Good morning all, I hope you are all ok and still in your positive minds. :) I havent looked yet but I am sure there are one or two of you coming up to your wall of winner badges. Having said that everyone is a winner on here. So keep up the good work.

Those of you who have pets why not have a picture day and pop a piccy up of your pets. (just for fun) Dont forget you are protecting them from second-hand smoke too. :)

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  • I wish there was a way to add a picture to replies. Maybe something for the developers? Anyone know how to contact them with suggestions?

  • Morning lovelies,

    I did wonder if my ginger female was getting moody because she was suffering withdrawal symptoms, because honestly she is a moody nightmare at the moment, and very lethargic, which is not like her at all! Hmmmmm....maybe she needs some patches lol! :) They live in the kitchen mainly, and i only ever smoked in there....so who knows but man is she vile at the moment, hissing at her brother who she has always got along with, actively ignoring me, to the point where she sits in the corner and looks at the wall!!! But in all fairness it is probably more to do with the introduction of the new ragdoll cross kitten i rescued, she does not like him one bit! Hence why she spends most her time in the kitchen :(

    Well i hope everyone is well, i have no idea how to post a pic on here, so if someone could tell me i will put up the pets later when i get home from work :)

    Stay strong and smoke free.

    Love Al x

    Ps its raining here, just as long as all snow stays away until i get up home for my birthday celebrations, then it can snow and trap me up home :)

  • The only way I know how to put your own photos on here is to go into create post (top of this page) This will take to a page put in title , then next box brief message or comment, then the next box is for images click on browse then go into the file where your photos are select image and click open. then you should be able to preview what you downloaded. (if not sorry i dont know any other way but Pete will) :)

  • Thanks Jilly will give it a go later :) x

  • Aup Pinkie, it sounds like you've got a pussy like mine gal :o cos I tell ya, when she's got a strop on, my computer desk is clean and tidy :) Buuuuuuuut, thats cos everything is on the flippin floor :o :D :D

    If you have a pic of the offending pussy on your computer, then try this :)

    How to put a picture on your blog.

    Write your blog

    Then go down to the bottom of your blog

    You will see – choose file !!

    Click on that

    Then go to My Documents, pictures or downloads, where ever you saved it too.

    Then click once on the picture you want, to highlight it !

    Then click open

    And hey – presto you will have a pic

    PS you wont see the picture until you preview or publish your blog :)

  • Hi Monky thanks for this, this will be most helpful as i intend to post pics of all the gorgeous stuff i have bought by saving my fag money :) lol


  • I'd love to see your moody mog!

  • Oh i hope the picture i take really captures how PMT she is! honestly she scratched me for the first time ever yesterday :( very strange indeed :(

  • Another day gone. Didn't get on yesterday as I was very busy. Still feeling good and glad I took the decision to become a non smoker. Norfolk is dull and grey today and I am at the Dentist later. What fun

  • Hi KC not much better here in Kent, ooft hope the dentist went ok :) x

  • The dentist was fine no problems. I suddenly realised today when I was leaving the house that there was no panic about making sure my cigs and lighter were in my pocket. Feeling of being free came over me. May it long continue.

  • I bet the dentist could see (and smell) that you are a non smoker now too!

  • Oh what a relief KC, i am terrified of the dentist, to the point i actually vomitted on my last one, and he then refused to treat me :( ...... oh well. Hey i know what you mean about not feeling free, and i have more space in my handbag too :) x

  • Afternoon All,

    I have been around today but just looking in from the outside in between a few other things I'm trying to keep out of mischief of ;-)

    I love that little ginger kitten JillyGirl - If I could choose one it would look just like that. If I got a kitten though I would probably get a free divorce, hubby says it's the one animal I can't have.. Shall stick to my hoggies, doggy and chooks :-)

    Ellie, congratulations on reaching your first 4 week mark - I hope you are really proud of yourself. We are! ;-)

    KC1946, glad the dentist is over and done with for you - I'm a scaredy cat myself :-/ It seems that stopping smoking brings freedom to us in a number of ways doesn't :D :D More space in our bags, more money in our purses / wallets, a healthier lifestyle all round... less trips to the desert :D

    Al, I bet your gorgeous cats are ever so grateful that you are no longer smoking - cats really are affected by second hand smoke. It sounds like you have the same dentist fear as me - I almost pass out because I don't breath! :-/

    I'm leaving the office in a mo but will bob back on later :-)

  • Hi everyone, all this talk about the extra room in handbags, I purposely went out and bought a smaller handbag that didn't have enough room for my cigs so I wouldn't be tempted to fill the space up by buying some more. Now, I wonder if Pete's sewn up his trouser pockets - or maybe he bought a smaller handbag as well. ;-) :D :D

  • Lol. He's changed from a handbag to a clutch I imagine!

  • :D :D :D

  • :P :P

  • :P :P

  • :D :D

  • :P :P

  • OY you flippin lot :o there's note wrong with men having handbags, cos ave got one :) I call it my tool box :P :P :D :D

    Hey Rainbow, what the flippin hecks a clutch then !! :o Hmmmm, I might have one of those and dont know I've got one eh :D :D

    I had a bum bag once and dont tell anybody, but I kept my fags in it :o Buuuuuuut every time I sat down, I squashed them !! soooooo, that got chucked out a the window pretty smartish :D :D

    I've still got my rucksack, thats sorta like a handbag isnt it :o :| cos its got little pockets in it and you chuck it over your shoulder :) I've kept it just in case er-in-doors chucks me out, its like Dr Who's tardis, I can get loads a stuff in it :D :D

    Jillygirl, just looooooove your pic gal :) :) that looks a bit like me in a morning when my hair wont go right ;) :D :D Nite nite and luvs ya loads Jillygirl, look after yourself and hubby tooooo eh :) :) Hopefully chat at the weekend :)

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