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Well hello newbie here lol

Stopped on the 28 Jan this year.....so just about 1 month yippee.But finding I need support.I had a chest infection back in Jan and at the time fags smelt like .......well lets just say nasty,and I couldn't smoke anyway,had some antibiotics and cleared my infection.However these bloody fags are starting to smell nice again,my wife still smokes.Has anyone else felt like this or am I not normal.

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Welcome nic-o-teenfree, Glad your chest infection cleared, Don't worry the smell of a cigarette will soon smell horrible to you, the longer you are quit. My hubby still smokes and I now hate the smell on him. He smokes outdoors but I can smell it indoors, yuck !

The longer you are quit the more you will realize just how horrible it must be to none smokers when you are in their company :-(

Please stay strong, quitting will be the best thing you can do for yourself, Here's to a Healthy Future. :-)


Hi Nick, a big well done to you for getting to 1 Months quit :) and a massive warm welcome to this lovely quit site :)

Rite, down to the nitty gritty :o you say that you had a chest infection, BUT, it just might have been your lungs cleaning themselves out :o :) Although, everybody is different and there bodies work in different ways !

A lot of people on here really, really hate the smell of fags now they are quit, But I don't :o , am like you, as in, Her-in-doors and her Brother still smoke and in the house toooo :o

So you see, your normal pal :) just like me :) although saying that, there will be a few members on here that might say different eh :o :|

Take care now Nick, Pete :)


I'm nearly @ 6 months (got a week or so yet) but still have the odd day when those days still smell O.K.ish.NOT half as good as even 2 months ago tho.You're so not weird and I absolutely guarantee the longer you hold out the worse they'll start to smell.Are you using NRT if not then now might be the time to consider it,even if you've been nicotine free it's better IMHO to use a bit of nrt and not go back to the fags then to try and battle on.I've said to others& I'll say to you,I smoked for practically 40yrs and I've got this far,if I can do it then so can you.


'Odd day when those cigs' NOT 'days' !!


Thank you for the replies........think I found the right place to come :) Reply to monky I did have an infection that is what stopped me smoking.reply to yellow snowdrop I have an e-cig but I don't use it much,when I've had some food I have a puff etc.

I have put away £50 pound a week into a tin.....it's mounting up.It was costing me £70 a week to smoke,so still saving money :)

I am so determined to quit,to be in control of my feelings and not let some drug be in control.

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Hay-Hoo to you Nick, you just watch that money grow in that tin :)

Please please, don't forget to treat yourself along the way eh, cos I tell ya, it flippin helps :) :)

Speak soon, Pete :) x


hi ya nick welcome. your not alone i know me my house and my car smell better now, not like a stale ash tray! but when i pass some one smoking it does give me a warm sense of nostalga (spellin really bad) i dont want one and of friends come to my house i dont mind them smoking, it dosnt have that bad sense of smell to me. my hubby gave up 6 yrs ago and i kept on puffin, he didn't seem to mind the smell either.Now we are both free of the demon and happier for it. good luck and keep going .:-)


Hey Nick well done on quitting and the positive attitude. I know what you mean, my wife still smokes too. Only time it bugs me is when I kiss her ha ha, and at least she does'nt smoke in the bedroom. Just keep resisting.


Hi, congrats on 4 weeks, fab. I often get chest bugs and 'easy' not to smoke then but like you get tempted when better , but until now, not had plan to stop and never until now, this sort of support. This site and people on give soo o much support, we can do it

non-smokers in ssickness and in health !!


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