Man i messed up

Guys, its been stressful with college, went to the bar and smoked again a week ago, today i finished a pack, need to stop again. This will be my third time quitting, i threw the other pack away tonight and said i needed to stop.

Took my blood pressure since starting again 140 over 100 while smoking when im not its 120 over 80, my body hates it.

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  • Want to add, DO NOT PICK IT BACK UP, NOT EVEN FOR ONE. Im beating my self up so bad right now.

  • Your only human it takes time just trying go for a walk or a run you can do it

  • Hi Armyguy. We all have our moments of weakness. the important part os that you are trying again. don't get down on yourself - you threw away those cigarettes - its a good step! One thing i did this time around (i have also tried quitting a bajillion times) is i stopped drinking - drinking was a big trigger for me - i am hoping when i restart i will have more will power. For the stress - do you have time to go for a walk or work out? it might help. Either way, dont be down on yoirself - its awesome that you are getting back up and stopping again.

  • Hi there Armyguy, Sorry you slipped up. Like many of us if we let our guard down

    Mr nic jumps in. You have gone this far and you know the routine. Fresh start and a new you. Your not the first or the last to slip up.

    You wont lose all those weeks on your badge , that will take you back to 8 months, which is explained in the pinned posts.

    You can do it this time ! :) xxx

  • Hi Armyguy, you haven't given up on giving up so that's brilliant. Pick yourself up, dust yourself down and keep going, I know you can do it. Lots of good advice already and I'm so proud you're getting back on it, well done. We are always here for you👍🏼😊

  • Hi most of us including myself have tried countless times to pack it in. Keep trying and never give up giving up and one day you will succeed I promise you.

    It might be worthwhile looking at aids to help you stop such as patches, champix etc. x

  • Im thankful for having you all, i mean that.

  • Every day is a fresh start. I've slipped up several times myself

  • Yes true, i have noticed a immediate change in BP from 120 over 70s and 80s to a constant 130s over 90s since slipping up, also heart rate went from resting 70 to 75 to high 80s, oxygen held steady at 96, it also gave me super bad headaches and dizzyness, nausea was also really bad. Taste was horrid as well after a few days of slipping up, enough so that it made me sick. The smell actually annoyed me as well. Im holding steady on my requit, my mom is a 40 year RN and she said stop beating my self up because the average smoker takes 3 to 6 tries before it sticks and this is a normal mistake that instantly regretted. Do not pick it up, not one single puff. I just want this to be a lesson to someone thats been thinking about smoking just one, do not do it.

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