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Bubble Bath!!!

Hi Everybody

Forgive me but I decided to have a "quiet one" tonight and the main reason is I bought some lush new bubble bath in the local shop and I can't wait to try it! :)

It's called Passion Flower and Rice Milk. Okay, I get the passion flower bit, but can somebody please tell me what rice milk is? Or have they just made that up for people like me to fall for?? :D :D :D

My bath is running as I speak..........and it smells delicious :) :) :)

After that it won't be long before I hit the pillows as I have been told that if you have a hot bath, as you start to cool down that really relaxes the body and that is why you sleep well afterwards - so I shall try that out and let you know!

I hope you are all having a lovely evening and feeling good

Love Chrissie xxx

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Enjoy your bubble bath Chrissie :-) I'm getting an early night too, back to work tomorrow and back on track :-) xxx


Aup Louby, its lovely to see you again gal :) :)

I hope your keeping well :) If ever you want any help, just give us a shout eh, or maybe a big nudge to wake us up :o :D :D

You take care now Louby and speak soon I hope :) xx


Thank you :-) xx


Hi Chrissie :)

Ermmmmm, may I ask you one simple question please, why do you Ladies buy things that you know nothing about ??

You get rice milk from flippin rice :P :D :D :D Erm, I think its time I wasn't here :o TAXI !!!!!


Hey Chrissie,

Rice milk is an actual thing, i am lactose intolerant so use it in my tea, it is sweeter than soya milk, ( which makes me heave ) so i guess putting it in your bath is like cleopatra with her milk baths lol! only the vegan option lol xx


Hi Al :)

Just wondering if you have tried a Baked Bean Bath gal :o :D :D :D


I'm still non the wiser! Is it that starch that comes out of the rice when you boil it? Or is it crushed rice or something - it's no good I'm going to have to google it!

Anyway the whole process was lovely - very deep hot bath and I made myself relax (and No Monky, I did not trump in the bath - cheeky sod!!!) :D :D :D

The I got my pjs on and cooled down a little bit and then nobody had to tell me to go to bed - I was nearly asleep before I got in and is was lovely :) :) :)

Sweet dreams all the way xx


Sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :P :D :D :D


Ahhhhhhhhhh, have found you in your pjs ;)


Hmmmmmmmy :)


ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha - that is so funny! :D :D :D :D :D

You twit! xxx


Chrissie, I would just like to thank you for calling me a twit gal !! ooooooooooo it makes me feel soooooooo erm, erm, happy and wanted :o :D :D :D


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