2 months and chuffed to bits!

Hey there, oh yeah im 2 months quit!!! Never thought I would get here, so chuffed with myself and nope! I doing good, the cravings are getting less, my chest feels clear now and no more coughing, I'm breathing lovely fresh air and smell gorgeous! Treated myself to a lovely Jimmy choo perfume in the Jan sales and instead of smelling like an ashtray with a bit of perfume trying to mask the smell of stale fags I smell lovely and fresh!!! Thanking you all on this lovely site for helping me get here! Xx

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  • Monky, did you find my 2 month badge out there in the undergrowth??? Xx

  • Just noticed my badge! Thank you x

  • WooHoo Sharon!!!!! Well done on getting through the first 2 months smoke free. You have done so very well on with your quit journey especially with having a couple of hurdles along the way. Keep up the sensational quit :) :) :)


  • Hi Linda how's things?

    You got into the swing of being back to work after your holidays?

    Usually after I'm back for 5 mins it's like I've never been off :-D


  • Hiya Shanti, that is exactly how i feel after 2 days back. This is actually my busiest time of the year as I have the auditors coming in March. As Quality Manager being one of my many hats..no time for easing back into work mode :D...

    Hows things with you?

  • Not bad, I'm off for 12 days now if not got anything planned just enjoying the time off :-)

    Think I might go online to look at holidays but don't know where I want to go. I'm actually getting bored of beach holidays and want something different. Got a few city breaks coming up in next few months with friends so I'm looking forward to them.

    My hubby's still puffing away and he's still going outside to smoke so that's fine :-)

    I don't nag him to stop just try and point out the benefits even our youngest is trying to encourage him to quit but his friend came back from holidays with another 200 cigs for him :-(

    Maybe one day


  • it doesnt help when you get the duty free ciggies. they changed the rules here in Aussie some time ago and you can only bring in 2 pkts of cigarettes in with you (50 smokes) You can buy a carton on your way out to take into other Countries other than New Zealand who have also cut theres right back too.

    Hubby and I have been a little unsure what we are going to do this year and have decided instead of going to the USA in July we are going to go at Christmas and experience a white Christmas. Going to arrange a suprise visit as my son and daughter in law live in the South but spend Christmas in Pennsylvania with her family. will set it up with daughter in laws mum :) :) We both are taking a month off in July and have no idea what we are doing with that :) :)

    i Just had a look at how much money i have saved by not by cigarettes and am over 4k now. I have the money automatically directed into my holiday account on pay day :) :)

    Need to watch dollars at the moment as i am about to take oldest grand daughter out to refit for school uniform and I pay her fees..Not Cheap :(

  • That's an amazing amount of money you've saved. I was able to give everybody extra at Christmas with the money I hadn't smoked away :-) My daughter was in New York at Christmas but she wasn't too impressed, think it's because she's quite a world traveller that it takes a lot to give her the wow factor :-)

    She loves Tokyo and really enjoyed her time there.

    I really fancy a tour of Asia but don't know if my youngest would enjoy that, I really don't fancy Florida coz that's not my idea of a holiday visiting theme parks but never say never


    Think I'll just close my eyes and pick out a country :-)


  • Thats a good way to make a decision, I was in NY last year and wasnt impressed either.

    I'm warming to the idea of a cruise, but not sure how i would go. I am not a big social butterfly. i love nothing more than seeing natural beauty and historical points of interest.

    Last year when i went home to NZ, it was awesome going through the weka caves which is where they make all the props for movies like the hobbit and Lord of the rings. Most people working there were between 18 and 25 and the talents they have is just amazing :)

  • I have family who live in KeriKeri and they are always asking us to come over. It was the same when my son was in Australia he wanted us to visit but hubby didn't think he could handle the flights:-( should have just went myself :-)

    Off to meet friends for a coffee and catch up.

    Maybe nip into travel agents in the passing :-D


  • Have a great day xx

  • Thank you glolin xxx

  • Hi Sharon :-)

    Love Jimmy choo, know what you mean about using perfume to try and disguise the stale smoke smell.

    Knew you could do it Sharon, you done good girl :-) so proud of you :-)


  • well done Sharon enjoy your smokefree life. xxx

  • Massive Congratulations Sharon on your 2 months quit :)

    So proud of ya, well done hun :) :) x


  • Thats amazing well done you, and the treat sounds fab ( thats my signature perfume ) so you have brilliant taste lol! Keep with it, you are through the worst now hun x

  • Hi well done, very happy for you, keep up the good work

    you deserve to treat yourself hopefully you are getting lots of compliments

    remember N O P E

    kind regards Liz x

  • Hi Sharon, Well done for bring smoke free for 2 months you are doing really great. Keep up the good work :D x

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