Good morning/evening everybody, First day of spring.

Lovely and sunny here in Yorkshire at the moment. I hope it is fine for you and dont get the snow they have been on about.

I hope you are all coping ok with your quitting . Lots of help been given over the last few days. Its nice to know we can support each other.

Have a lovely Friday . :) :)

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  • Morning all, sunny here too, but a little windy. x

  • Good morning Jillygirl, Al and everybody :) That's shopping done and put away for another week :)

    Yep we've got the sun here toooooooo 8-) but like you Al, quite windy !! :D :D :D

    I didnt mean to word it like that Al, honest gal :o :D :D I thinks its time to scarper eh :o Whooooooosh

  • Morning all, Love the cute doggy pic Jilly. Yep sun shining here too. Sounds like you on the ball this morning Pete, as shopping done and put away already, :-D I'm sitting thinking about the day ahead, not sure what I'm doing yet, better get a move on or the day will be over :-D

    Happy smoke free Friday everyone. :-) :-)

  • Aup Sunny :)

    I did the shopping on the way home from work, cos am working tomorrow :P :o so wont want to do it then :o

    How's your day going ? well, I hope :) :)

  • I haven't started my day yet !! Except for shower, hair wash, and brecky, lazy so and so, I hear you say !! :-D but I don't care, :-D

    Take care, Kick ass with Mr Nic, :-D

  • Sunny, you flippin ENJOY your day gal :) :)

    Hmmmm, I see that you've washed your hair gal, does that mean your staying in then :o :D :D

  • Last night on the way back to my flat , in the corridor was a spider as it wasnt near my flat about 3 flats away, hubby didnt kill it. This morning what was on the bedroom floor to greet me Yep argh!!!!!

    Told him he should have got it. :P

  • Jillygirl, one does not kill spiders, well, unless its got hairy legs eh :o :D :D

    Spiders are good for you, cos they kill them flippin pesky fly's :) :)

  • Dont care dont like them. rather have a fly. at least I can squat them. :)

  • Yeah, but they make a rite mess on the wallpaper and the windows eh :o :P

  • :D :D :D

  • Good Morning All :-)

    Ooooh JillyGirl, it may have been coming back to thank you for not killing it - Just imagine if you had, you may have had to face this instead;

    Pete, I hope you manage to get some time out over the weekend, you've definitely been putting the hours in lately this weekend :-/

    Mrssunnyside, enjoy your chillaxing day :-)

    Big waves and plenty of smiles to you Al :D :D

  • Aup Emjay :) I hope your very well, and your looking as dazzling as ever :)

    Gosh, your awake early today gal :o ;) :D :D

    TAXI !!

  • Good day to you alllllllll :) cos am off up that flippin woooooden hill now, cos am tired see :|

    Perhaps see's ya all later and don't forget, if you cant put it down, then don't flippin pick it up :) :)

  • sweet dreams Pete. xx

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