Where have I been?

And I would firstly like to renounce support of my acquired team in the World Cup (Brazil) after the shocking display of Sunday league football during the tournament. Next, yes I haven't done much in the way of posting as I have spent a couple of weeks in hospital, so it is safe to say, no chance of a crafty fag in ICU! This has given me a fantastic chance to review what I consider to be my personal life choices, and where smoking is concerned it truly is a case of life verses death. As potential non smokers, us quitters try to brighten our plights by highlighting the physical attributes of giving up smoking, or tending to the emotional downfalls of withdraw and panic, and that is absolutely the correct way to go about our efforts. However, in a short space of time when the (assumed) best footballing nation in the world has had to lay bear all of its shortfalls, the time has to come where the old firm completely disappears to make way for a new generation. The death of the old guard, and the emergence of the new invigorated life.

Now is not the time for me to play boring, out of date, tiki-taka Brazilian football.

Now is the time to be.....Tottenham Hotspur. (I was never going to say any other team was I? I am Pspurs for a reason after all! And we may rarely win titles, but we continue to push!)

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  • There's no doubt that a trip to ICU is a pretty solid motivator to quit smoking!

    I truly hope you are happy with your personal life choices especially regarding smoking (or not) and that the causes of your admission to ICU are responding to treatment. Enjoy your resurrection!

    However I may have doubts about your choice of football teams! :D

  • Hey Pspurs, sorry to hear you've been very poorly, hope you are on the mend :)

    Your right about brazil but Spurs?????? Didn't you have money on Argentina to win ? :)

  • Oh yes and still have! Always a way to be a winner, even with a side bet on the Germans!

  • Glad to see you covering all bases :)

  • Aup Pspurs, sorry to hear you've had a stay in the ICU :( but it may have been a God send to you, to help you through your quit :)

    I wish you a speedy recovery pal and you try to stay strong and focused on your quit eh :) You come a shouting if you need any help, cos we will try to help you if we can :)

    Hmmm, Spurs eh :P :P naghhhhhhh up the flippin Rams :D :D :D

  • l will stay loyal to Brasil..after all l hate football...the ONLY reason l have ever watched it was because of Pele so l will live in the hope that one day they WILL be great again. Apart from that l am 13 smokefree weeks today and feeling pretty good except from the rotten cold l am trying to get over.

  • Hi Sue Congratulations on 13 weeks that's a marvellous achievement :)

    When I first read your post I thought you said that you watched Brazil because of Pete...... couldn't quite get my head round why you would watch football because of Monky.... DOH! :D

    Hope you get rid of your cold soon hun :)

  • Now who's fick :P :D :D

  • Ermmmmm me? :D :D

  • Yup :D :D

  • :P

  • Sooooooo, does this mean your not talking to me then DrooooooooopyJ :o :( xx

  • just sent you one :)

  • Where ??????????

  • Thanks droopyJ , felt really rough on saturday, slept from about 10am til 2.30 and what did my poor hubby say " why did'nt you go upstairs,l had to go and sit in the other room because of your snoring" well excuse me...full of 'cold' feeling so weak and tired and thats what he comes out with oh well now l know how much sympathy to give him when he needs it, he never even offered to get me a cup of tea...nothing...l hardly ate all day, did'nt have the energy to go and get something for myself, he'd had his food and thats all that mattered.Well l'm feeling a bit better now so have the energy to have a bit of a rant! sorry! One thing l did notice, that saturday feeling so bad, l needed a lot less nicotine gum, not quite sure why.

  • You rant away girl..... blokes are pretty useless when it comes to us girls being under the weather (Monky don't even bother...... you weren't in that group coz you send out lovely hugs ) :P

    Don't know about you but when I smoked, I never normally wanted one when feeling under the weather.... so maybe its the same re the lozenges ?? Your body obviously needed the sleep, its all part of the healing process :)

    Anyhoo you now know what to do when he has man flu.... :)

    Stay strong and keep positive :)

  • Aup Sue, am soooo glad your on the mend gal :) :)

    As for your hubby not doing anything for you, bad hubby !! at least when you were snoring, I would have picked you up in my arms and took you to bed, sooo I could then have a nice peaceful night watching the TV seee :P :D :D Sorryyyyyyyyyyy

