed a window in the weather at lunchtime and got out for a nice walk though. It was nice to feel a warm wind on my face for a change. How about you, have you been out on that bike yet? ;-)

  • I havnt done anything today gal, cos had to work last night, sooooo, just been playing catchup on my sleep, cos I don't sleep to well during the day :o

    Erm, no I havnt been out on my bike yet, just havnt had the time gal, what with work and potting all my seedlings up, the time just flys by :o I've got it in my garage and getting it ready, for I must get out on it more this Year :) I got a new gel-saddle for it, soooooooooo hopefully that will help me with the you know what eh :D :D

  • Happy birthday jillygirl what an inspiration

    x x x x x x

  • Ooooh, sorry I missed your birthday Jillygirl, I expect you're out now partaying, well have a good one and I'll wish you a belated happy birthday tomorrow. I've been uber busy today, not helped by the fact I didn't get up til 9.30am, tsk just turning into an unemployed layabout now. The frogspawn infested mud swamp is still at the mudswamp stage, and still collecting spring water from them there hills. I thing we should bottle it and sell it on ebay. Poor hubby was having nightmares about it last night.

    Anyways its just about everyone's birthday in April, Jillygirl's, my daughters, my grandsons, my mums, our wedding anniversary. It's like Christmas shopping all over again. Spent all afternoon trawling around shops looking for a denim jacket for daughters birthday. Found two, so took piccies of them in the shops, then had to bluetooth them from hubby's phone to mine so I could email her the pictures only for her to say she liked them but..............she actually likes one in Newlook.I already looked in Newlook and thought they were all boring so rang her back and she said it must only be available on line but.............. I've seen one on George's website that I quite like. God, this is just one present, got many more to go, stressssssssssss. 30 Days of biking has gone by the board already. What a piggin miserable excuse for spring this month is turning out to be, not seen a speck of sunshine since Tuesday so I've give up on the stupid cycling around every day in the cloud and now the rain. Still you probs all gone to bed now, something I ought to do really as I've been awake since 4.00am off and on what with nightmares and stuff and I've got loads to do tomorrow and getting up at 9.30 just isn't good enough.

  • Ha ha ha Sinfree, you doooooooo make me laugh gal :D :D :D

    Hey, I thought you made a promise or something to yourself to get to bed at 10 :o ermmmm, you did turn your clocks on didnt you :P :D :D :D

  • haha, yep, I have clocks that change by themselves, was ever so confused last Sunday when I woke up cos I didn't know if the clocks had changed by themselves or not so didn't have a clue what time it was. Yes I did promise to be in bed by 10.30pm every night, that lasted ooooooh about 3 nights on the trot then it was back to 12.00 :o Am no good at sticking to promises. Its like my 30 days of biking, I only got to day 3. But.....still not had any lozenges since 28th Feb. :)

  • A gigantic massive well done to you Sinfree :) :) cos I tell ya gal, I thought you would be on them there lozenges for the rest of your life :o :D :D I'm ever soooo proud of you gal :) :)

    Now about this bike thing, well, it just hasn't been the weather for it, has it :P :D :D

    Am off to bed now Sinfree, would love to chat, but have got to get up early tomorrow, so I will say nite nite to you gal, am sending you some dreamy Robbie huggs :) you take care now and have a lovely sleep :) xx

  • hehe, night Pete, sleep well. Btw, I don't like Robbie, ummm how about some erm oh, can't remember what the blokes called now, am getting old, Sergie or something, him from Kasabian, the guitarist, not the Meerkat. :D :D tho thinking about it am probably almost old enough to be his mum :o


  • Good Morning Sin, how are you today?

    I think Pete's one brain cell was a bit confused, it was MInderMummy who had a vivid dream about meeting Robbie Williams so Pete is obviuosly getting a bit confused in his old age :D :D :D

    Oh dear re the pond - it sounds like it is turning into a bit of a nightmare! Maybe your should call the fire brigade to pump it out and then they might even help refit the liner - but if you do that can I watch??????? Yes I've got quite a thing about firemen :) :) :)

    Anyway I hope he manages to get it sorted, it sounds exhausting!!!

    Have a lovely day and catch you again soon

    Love Chrissie xx

  • Good morning Chrissie haha, he's on to it today with renewed vigour, had a rest yesterday and as he put it this morning "God has cleaned up the garden" - it rained so hard it's washed quite a lot of the mud away, tho the pond liner was floating about in the hole, so he's christened that Noah's Ark. Must be cos it's Sunday or something, he seems to have gone all religious. :D

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