Stop smoking nurse delighted with me so far

Went for my appointment today, it is six weeks since I last had a cigarette. My blood pressure has gone down from 140/80 to 124/64. The levels in my carbon thingy are down to what they are in a non smoker. Best of all I thought I would have put loads of weight on I feel as if I have been eating a lot more sweet things. I am the same weight as I was in February. (Mind you that probably included a post Christmas gain but I am blocking that from my mind). All in all I am very pleased but trying not to feel complacent. Thanks for your help and support which I will continue to rely on.


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  • Well done Pam, you deserve to be pleased with yourself, I'm pleased for you :-)

    Keep staying strong, Here's to us non smokers, :-)

  • Well would you look at you Pamela, 6 weeks quit WHOOHOO :)

    Blood pressure down ..... whoohoo :)

    Carbon thingy normal.... whoohoo :)

    Weight the same...... whoohooooooo :)

    Am so delighted for you hun I really am, well done you :) -x-

  • Nurse says I should cut down on use of spray, but I am not worrying about that yet. Still first thing in a morning the first thing I think is 'cigarette' not going to cut down until that is not the case.

  • Toooo rite Pam, you just cut down when you feel its time to and you feel confident about it eh :) :)

  • Thank you the support of the group really helps.

  • Well done Pam, I'm thrilled for all your good news and all of this in 6 weeks :)

    Brilliant, fantastic and terrific, CONGRATULATIONS Pam :)

    Just goes to show how much healthier you are, well done Pam :) x

  • Thank you I am very pleased. I am still overweight but at least no more than I was before, felt as if I had put loads on, strange isn't it?

  • And hopefully starting to feel better! I have noticed I don't get out of puff as easily as I did before. I have also noticed that when I answer the phone at work, I don't have to clear my throat before I do. I'm off to a karaoke on Saturday so will be testing the voice out! Keep going Pam - you are doing wonderful!

  • Pam I think your weight jumped onto me..... :(

  • Hey Lynne, what's your song?

  • I screech out a number of songs! 500 miles, back to black, moondance, mack the knife - absolutely awful but one benefit of getting older - I don't care!!!

  • LMAO.... my mum says the same although she thinks she has a lively singing voice (she's totally tone deaf) and she does it completely sober :O :P

  • I do need a coupe of brandies first :)

  • :D :D

  • Yes I've noticed when we take the dogs out I can walk up hill easier without getting out of breath. Amazing isn't it. Keep trying to persuade my husband to try and give up, but he won't hear of it.

  • Pam, keep treating yourself to something really nice every month with the money you save and maybe hubby will come round :)

  • yes Pam, I agree with DroopyJ entirely :)

    You treat yourself and show hubby how good it feels to be quit :) :) but please dont pester him, just let him come around to it when he's ready :) :)

  • Pam I am so pleased for you. Brilliant results. Enjoy being a non smoker. :)

  • It's not easy is it? I have been out for a meal and when it is over the first thing I think is, go outside for a cigarette. Hopefully in time that will pass. Thank you

  • Hayyyyyy Pam, way to gooooo gal :) :) Excellent news, just flippin ACE gal :) :)

    I hope you came out of that appointment feeling very proud of yourself Pam and goooooo and flippin treat yourself to something really nice :) :)

    Hmmmm, I see I will have to go a hunting for a new badge for you in a short while eh :) I cant fault you one little bit gal and thank you for telling us your great news :) :) xx

  • Brilliant Pam, seems like 5 mins ago you were on day 1 & just look at you now.So pleased that your B/P is down one of the benefits of being a non smoker. Your breathing will just continue to improve ad time hoes on and one thing I noticed is that exercise is definitely easier.Keep going you're doing a fab job.

  • Aup H :) its lovely to see you gal :) :)

    How you getting on :o :)

  • Thank you. The time has flown hasn't it. I am very pleased how long does it take before you stop wanting a cigarette after meals. Suppose the habit built up over a long time so will take some time to go away.

  • Pam, maybe just try sipping a glass of water after your meal, or one of Emjays breathing exercises :) if you can get used to doing that, then you wont have that - I want a ciggie feeling in your mind :) :)

    Nite nite gal, and sweet dreams to you :) x

  • Pam, maybe just try sipping a glass of water after your meal, or one of Emjays breathing exercises :) if you can get used to doing that, then you wont have that - I want a ciggie feeling in your mind :) :)

    Nite nite gal, and sweet dreams to you :) x

  • WOW Pam !!!!! - Just look at you :) :) :) . That is absolute sensational health and wellbeing statistics happening for you :) :) You should be so proud of your self as we all are here too :) :)

    Keep up the fantastic quit x

  • Thanks a lot I was amazed I hadn't put weight on.

  • :) :) xx

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