Daily Chat: Friday 22nd February 2013

Daily Chat: Friday 22nd February 2013

Good afternoon everybody.

The countdown to the weekend starts here. :)

Congratulations Jan on getting your first week under your belt and Fags, heading towards week 3 after the weekend. :)

Slimdusty, glad to see you want to try again - just want a weekend on the razz first, eh? ;-)

Enjoy the rest of your Friday. :)

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  • Cheers andi, week three coming up eh, who'd 'o thought it. Thanks for the support it really does make a difference. Fags (in serious mode) :)

  • Hey fags, A big well done you non-smoker. A star a week. :D


  • Hi Andi, Just been out for a walk around the supermarket. Costing hubby a fortune. Must have walked for 45 mins. Not bad for a slow coach like me. One day I will catch up to you. Well try :O Hope your ok love. see you later. :)

  • Hi Jilly, lovely to see you. Walking round a supermarket - for 45 minutes - was that pushing the trolley? That sounds like loads, well done to you! :) It's such a shame that it's so cold out cos I think you'd like a little stroll around your tarn. I hope you're wrapping up well and not letting the cold air get in that lung of yours. :o It keeps trying to snow here now - I'm sure it won't come to anything though - hope not, I've got to go running tomorrow! :o :D


  • Yes got a little odd snowflake here but not up to much. I am going to try my tarn walk as soon as the weather gets a little warmer. As for pushing the trolley , I let hubby do that and just rest with it if I get out of breath. He walks too quick for me, so have to keep reminding him.

  • Afternoon Everybody, a busy day for me here today so have only been able to keep popping my head in today. I hope you are all well anyway :-)

    Lovely to see you JillyGirl, sounds like your taking those important little steps in the right direction and popping in with your humour again :D

    Andi, it really started to snow here before, lasted about 3 minutes and then stopped as soon as it started more or less! :-/

    Hey Fags, you're doing fab. Keep up the good efforts and barmy blogs and you'll be at 4 weeks before you know it :-)

    Kettle is about to go on for a much needed brew if anyone fancies one? :-)

  • Evening all, quiet on here today. :o John, I've just made my chocolate cake again. :) My god-daughter's coming down at the weekend so I've invited her for dinner tomorrow with her fiance and her Mum and step-dad. Apparently the fiance doesn't eat fruit - great when I've planned a fruit salad! :o I think we'll all enjoy the cake though. :) Won't be around tonight as I'm off to play skittles so I hope you all have a good evening and if you're going out, be careful not to let your guard down if you'll be having a jar or two. :)

  • Hi ya Jillygirlllllllllllll :) :) am so glad you've bin out shopping gal and giving your poor hubby some tongue :o :|

    You do know that the shoppin trolls have seats on them nowadays :) :) thought perhaps you would have got your hubby to push you around, then you could have just gave him orders to put this and that in the troll :D :D see easy or what :D :D


  • Hi Pete, hope your day has been good :) how is your mum doing?

  • Aup Sue :) :) my days not bin too bad for a Friday, but it's bin looooong :( but hey it's the weekend now :) :) :) :)

    My mams about the same, but they are trying some different tabs :o so will see if they do the trick :)

    I hope you've had a lazy day today Sue :) :)

  • I hope your mum is better soon :) :)

    I had a lazy day again :D :D so i better move myself tomorrow and get some work done, just need to oil my joints first and it will be all systems go :D :D have you got anything exciting planned for the weekend

  • Hmmm have I got anything exiting planned for the weekend :o well if cleaning the greenhouse out sounds exiting then yesssssss :D :D :D

  • Aup Fags, hmmmmmm dont think i've seen you in a ( serious mode ) before :o :D stick to it pal, and you get to that 3 week mark on your calender :) :) cos you've done just great so far :) you keep kicking them cravings into touch :)

  • That might be exciting, who knows what you'll find :o :D :D


  • Ha ha ha I'll have to send the cat in first :o so she can have a rummage about :D :D :D

  • Andi, it sounds as if you've got a busy weekend ahead :o you will just have to eat the fruit salad yourself :D :D anyway its good for you :)

    I hope you knock down plenty of skittles tonight gal, enjoy :) :)

  • I'm gonna have to go to bed now Pete, i;m sitting here noddin

    nite nite Pete and everyone, sweet dreams, luv yas xxxx :)

  • Nite nite Sue, you get a good nights sleep gal, cos your goin to need it gal, with all that work you've got to do tomorrow :o :( mind you Sue, they say that tomorrow never comes :D :D luvs ya gal, take care now and speak tomorrow xxxxxx :)

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