DAILY CHAT/ THURSDAY/ 18/09/2014 :)

DAILY CHAT/  THURSDAY/  18/09/2014     :)

Good morning/afternoon/ evening,

Thursday and getting nearer to the weekend. Time just flies by. Welcome to any of the new members and dont be shy on introducing yourself. This weekend I thought we could all introduce ourselves with a brief comment as many of us are new, or havent had chance to catch up with everyone. The community is growing very fast , which is good to see. So lets carry on supporting each other and having a laugh on the way. :)

Meanwhile have a lovely smokefree day. :)

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  • Good Morning Jilly and everyone, that's a great idea about introducing members this weekend, sorry I will miss it but off on my holiday tomorrow :)

    I haven't even thought about packing yet, that's always the bit I don't like and have to tackle that this afternoon :(

    I'm off to the gym now ( sorry about that Pinkie coz you'll have to wait till later huh ) :D

    Wishing you all a good smoke free day :) x

  • OOoooh where you going, on holiday i mean :)

    I am back at the gym tonight too, doing 500 cals on treadmill and weight chairs now! get me lol x

  • wow!!! good on you Pinkie, you are doing fantastic :) :) I haven't ventured into a gym yet. I am still clocking up my 10,000 steps but thinks need to be mixing it up a bit with strength training and a higher cardio that just walking..

    Thinking about it is as close as i get at the moment :D :D

  • Hi glolin, I have started to do my 1 mile walk nearly every evening , its surprising how much easier it becomes.

    I also use dumbells each day. (cardio physio told me to :) ) so thats helping getting my heart stronger.

    What a fit lot we are. :D

  • I think it awesome that not only have we quit smoking which is obviously the most important thing that we could have done for our own health but now we are also working toward a better overall health and wellbeing.

    I go back to the GP in the morning so hopefully my blood pressure is doing ok :)

  • Glolin, hope your blood pressure is doing fine, I'm sure with all the steps you clocking up will help it, well done :) x

  • Good to hear your heart is getting fitter Jilly, keep up the good work and thanks for the holiday wishes :) x

  • Hi Al you must be the same as Briarwood feeling fitter with all the gym visits. Its amazing how much better you can feel.

    Catch up later. xx

  • Wow wow wow is all I can say Pinkie, well done to you on that treadmill :)

    I'm off to Palma thanks, hope you enjoy your weekend and get a nice rest, sounds like you deserve it, so enjoy :) x

  • Briar you have a brilliant holiday wherever your off to. At least you dont have to worry about sneaking out for a smoke, or when can i fit another ciggy in.

    You must be feeling really fit now with all the gym.

    Good for you. xx

  • Good morning Jillygirl, Briar and everybody :) :)

    Hey Jillygirl, is that a pic of Briar at the gym :D :D :D

    Briar, you just enjoy that packing this afternoon gal :o :D :D

  • Yep think it is Briar showing off. :D :D

  • Ha ha ha :D x

  • :D :D oh I'm so gonna miss ya :) x

  • Briar, you done that packing yet gal !! :o cos if you aint, then am a coming to do it for ya seeeee :o

    Word of warning :o I pack lightly ;) as in no flippin make up apart from shaving cream and a razor of course :P no flippin tops and a couple of skirts, not for me you understand ok :| :D :D

    As for you being toplessssss, am sure the donkeys, elephants and the monkeys will take pity on your snorks and just look at the scenery :) soooo no worries there gal :P :D :D

    Enjoy your holls Briar :) :) xx

  • Good evening Monky, thanks for the offer and like you I travel lite, no makeup no skirts, only shorts and the wildlife would take pity on me, coz I'm the opposite of Pinkie in the snorks department :D

    My Dad used to say if I stood sideways, I'd fall down the drain :D :O

    Now be good when I'm away and Droopy's gonna keep an eye on ya :D or is that 2 eyes on ya huh :D :) x

  • :D :D :D

    Hayyyyy Briar, you have a fantabaloooosyyyyyy holiday gal :) :)

    I aint half gona miss ya :( xxx

  • Thanks Monky, you just say the nicest things aw :) :) x

  • You have a fantastic holiday Briar

    Monky will be behaving himself


  • :D :D :D

  • Good morning Lin :) and its flippin Fiiiiiiiiiday gal yeahhhhhhh :) :D :D

  • sure is...i like this bell thing at the top that tells you there is a response...Please tell me that hasn't always worked :D :D

  • Glolin, erm, if you dont mind me asking, whats this bell thingy at the top then :o :o

  • Thanks Glolin, just lovin that pic LMAO :D

    Enjoy your gorgeous girls :) x

  • i sure will - they grow up way too fast.. So glad I quit smoking cos i have a feeling the weekend is gonna cost me a bit.. We start with taking them out for dinner tonight..

    Its all good, their mum is a stay at home mum so money is tight. i love spoiling the girls as i see that is a big part of the grand parents job description :) :)

  • Hear hear Lin, just flippin ACE gal :) :) :) xx

  • Yes I agree with you about that, I have a little sign in the house that says "Grandchildren spoiled while you wait" :) enjoy every moment of them :) x

  • ha ha ha just flippin looooooove it Briar :D :D :D xx

  • Love it - Thinks i need a sign like that too :) :)

  • Hello all

    I love the idea of introducing members too :) :)

    Hey there Monky :)

    Briar- If i don't get to catch up with you before you go - Have a fantastic holiday.


  • i have a fun weekend ahead. My daughter is going to a show down in Melbourne (2 hours away) on Saturday night. I have got the 3 girls for the weekend :) :)

    My daughter is going to make the most of it and drop the girls off as soon as i get in from work tomorrow and pick them up Sunday night :D :D

    I am glad the weather is going to be great as i have a few things planned :) :)

  • Glolin that sounds like it's gonna be a bit of a busy weekend, fun but busy :)

  • it sure is going to be busy - 3 girls Alana almost 13 - Sophie 7 and Hayley 5. It will be fun. The kids finish school today for 2 weeks so there is a few things happening that i can take them too.

  • Glolin, how lovely and what great ages :) you will have a fandabidosie time :)

  • Loving that picture Gloin, thanks and have a fab weekend with those lovely girls, they are really lucky to have you looking after them :) x

  • Morning all,

    I am not here at the weekend either, but will jump on if i get chance,.

    Hope everyone is well. x

  • Hey Everyone,

    I just needed to pop on very briefly to let you know that I am here - well, kind of! I am absolutely chocker block at the moment - working to a very tight deadline of tomorrow. I will pop my head around the door later and chat properly :-/

    Big waves and smiles being sent to you all :-)

  • Dont be working too hard missus. :) xx

  • Like your idea Jillygirl :)

  • Surendertowin, Ray, just to let you know ave been out and about to catch you a new Winners badge :) BUT I just couldnt find an 11 month badge :o soooooo, I hope a 6 month badge and a 5 month badge stuck together will dooooo :D :D :D

    Seee ya tomorrow :)

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