Daily Chat Saturday 25th January 2014

Daily Chat Saturday 25th January 2014

Good morning everybody :) I hope you all had a lovely nights sleep and are all bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning :) :)

Some of us get it wrong on our quit journey, me included a few times :o Dont let it get you down, try to think where you have gone wrong ? so you can be ready for it next time :)

A massive big warm welcome to all our newbies on here :) :) you all sound strong and in charge of your quit :) Please if you have a question, then just post it, or come on the daily chat, and lets have a chat about it eh :)

Jillygirl, I thought I would give you a rest today, soooooo you have a lay in gal and flippin enjoyyyyyyyy :) :)

Erm, am not sure what the weather is going to be like today, cos just looked out a the window and its ermmm just black at the moment :o

Rite am off for some shut eye now, so will leave you all in piece and let you get on with what ever you are going to do today, speak soon I hope :) :)

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  • Good afternoon all.......hope you are having a wonderful Saturday.

    I haven't been on here for a couple of weeks and I gotta say I'm struggling. I've had a couple of fairly stressful family situations plus my partner has been smoking around me. I am absolutely kicking myself as one particularly stressful and upsetting night I had 2 cigs. It was almost like a self harm cry out for help kinda thing cos it tasted like crap and I felt sick and miserable afterwards. Since then I stupidly lit a couple of smokes for my partner, then this morning for god knows what reason I had a full cigarette with my morning coffee. I felt so sick afterwards and I'm pretty angry with myself.

    My question is.......why have I sabotaged my good intentions with something that makes me feel so miserable? I haven't had, and have no intentions, of having any more but god who knows. Obviously I'm a weak dog with no self control. I'm feeling like a total failure :(. Already the lies are creeping back in. I totally lied to my daughter this morning when she asked how I was doing with the whole quit thing. I hate myself for that.

  • Hiya muddles I dnt think you should be beating yourself up over a slip up it happens to most people jst put it behind you and start again Ive jst got back on th wagon and I have tried to stop god knows how many times my husband smokes but he is now even banned frm smoking in the yard so as of last nite he didn't hve any coz to cold n wet to walk round th block jst for a cig and seen as yr making such a concerted effort yr partner shd be a bit more supportive and nt asking u to light his cigs if he wants one let him lite his own put yr foot down working for me I bn up since six had me breaky n thn put one of me nicotine strips in me mouth n came back to bed jst concentrate on Wat u want keep string you will get there hve a nice day x

  • Hi Muddles Well done you, for owning up , that takes some guts to admit. Right fresh start again but this time you can say this is the real one, last time was a practice run. Stay positive and need any help just shout. :)

  • Aup Muddles, I'm whispering this cos your probably asleep now and I will try to keep it short :o

    When you have a partner that still smokes, it is very very hard sometimes and so so flippin tempting !! eh, my partner still smokes, so I know just how hard it is :( You think one little puff wont hurt ! BUT that one little puff turns into another and another, before you know whats happening, your smoking again.

    Try not to be toooooo hard on yourself eh :) so you had a slip and lied to you Daughter, I'm afraid thats what us humans do :o Give her a ring and tell her the truth eh, I'm sure she will understand :) and I tell you, you will feel a whole lot better :) :) You've been honest with us, to which I thank you for :)

    Sit yourself down with a cuppa and maybe a biccie or 2 eh and have a good old chat to yourself :) Ask yourself WHY do you want to quit ? and write them down on a piece of paper, so then you can look at them when you get a hard time :)

    Maybe ask your partner not to smoke in front of you and not to leave his fags laying about !

    When and only when YOUR ready to give that mr nic another bashing, we will all be here to support you and help you bash him for GOOOOOOOD :) :)

    If you ermmmm, feel a bit funny when you wake up :o thats just my huggs am sending to you, although saying that, its a flippin long way to go down their, hope they dont get lost eh :D :D

    Hopefully speak soon gal, Pete :)

  • Hi muddles,

    Don't beat yourself up Hun, I would not be able to think about quitting if my partner was still smoking! Must be nearly impossible so amazing you lasted so long :)

    Don't hate yourself for anything, as humans we don't like admitting we have struggled at something. Your daughter will understand.

    Deep breathe and tomorrow is a fresh day x

  • Heyyyyyy, Pinkie, how you doing today gal ??

