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SUNDAY - DAILY CHAT - 01/06/2014



Wow the sun most certainly has got it's hat on this morning, Monky's delivery has finally arrived! Wey Hey!!!!!

This morning I just want to say a massive congratulations to everyone on this journey. It's been lovely to meet some of the older members of the site coming back with breathtaking achievements but still offering their encouragement and support, thank you so much. It's also wonderful to meet so many new members on the earlier part of their journey who are showing true grit and determination. This really is a journey worth taking and the benefits really do far outweigh the dips in the road or the hills you have to climb. Use this site to help you on this journey, hopefully you find you actually have a lot ot laughs as a result, as well as fantastic support and advice from those a little further down the road.

Tomorrow Mindermummy and I achieve 10 weeks - WOW we are now in DOUBLE FIGURES IN WEEKS!!! I remember when we achieved double figures in days, and then double double figures in days (ie 20 days!) and in what seems like the blink of an eye we're at 10 weeks!!! I absolutely know that she would agree with me, when I say we take it ONE day at a time AND we are happy with our decision to stop.

Be happy and be proud of your decision to stop and you will get there - this is a brilliant thing to do!

Everybody's journey is different, but the goal is the same - it doesn't matter how you get there, just stay positive, believe in yourself and you will do it :)

Have a sooper dooper Sunday everyone and I'll look forward to catching up with you later

Love Chrissie xx :) :)

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Huge congratulations to you both, it only seems like yesterday you were starting on this journey and look where you both are now, it's fantastic and don't you just love the encouragement we all give each other, it so helps when you are having a bad day when Mr Nic just won't leave you alone, this site has lifted me on many occasions and I have tried to life others when I am having a good day too. Today is a good day, my daughters birthday today and she gives birth in 3 days to a much wanted daughter sister for her son and a new granddaughter for me, life is good life is very good. Good luck to all and have a wonderful smoke free day everyone x


Aup Chrissie, Kaprin and all :) :)

Well the flippin suns come out at last 8-) 8-) :D :D hoooooorayyyyyyy

I'm off out in garden to do a bit of pottering about I think, while the suns out eh :)

I hope you are enjoying it tooooo :) :)

Seee's ya soon, ENJOY :) :)

Hi Chrissie, Kaprin, Pete and everyone.

Hope you all enjoyed the sunshine today.

Wow, 10 weeks tomorrow for the Pipps and 1 week for Pete again. Good work all of you, keep it up. :)

Nice to see Sue pop up yesterday and she'll be over 18 months quit now. I bet all her spare cash from the smokes is still being spent on her grandson and he's over a year old now. :)

Doesn't the time fly!

monkyAdministrator in reply to andi22

Aup Andi :) :) its lovely to se you again gal :) :)

Actuary, its Tuesday when my first week is ermmmm, over and done with eh :) :)

Thank you soooo much Andi, cos it flippin helps me gal :) :) :)

Thankyou Andi :) xx

monkyAdministrator in reply to andi22

yes its lovely to see Sue again :) :) plussssssss, its lovely to see you again toooooo :) :)

I wish you'd come down and help me in my garden - I'd help you stay on track then. :)

monkyAdministrator in reply to andi22

I would love to come down and see you Andi :) :) :) God, it must be 40 Years since I was down there last :o :)

But the thing is, it costs a lot of money to get diggs down there !! plus its a long journey tooooo :o

I hope your well and as fit as you can be :) :)

1 Day, I will chase you down that beach, grab a hold of you , and flippin ermmm, flippin, do somethink :o

take care Andi, loves ya :) :) xx

andi22 in reply to monky

My nephew and girlfriend left at 4 o'clock this morning. He's just phoned me to say that they've got back safely. :) Of course, it's hardly surprising that I didn't sleep much last night so it'll be an early night for me tonight. :)

monkyAdministrator in reply to andi22

I dont blame you Andi :) :)

I would love to meet you Andi, :) :) :) but just cant at the mow eh :) :)

droopyJMarvellousness LTW

If you can't mow monky how do you cut your grass???

monkyAdministrator in reply to droopyJ

Hmmmm, good flippin question Julie :P :P :D :D :D

10 weeks so proud of us both :) :) :) :D

Hey Minder - it's great to see you :) I'm so so so proud of us too! The PIPPs are popping girl! :D :D :D xx

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