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Blood pressure has plummeted!

Hi everyone

Each time I post something it seems to be about being ill or 'out of sorts'. Makes me sound like a raving hypochondriac. It's been 5 weeks since I quit and getting easier in terms of wanting to smoke. However.....I am having all sorts of other problems. My blood pressure has gone down to around 88/58 and I am feeling dizzy nearly all of the time. I went to the doctor and he has sent me for some blood tests. Also my gums are bleeding like mad. Anyone else had BP problems?

Hey Pete....the wind has gone!

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Hi Rozi, Firstly well done on quitting. I am no expert about blood pressure so sorry I cant help you with that one. Our bodies can change a lot when first giving up smoking. Pete (Monky) posted this advice a while ago about gums, which you may find helpful. :- When you smoked, you were literally smoking your gums and throat. Your gums and tissues built up a crust just like if you were smoking a salmon.

When you quit smoking that old, hard crusty tissue will slough off and in its place you will get new, baby tissue, almost like when a baby is teething.

Only about 1 out of 30 people that quit smoking or chewing get sore mouth, gums and tongue, but if you are affected by this symptom your mouth will feel like it is hot and on fire.

Don't suffer with this symptom. It may last as long as 8 weeks.

A student in one of my Nicotine Solutions classes had to have her dentures relined because there was that much of a change in her gums from quitting smoking.

Try Amosan to relieve sore mouth, gums and tongue. Amosan is a soothing mouth-rinse. It comes in a powder and you mix it with water and rinse with it and then spit it out. It is very soothing and you will be glad you didn't suffer with this symptom.


Thanks jillygirl, I will go to the chemist to get some. I have always looked after my teeth so I should be glad they are healing :) I will get my blood test back next week but I had to take time off work 'cos I am so dizzy. Feeling guilty and a bit of a fraud staying off work if it's to do with quitting. Silly really.


Hi Rozi, I seem to remember my BP went a bit haywire for quite a while. I never really tied it in to quitting at the time but now you mention it, it probably was linked. The stupid thing was that the nurse at our surgery immediately put me on the list for a bp monitor without even consulting the doctor, but when I saw a doctor a couple of weeks later I was normal again so got the referral cancelled. Do you do any exercise? Even going for brisk walks helps with general well-being and is a bit of a distraction from the inevitable cravings. Good luck and don't cave in. Andi :)


Your B/P rises as a smoker as the nicotine and chemicals in cigs will make your heart beat faster (tachycardia) and so more blood is circulated making your blood pressure rise.When you stop smoking your B/P will fall as a direct result of that as the process is reversed.A B/P of 88/58 is fairly (well extremely really) low & your dizziness is because you are probably,not getting enough oxygen (blood carries oxygen in the red blood cells in the form of oxyhaemoglobin) Some people have very low B/P' s as a norm and live with it (my hubby does) but it is definitely best you get it checked out.My B/P dropped fairly significantly when I became nicotine free a while ago but not to the level that you describe.Just stay nicotine free and try not to get too stressed over it, all things are curable.Get Well very soon.H


Hey Andi and H

Thanks for the support. I think the answer is getting active as you suggest Andi. Just need to get over feeling so tired and listless (because of the low blood pressure). It's a bit of a vicious circle really. My blood pressure has always been pretty good (fairly low around 100/70) so jus need to adjust hopefully. I am hoping that the smoking hasn't masked thyroid problems!


Hey Rozi, dont you worry about posting your ailments gal :) cos I tell ya, there will be a number of other people on here, that are wondering the same thing as you, but dont post !! :)

So, your posts may help others too :) :)

I tell ya what Roxi, its been rite wet and windy here gal, in Derbyshire :o am soooo glad the wind has died down at your end gal :)

Rite, blood pressure !! I read an article on blood pressure a bit ago, our lovely Emjay posted it :) BUT I'm very sorry, I just cant find it at the moment :( but I will keep trying :)

I can remember it saying that smoking higher s your blood pressure a lot !! and when you quit, it will come back down to normal :) your 5 weeks quit now, so its early days yet eh :)

As for your gums I think our lovely Jillygirl has covered that one :)

We are all different

Our minds work in peculiar ways

Our bodies are all different

They react in different ways

What am trying to say is, give it time :) BUT, like you have done Roxi, go to you GP if in any doubt :)

You take care now Roxi, loads a luv and huggs heading your way gal :) xx


Same BP issues


Did he ever find out what was wrong, I'm having the same exact numbers and even seen lower... Like 78 over 48 is why I was curious. When I smoked I stayed around 120 over 80ish


Hi Armyguy

My blood pressure got back to normal after a month or two. Low blood pressure is a good thing unless it makes you pass out/ dizzy. I am sure it will level out at a bit higher numbers soon.

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I sure hope so because it's made me freak out kinda. I'll be laying around and bam it plummets and then it just stays low. Scared the hell out of me.


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