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Daily Chat Saturday 16th November 2013

Daily Chat Saturday 16th November 2013

Good Morning everybody :) although, saying that, it looks a bit erm, ifffffffy here in Derbyshire so far this morning :( but hay, it might brighten up in a bit :) 8-)

A big warm welcome to all you newbies to this lovely site :) :) There is loads of help, support and information on here, if you cant find what you are looking for, then just ask !! its as simple as that :)

Betts, its lovely to see you back on here gal :) I will try and find some old posts that might help you set your new quit date, but its only you that can do this, you, yourself have to want to quit ! Speak soon :)

Doikosp, a big thank you for coming over from the Weight Loss board to tell us your story :) See Guys and Gals, you can quit the cigs and loose weight tooooooo :)

Rite thats enough of me rabbiting on, am off to make a cuppa if anybody wants to join me, hmmmm now where did I put that flippin teapot :o :D :D

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Morning Monkey and everyone, :-) Yeah looking a bit ifffffffy here in North East Wales too very dull and murky looking :-(

Just got a cuppa in hand Ta, :-D

Did my Friday weigh in and am the same as last week, just need to get the spare tyre from around the waist !!!!! So back on the floor today !!!! Have to keep my physio routine going, after having a ' Herniated ' disc some years ago, :-( Old Crock comes to mind :-D :-D

So now being off the ciggys is good as hopefully the body circulation will improve :-)

And that is so important with back problems.

Here's to a great Saturday, :-) :-)


Hi ya Mrssunnyside :)

Well done to you for not putting any weight on last week :) and yeah, am the same as you gal, erm, got a spare tyre too, I'm using a rowing machine to help keep my weight down, but just dosnt seem to want to shift that flippin spare tyre though :o :|

You have a great Saturday tooo :)


Good Morning, Good Morning!

It's the weekend :-) and once this housework of mine is done I'll be chilling out with my Grandbabies.

Sounds like we have the same kind of weather here Pete, I'll be bringing the puppy-dog back from the park all muddied up no doubt :-/

Hola mrssunnyside :-) I'm just having a quick out stop myself fir a cuppa :-)

Doikosp, just to echo what Pete has said - thanks for popping over from your weightloss community and sharing your story, I'll add in the link again under your post for easy access to everyone :-)

Big waves to everyone else looking in and as Pete says, if you need owt, give us a shout :D


Aup Emjay, its lovely to see you on a Saturday gal :)

I hope you've done all your housework now and enjoy looking after your Grandbabies, as I know you will :) :)

Ha ha I've just noticed on the right of this chat, there is some of the old chats, just had a look at the weekend chat from last Year :D :D Hmmmm how long have they been there for then ??

You have a great day Emjay, speak soon :)


Good morning everyone from a very sunny but cold south coast. :) 8-)

I did my Parkrun this morning, my watch said it was minus 2 and I did a pb with more than half a minute off my last one. :) All I've got to do now is get to 4 miles before I go away on holiday.

Pete, love to pic this morning, but why did you put Vee in a teapot? :o :D :D

See you later. :)


Hi ya Andi :)

It sounds like you had a good parkrun this Morning then :) :) I hope you enjoyed your barn dancing last night :)

Ahhhhhhhhhh so thats why I cant get my teabags in the teapot then, cos Vee's in it :D :D :D typical flippin Woman, wants to be where the action is eh :o :D :D

Hope it stays sunny for you today :P :P :D :D :D


Hello & good day to you all

Not wanting to be too bossy today after all yesterdays excitements.... it felt like WAR against Mr Nic and his nasty addiction (which I think we decided was just the very worse thing in all ways). So a mild post today wishing everyone well whatever stage they are at.

Pete - big hello to you, Mrs Sunnyside you seem to be in the driving seat these days "well done", and big wave to you EmJay.

Have a great smoke free day everyone & enjoy the freedom.

Best wishes




Good day to you too Jonathan :)

I hope you are fighting fit today, just in case mr nic comes a calling eh :) and hey, if you want to moan or boss, then flippin do it and get it off your chest pal :) It does you good to have a rant and rave now and then eh :)

Have a great NOPE day Jonathan :)


Hiya Jonathan, glad to hear you're feeling better today - might have something to do with not having to go to work. :) Big wave to you. :)



Hey Andi, well done to you on being as motivated as usual and getting that PB! I'm loving your waistcoat too :D :D

Great to hear that your in fine spirit Jonathan, enjoy your Saturday :-)

Pete, I hadn't noticed all the old posts until you said. I did notice the different icons yesterday though but didn't understand them. I wonder if it as something to do with the tags on each post that are (randomly) given? :-/

Right... Agnes and Gertie need cleaning..... :D


Thanks Emjay, shame you're not there with me. :( ;-) How's the shoulder/neck, btw? I bet you've really enjoyed a day at home today.

Re those tags - why do they bother with them - they are meaningless if they can't be used to get to information quickly like they did before. And, like you say, they are a bit random - and excessive, to my mind.


Hi everyone. Seems everyone is busy. Emjay hope your A & G are happy chicks all clean and tidy.

Hope you enjoyed your evening yesterday Andi. and your park run today. (showoff) just the thought of it makes me out of puff. :D

Pete I hope you rescued Vee, trust you to pop her in the teapot. :D

Jonathan so pleased your day is a better nope one. :)

Mrssunnyside, if you find a quick way of shifting the spare tyre let me know, I am just the same. :)

Right going for fish and chips now. Been busy moving odds and ends into the new flat. No time for shopping. :)

Catch you all later. :) xx


Hi Jilly, yes thanks. :) The "barn" dance was held in the hall of our local Natural Science Society. I've never been there before and they say that the main part of the building is really spooky cos there's stuffed animals and things all over the place. Ooer - think I'd better check it out one day. :o It was very cramped so not too robust dancing was possible but a good evening. :)

Now, why didn't I think of fish and chips, I need something quick now as out again in an hour, so an omelette it shall be. :) Have a good evening. :)


Hi ya Andi, you've probably gone out now flippin gallivanting about again :P :D :D hmmmm, that hall of the local NSS sounds really inviting, as I like spoooooooky places :o :| erm, am just wondering though, you say, stuffed animals and things, what other things get stuffed ??

In Derby town centre, they have these erm, ghost walks on occasions, a local historian takes them, who has got more than 1 brain cell may I add :D :D We had a jail at one time and there are underground passages to different parts of the City ! we have a couple of old pubs in the town centre, were strange things happen :o huh, never when am their :P

I hope you enjoyed your omelette and have a lovely evening out :) :)


Aup Jillygirl :)

I suppose I will have to let you off for having fish n chips, being as you've been a busy little bee today :) mind you saying that, ermmmm we had em last night :) :) yum :P flippin yum :P :) :)

Hmmm as for popping Vee into the tea pot, ermmm, just dont know where she came from :o :| I will have to apologise to her !! :)


Nite nite everybody, my eyes are getting heavy now hic, and hic, have got to contemplate hic, getting up that wooden hill yet :o hic, hmmmm, I wonder why I've got the hiccups :o ahhh, it must have been that 1 extra erm, sausage I had eh :D :D

I hope you all have a wonderful nights sleep and may all your dreams be nice ones :) :) xxxxx


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