  • Good morning Pete, love your picture. Thanks for opening up, gives my 1 brain cell a rest. :D Sometimes I feel I am repeating myself every morning. Thats why its nice for others to open up for a change. Hope your getting a sleep in this morning after your rotten shifts. Catch up later. xx :)

  • Hey Jillygirl, you done your supermarket dash yet ??

    Hmmmmm, as for you repeating yourself, I know just what you mean, I know just what you mean, I know just what you mean, its just your age gal :P :D :D :D

    Catch me if you can :) xx

  • Ok I`m a searching for ya. :D


  • :D :D :D

    Ner ner ni ner ner, I bet you cant find meeeeee :P :P :D :D

  • Its you thats hiding not the cat!


  • Nope am not in Sue's fridge :P

  • Morning all. Hope you all have a fantastic Burns Night!

    Muddles - don't beat yourself up I over a slip up. What's important is that you know that it wasn't the best thing to do, and you learn from it. *hugs*

  • Hi Muddles, well what can I say Bless, you are definitely not a failure, repeat after me, ' I am not a failure '. Just keep on trying time and time again, you WILL win the fight.

    It is all to do with the brain, we have to reprogram it, and that takes time, like all computers we have to tell it what we want it to do !!

    Have you thought of using an e-cig, that's working for me, and I have reduced the nic level recently and still coping OK, it's just a thought it may work for you, and help you through the tough times.

    Sending lots of happy vibes to you :-)

  • Hey Sunny, its great to see ya and I see you have a flippin 5 month badge now :) huh, typical flippin Woman, you kept that quiet :P :D :D :D

    You stick with it, cos am catching you up :)

    Hmmmm, you say its all to do with the brain and you have to reprogram it, sooooo why is it taking me so long to reprogram my 1 brain cell then :o :|

    Eagerly waiting for answer Pete :)

  • clker.com/cliparts/t/W/X/w/...

    Dam I missed him again. But I have a plan ,

  • Nope, not in my shed :P

  • Ha ha ha noooooooope am not on a pub crawl :P

  • Well the thing is Pete, It takes longer to reprograme and find our ancient brain cells !!! ;-D ;-D xx

  • OY flippin Sunnysideup, who you calling ancient :P :P :D :D I will have you know that I can reprogram my 1 brain cell quite easily, the only thing is flippin finding it :o cos the flippin cat plays with it most of the time :D :D

    Ermmmmm, by the way, its : then D

    If you hover your mouse pointer over the smilies, it shows you how you make them :) xx

  • Jillygirl, am not hiding in here by the way, I mean, as if I would :o :D :D


    Yum flippin yum :)

  • Jillygirl, you sure do know how to ermmmmm, attract a man, cos its either a lager or wrinklies that will flush me out :o :D :D

  • Not at home. :P

  • Right ! time for reinforcements.


  • :D :D :D

  • I will come peacefully officeret :o :D :D

  • Thirsty work chasing you Pete . here you are. :)


  • Gosh Woman, do you want me on my back or what, cos there strong :o ;)

  • Hey, Jillygirl, whens flippin Andi coming back down to earth :o

  • I dont know I bet she is living it up again (not that I`m jealous) :) It seems ages since we spoke to her. its almost 3 weeks now

  • She went on her hols in November !! thats one hell of a holiday eh :o am not jealous either :P :P Huh if she wants to gallivant about, then let her eh :o :P :D :D

  • Bet she is sat there after a day out skiing laughing at us 2 poor old (well oldish) codgers.

  • Yeah I flippin bet she is :P :P am not bothered, see :o cos I like our weather what we have here !!

    Saying that, about dins time, it went rite black, then it got windy, then a flippin great big flash of lightning, a massive rumble, then the heavens opened, whooooosh, then hale stones as big as my 1 brain cell came down, I tell ya gal :o :|

  • We had the same here. Flippin out shopping in it. :O

  • You mean, you stayed in the car, while poor hubby went shopping eh :P :P :D :D :D

  • have you know we used our bus passes so I wasn`t sheltering in the car. :P

  • You got bus passes :o WOW, I cant wait until I get mine eh cos I will be everywhere then :| no stopping me, :D :D :D

  • Ok Pete gonna go get jim jams on then watch Casualty so see you tomoz. loves ya all. nite nite. xxx :)

  • Nite nite Jillygirl, you enjoy watching Casualty, cos i know you like it :) Will have a chat tomorrow eh :) sweet dreams and sleep well :) luvs you too :) xxxxx

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