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Flooding!! Oh and I managed yesterday as smoke free :)

Hello all

So had a lie in this morning until.... Well let's just say I missed breakfast all together :)

Had my shower etc, feeling proud as my trial run of a smoke free day yesterday went well and enjoying the fact my hair didn't smell like an old ashtray!

Came down stairs to get lunch and I had an amazing water feature in my kitchen, right down the main wall..... Awesome ;)

So after a mild bout of panicking and throw all the stuff of the work tops I turned the stopcock off! What a mess, paper hanging off the wall etc. but you know what was weird, while sorting it all out I didn't have that whole " omg a disaster the only thing that will save me now is mr smoke" ! Just got it all sorted had my lunch and never really thought about a smoke.

My quit date will still be the 1st of February as I am a little OCD and need that plan but up to now, still not had a smoke.... But feel no pressure if I did have one if that makes sense. Got dinner coming up which is def my weak spot but will clean bathroom AGAIN! So at least to delay it if I do have one.

Hope everyone had a less eventful Saturday

Love AL x

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Hey AL, I bow down to you young Lady for getting through that disaster without lighting up :) :) and thats before your quit date. I shell watch this space eh :)

Like you say, your hair smells a whole lot better with not smoking :) erm, am not sure whether you are living with a smoker or not, but I am, well 2 infact :( but saying that, I can still smell the difference on me :) if you see what I mean :)

May I just say this please, if you live on your own or with a non smoker, then maybe think about spring cleaning your place, wash all your clothes, etc, NOT cos there dirty, just to get rid of the smoky smell :) plus it will keep you busy, busy, busy on your quit :)

Take care now, Pete :) x

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Hi Pete

Luckily I live with non smokers. Don't smoke anywhere in the house but the kitchen but I will spring clean more than normal. My little OCD means the place is pretty clean and not as smelly as it could be! But I will be washing everything in all the wardrobes. That should keep me busy until the end of February lol.... And that's just my wardrobe :)


ha ha ha nice one gal :) at least in the kitchen, there isnt many soft furnishings, which hold the smell of smoke, maybe just the curtains eh, so that wont be tooooo bad :)

I erm, went to live with my Dad a bit ago, cos he was bad, he'd never smoked and the house smelt just lovely :) :) While I was there, I never smoked in the house, then I decided to quit, and I did, quite easily too :) after a few days, my Dad said to me, '' I thought you had quit the fags '' I said that I had !!

A couple of days after that, I came home from work, had my shower as usual, went to my bedroom, and opened the wardrobe to get clean clothes, it hit me, the smell of smoke !! even the things I had washed a couple of days before stunk !! soooo I took all my clothes out of it to wash, I cleaned the wardrobe inside and out, it cost me about £30.00 flippin quid, for the cleaning stuff, but it was well worth it :) :)

After that, my Dad never questioned me :) :)


Hi Monky :)

I know exactly what you mean about everything smelling so bad :( , its ridiculous as i spend a fortune on designer perfume, and expensive hair do's, then walk around stenching like an old ash tray....women huh!! lol. ;)

I am still going to do a massive clean on the 1st, luckily its the weekend, and i am off the following week, as travelling up home to celebrate my birthday with all my friends, so that will be a few nights out :):):) , I dont drink so not too much of a worry about being tempted to smoke. Although most of my friends do smoke, although i bought my friend an ecig for her birthday and she too has stopped, so we can support each other :)



Well done Pinkie, that was certainly putting you to the test. Your gonna breeze it in February, :)

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Thank you Jilly, and i hope so...but still not had a real fag since my trial on friday :), but still keeping my quit date as the 1st. sounds mental, but while it is still my choice not to have a real one, it is not bothering me lol x


I just KNEW you'd be smoke free b4 Feb 1st.

You have my total admiration for coping with your disaster without a cig : ) WELL DONE.

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Aww thanks Yellow, to be honest you telling me your journey with your ecig has really given me the drive to get on with it :) x


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