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Oh my days...I need sleep!

Day ten (actually eleven) and lookie here...I'm awake still!!!!! 😞😞😞. The irony, I'm awake cause I've quit and my husband can't sleep and I'm convinced that's because he's smoking so much!!!! Been reading how much rubbish is in the fags and I'm convinced that is what's causing his sleepless nights, stomach trouble, tiredness etc...could that be? He smokes over 60 a day...

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Hi Rachel, well done on staying quit. Yes smoking does affect your body in many different ways, stomach problems, and insomnia, are common . Get your hubby to read some of the quit stories on this page (right hand side under topics.) He may well think about stopping after reading some of our members stories. I myself have a story of what happened to me. ( it comes under thank you quit support). The amount of cigarettes people smoke doesn't mean a lot except you get more addicted to nicotine. You can still get cancer . I know from first hand experience.

You could also go into the short films and pictures, which are very explicit.

Good luck. and carry on being smokefree. :)


Jilly girl, you my friend are an inspiration... I shall ask him to have a snoop on here...think it would help him to feel a part of a 'community of quitters' opposed to someone who's doing it alone, I know it's helping me anyway. I shall have a look at the films too...thank you for your support and hope you are ok? Saw one of your posts about chemo, but I didn't know what to say, no words for what you've gone through, so sorry to hear but love your positivity ☺️

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Hiya Rachael sorry you're havin problems sleeping but unfortunately it's very common and I understand how hard it is😫

The good news is it will pass and some members find camomile tea or herbal sleepeze tablets from chemist help😴😴 try some of the breathing techniques as well. Sorry can't help with hubby coz my only suggestion wud be eBay 😂😂😂x


Thank you Briarwood 😃. I shall persevere with the hubby as there are no takers on ebay...plus, I quite like him every so often...just don't tell him I said that 😉. As for sleeping, well, good things come to those who wait ey 😉. I hope anyway 😳


Hi Rachel, day 11 now then, thats just flippin ACE gal, it is :) :)

As for your sleepless nights, I see the girls have given you some great advice :) but if you look to the right of your post, you will see, '' Pinned Posts '' just have a look at the breathing exercise No 3, :) cos it does work :) just practice it a few times :)

As for hubby, YES, get him on here, let him have a nosey around :) BUT, please dont pester him, cos that might make things worse eh :o just let him know, that you ermmm, want to grow old with him and not be alone when you retire eh :) and what about the kids growing up and getting married and all those grand kids tooo :) :) If you see what I mean :o but please dont push him to hard :)

Your doing ever soo well Rachel, you really are :) I am sooo PROUD of you :) :)


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