    Awww Sue, I hope your really on the mend now gal, and you flippin come on here and have a rant and rage if you want to :) :)

    See's ya soon :)

  • Hey Monky, hope you had a fabulous day today :) -x-

  • Aup Droopydraws, yeah had a great day, well, till about 3pm then the flippin clouds come over :P wind got up :P thought we were going to get a load of rain, sooooo, I wouldnt have to water the plants :) but no flippin rain yet, soo just had to go and do the watering :o you watch now it will start raining :(

    I hope you had an easy first day back at work :) :) xx

  • I wish..... nightmare day that I was NOT expecting.... ho hum that's what they pay me the bucks for I suppose.... although could do with a few more bucks :)

    Best I go and water my plants.... been scorchio all day today and still very warm gonna be a v warm night..... :(

  • Awww, am sorry to hear that gal :( am sending you loads of better day tomorrow huggs to help you Droopy :) :)

    Yeah, and after you get your plants watered, go and make you flippin bed seeeeee :P :D :D :D unless its toooo hot, then just lay on top of it eh :o :D :D

  • hehehehehehe thanks mister monky but another flipping horrible day to look forward to......tomorrow... just soooo busy and am off Friday and again in two weeks time for about 6 weeks...... :O

    Don't book any time off then coz the weather will be lousy, always is when Im off :o :)

  • Well, Droopy, if your off this Friday, you will enjoyyyyyy gal, cos I booked a superdupersunnyhottyscorchybumwiggling day for then see and I will let you have some if you want it :) seeee I can be nice eh :) :)

  • Would love some :) and we all know you are nice hun :D -x-

  • Oooooo ave gone all of a dither now gal ;) :D xx

  • OOh Ern........ don't come over all unnecessary.... :D

  • Just wandering if you fancy an early night gal :o :)

  • I know the sun has only just gone down but....... even I cant go to bed at 9.30..... ;)

  • Just thought that cos you had a bad day at work, you would want to get your butt down early, errrr, ed sorry :D :D xx

  • LOL :)

  • Hey, who's post we highjacked tonight then :o :D :D

  • We hijacked Pspurs but its ok he's a Spurs supporter ;) also just won 250 euro's...... so probably out partying in Espana :D

  • :D :D :D

  • I'd go and have a look myself, but its a long way up there and am scared of heights seeeee :o :D

  • hehehe

  • Droopy, you got all your fence sorted out now gal and rubbish took to the dump ?? :)

  • I have.... its looking good :) all rubbish gone, just to pressure wash the remainder of the pation & cut the grass and Im done :D Oh yeah I have a plant to plant and then Im done....... oh and some seeds to sow :D :D

  • Errr, you mean patio :o What sort of plant you got to plant ?

    A Womans works never done eh :P :D :D

    I was going to nip down to your place this week and do your fencing for ya, sort of surprise you :) :)

  • fat fingers :o I have a lily to plant..... I love lily's and tulips and I have a mixture of god knows what to sow.... Ill just have to wait and see what comes up.... soooo exciting :)

    Shame about the fence eh..... I love a surprise :O :p

  • Julie, sorry gal, will have to say nite nite now, cos am noddin, thank you ever so much for the chat :) it was really nice :) :)

    Am sending you Sweet dreams full of surprises huggs to help you have a lovely nights sleep :) :) Hope to see you tomorrow :) xx

  • Me toooooo :) thanks hun :)

  • Happy to hear you feeling a bit better Sue, men huh - what can I say! :(

    Think they are from a different planet :D

    They say children have colds, men have flu and women just get on with it, soooh true :D

    Stay strong, your doing great :) x

  • proud of me today post

  • Ok ok ok ave got ya gal :) :D :D :D

  • Hey Pspurs, bet your glad you had a side bet on Germany eh????? :)

  • 250€ and I sang the German national anthem with pride! Fickle bugger!

  • Errr yep??? well done you though..... Nice little bit of winnings there.... put that with your smokefree money and you should have a right healthy balance.... nice treat coming up? :)

  • Not really smoke free money down here. B&H only a couple of quid in Gibraltar. No it pays for more gambling! Happy days!

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