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Good morning/ evening everyone, Its a lovely sunny morning here in Yorkshire, I hope the weather is kind to you too. Going to the shops then a small walk as it is a pretty strong wind here and makes me short of breath.

We have plenty of new members here and I am sure Emjay will be contacting you , once she stops running round. Meanwhile join in the daily chat or just have a browse around.

Right cuppa now then get off out. :) :) see you soon.

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Hey Jillygirl, just flippin looooooooove your pic gal :) :)

Am busy sowing seeds and pricking out, its the busy time of gardening for me at the mow :| so am very sorry for not being on earlier gal :( but am having a tea break at the mow :P :D

If you would like to join me in my ermmmmmm, tea break you can ;) :D :D


Cuppa would be lovely, milk no sugar (sweet enough) :D


Jillygirl, would I ever put sugar in your lager gal, that's a BIG NO NO :D :D :D


Hey Jillygirl, you got a postcard from Andi yet ??


No postcard. tell who is the noisy one quiet without her, :D :D


Tooooooooooooooooo flippin rite Jillygirl :P :D :D


Afternoon all :D

I have one really quiet house now..... Everyone has gone :D

Where has Andi gone this time round? I'm guessing skiing.....

Pete, I planted some Russian Blue Snowdrops months ago, should I be expecting them any time soon? :-/

Tea up JillyGirl :-)

Big hello's to everyone else :-)


Peace at last eh. Just relax. :) :)


As jillygirl has said, flippin piece at last :) :)

Andi has gone to here Sisters AGAIN for a holiday :P yep you've got it, skiiiiiiiiing again :|

As for your Russian blue snowdrops, you were late planting them, so maybe they wont flower this Year, But I would expect them to show an appearance by now gal :o Just probably a few leaves :)

PS, a still luvs ya gal, cos I know your a very busy Lady :) :)


Evening :-)

Well JillyGirl, I have most certainly chillaxed this afternoon and evening :-)

That Andi definitely gets about, I don't blame her though - she's a proper galivanter :-)

I had a look for my little Blue Russian Snowdrops today, in fact there is a little tiny bunch of green leaves, really small. They've been there for about two weeks now. they're in the place where I planted them but thought that it must have been something else as they don't seem to be blue?! :-/


:D :D :D


Well its that flippin time again for me, got to climb that flippin wooden hill again :P :P one day eh :) :)

I hope you all have a lovely and peaceful nights sleep and if you dream, then let them be lovely one's :) :)

Enjoyyyy :) Pete xxx


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